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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Карточки. 8 класс. I четверть. Тема 1 "Мы живём на замечательной планете". УМК Биболетова М.З. и др. "Enjoy English"

Карточки. 8 класс. I четверть. Тема 1 "Мы живём на замечательной планете". УМК Биболетова М.З. и др. "Enjoy English"

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8 класс


УМК Биболетова М.З. и др.

Тема: «Мы живём на замечательной планете»

I четверть


Прочитайте текст о том, как и когда англичане заводят разговор о погоде.

A useful way of beginning a conversation with strangers if to discuss the weather. Foreigners are often amused (забавляет) that the British spend so much time talking about the weather. The reason for this is not simply (просто) that the weather in Britain is interesting and variable (изменчивая), but the British are reluctant to speak about personal matters (дела) with people, who are not friends. So when they meet they nearly (почти) always make some comments about the weather to be sociable. Often strangers talk about the weather in bus queues (в автобусных очередях) or in shops. You don’t only talk about today’s weather, but also the weather of yesterday and tomorrow. When you come into a building you can tell the people inside what the weather is like outside by saying: “It’s warm (horrible, nice, etc.) out”.

As a matter of fact (как факт) you should always agree with a person if he (she) makes a comment about the weather. Remember that mentioning (упоминание) the weather can be a useful and inoffensive (безобидный) way of starting a conversation with a stranger at a bus-stop or in a train.


Прочитайте стихотворение и переведите на русский язык (фонетическая зарядка)

Whether the weather be fine whether - ли

Or whether the weather be not, whatever -любой

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot,

We’ll whether the weather

Whatever the weather

Whether we like it or not.


Переведите с русского на английский язык.

  1. Зимой в северной части России морозно и снежно.

  2. Осенью в центральной части России холодно и сыро.

  3. Летом в южных частях России жарко, штормовая погода (гроза).

  4. Осенью в южных частях России прохладно и облачно.

  5. Летом в Москве жарко и влажно.

  6. В Москве весной тепло и сыро.


Прочитайте о том, что можно делать при той или иной погоде.

  1. When the weather fine and warm I usually go for a walk, play football, go to the park, go to the river or play at the playground with my friends.

  1. When the weather is cold and windy I usually talk to my friend over the phone, stay at home and read books, visit my best friend, stay at home and watch TV, or put on warm clothes and go for a walk.

  1. When the weather is rainy and misty I usually stay at home and play chess with my father, cook my favourite dish, talk to my best friend over the telephone, watch videos or play computer games.

  1. When I don’t like the weather I usually call to my friends and ask them to come to me, listen to my favourite group, try to write poems, sit at the window and watch people in the street, read fairy tales to my little brother, sister or niece.


Речевая разминка. Вставьте глагол was или were.

  1. Nick …… playing computer games the whole evening.

  2. Who …… playing the guitar yesterday?

  3. I ……. watching TV when my friend phoned me.

  4. …… you cooking dinner yesterday?

  5. Nelly and Kitty …. Making a present for their mother.

  6. We …… not watching stars in the sky, we…… taking pictures.


Составьте из согласных и гласных букв слова по теме « бедствия»


Дополните предложения и употребите глаголы в Past Perfect или Past Simple

  1. They ( launch) the first spaceship in 1975.

  2. I (look) at the clock and (realize) that it (break).

  3. They (finish) the interview by that time.

  4. When you (visit) your granny last?

  5. We (leave) before the rain (start)/

  6. Nick (invite) 3 best friends yesterday.


Речевая разминка по упражнению №105 стр.29

Подберите концовку к каждому предложению по тексту «Шесть робинзонов».

Nobody lives on…………….
  1. their life on the island.

  1. Once “the Mary Jane” changed her course and………..

  1. the island of Ata

  1. Some people on the ship had noticed…..

  1. they were happy to be saved.

  1. They ran down the hill into the water…

  1. to meet the ship.

  1. The boys occurred on the island……

  1. went toward the island.

  1. They had arranged………..

  1. a number of people.

  1. They had enjoyed their life on the island but………

  1. because of the storm.


К упражнению №14 стр.8

Переведите на русский язык

  1. In Russia you can never be sure of warm and dry weather in spring.

  2. It usually gets extremely cold and very snowy in winter.

  3. And it often goes hot and humid in summer.

  4. It usually gets cloudy and wet in autumn.

  5. Fortunately, it is never as cold and frosty in summer as it is in winter.


Речевая разминка

Прочитайте стихотворение

I was dreaming,

He was not

They were swimming,

We were not.

Was she reading?

Yes, she was.

Were they singing?

Yes, they were.


Прочитайте предложения и вставьте глаголы в Present Perfect или в Present Perfect Continuous

  1. Why is she crying? – She ………. (hurt) her arm.

  2. …… they (launch) the spaceship yet?

  3. The strong wind ….. (damage) everything around for 3 hours.

  4. What is the result of the tornado? – It …… (do) a lot of damage.

  5. The scientists …… (do) the exploration of the island since they discovered it.

  6. They ……. (not, solve) that serious problem yet, have they?


Прочитайте предложения и скажите, согласны вы или нет с утверждениями, согласно тексту №105 стр.29

  1. The island of Ata is uninhabited.

  2. The island of Ata is in the North Sea.

  3. It is summer all year round on the little island of Ata.

  4. The Mary Jane” was a ship which stopped near the island.

  5. There were six people on board the ship “The Mary Jane”.

  6. There were seven people on the island.

  7. The boys were very happy to see the ship.

  8. The boys spent 20 months on the island.

  9. These six men had had a ship-wrack before they got on the island.

  10. Their boat had been in the storm for 3 hours.

  11. The boys shared the duties between each other.

  12. The boys were happy to be saved because they hadn’t enjoyed their life on the island

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