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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Комплексный тест по английскому языку (Вариант 1)
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  • Иностранные языки

Комплексный тест по английскому языку (Вариант 1)


Variant 1

1. Mozart was born in Salzburg ___ 1756.

a) on b) at c) in d)during

2. I ___ a friend while I ___ the shopping.

a) was meeting/did b) met/was doing c) meet/do d) met/did

3. Now I ___ in the club. And what about you? What are you doing?

a) am dancing b) is dancing c) are danced d) dancing

4. Anna ___ a good job.

a) finds b) has found c) founded d) have found

5. ___ you help me with my homework?

a) are b) may c) can d) need

6. It was ___ music I have ever heard.

a) more beautiful b) less beautiful c) the most beautiful d) beautiful

7. Your English is much ___ now. You’ve made ___ mistakes this time.

a) best/least b) better/less c) the best/less d) good/less

8. I hope that the truth ___ very soon.

a) will find out b) will be finding out c) is found out d) will be found out

9. My uncle ___ a yacht last week.

a) did buy b) bought c) buyed d) have bought

10. The sun ___ in the East.

a) rise b) rises c)rising d) have risen

11. Give me ___ cigarette.

a) a b) the c) d) an

12. She ___ French when she was at school.

a) study b) did study c) studied d) had studied

13. Right now he ___ home.

a) drives b) is driving c) are driving d) will drive

14. Sorry. I ___ one of your glasses.

a) have broken b) broke c) break d) have been breaking

15. Listen! Somebody ___ to break into our house! Call the police immediately.

a) is trying b) are trying c) tries d) tried

16. I'm just going out to do some shopping. I'll be back ___ half an hour.

a) at b) for c) while d) in

17. It has been raining ___ two days without stopping.

a) on b) for c) during d) at

18. Don’t talk so loudly. Our son ___ in his room.

a) are studying b) studying c) is studying d) studies

19. I ___ a new flat a few months ago.

a) bought b) have been buying c) have bought d) buy

20. We ___ leave now or we’ll be late.

a) has to b) must c) can d) will

21. Please, tell me something ___ than this old joke.

a) interesting b) less interesting c) more interesting d) the most interesting

22. It was my brother’s birthday on Sunday, so I ___ him a postcard.

a) sent b) send c) sended d) had send

23. Do you ___ where the post office is?

a) know b) knowing c) knows d) has known

24 ___ apple a day keeps the doctor away. (Proverb)

a) an b) the c) - d) an

25. My parents ___ in a detached house.

a) lives b)live c) are lived d) had been living

26. The business letter ___ just ___.

a) is/written b) has/been written c) was/written d) were/written

27. ___ Paul Simon’s latest record?

a) Have you heard b) Have you been hearing c) Did you hear d) Are you heard

28. Many interesting suggestions were made ___ the meeting.

a) into b) onto c) for d) during

29. I ___ for my things when I ___ someone call my name.

a) paid/was hearing b) pay/heard c) was paying/hear d) was paying/heard

30. Look! All the teachers ___ at him. He may be expelled from school in a little while (скоро).

a) is shouting b) am shouting c) shout d) are shouting

30. If you had video, you ___ record it yourself tonight.

a) could b) can c) must d) may

31. It is much ___ to speak English than to understand.

a) - b) the most difficult c) more difficult d) difficult 

32. I ___ the bills last month.

a) didn’t pay b) didn’t paid c) payed d) have paid

33. He ___ to any parties.

a) isn’t belong b) don’t belong c) doesn’t belong d) did not belong

34. What is ___ longest river in the world?

a) a b) the c) – d) an

35. I ___ that I ___ at the station at 5.

a) was told/should be met b) told/is being met c) tells/am met d) am told/was met

36. I have ___ time than he does.

a) bigger b) larger c) most d) less 

37. You ___ enter without a tie.

a) aren’t b) can’t c) ought not d) weren’t

38. All the business letters ___ yesterday. They ___ to the post office immediately.

a) answered/take b) were answered/took c) are answered/were taken d) were answered / were taken

39. ___ you ever ___ to London?

a) has/been b) have/been c) have/were d) have/be

40. More and more animals ___ extinct. We need to take care of nature.

a) is becoming b) are becoming c) become d) will become

41. What ___ at 8.00 last night?

a) did you do b) you did c) were you doing d) are you doing

42. While I ___ this morning, I ___ my money. I don’t know how.

a) shopped/lose b) was shopping/lost c) shopped/was losing d) shop/lose

43. My English courses begin ___ 7 January and end ___ 10 March.

a) on/in b) at/at c) in/in d) on/on

44. I ___ a friend while I ___ the shopping.

a) was meeting/did b) met/was doing c) meet/do d) met/did

45. You ___ enter without a tie.

a) aren’t b) can’t c) ought not d) weren’t

46. ___ a new TV program yesterday?

a) Watched you b) Did you watch c) Did you watched d) Have you watched

47. A red traffic lights ___ “Stop”.

a) means b) mean c) is mean d) has mean

48. Look out of ___ window! What is going on outside?

a) a b) the c) – d) an

49. ___ you ever ___ to London?

a) has/been b) have/been c) have/were d) have/be

50. Yesterday I found ___ wallet in the street

a) a b) the c) – d) an

Assessment Criteria






1 – с

2 – b

3 – a

4 – b

5 – c

6 – c

7 – b

8 – d

9 – b

10 – b

11 – a

12 – c

13 – b

14 – a

15 – b

16 – d

17 – b

18 – c

19 – a

20 – b

21 – c

22 – b

23 – a

24 – a

25 – b

26 – b

27 – a

28 – d

29 – d

30 – a

31 – c

32 – a

33 – c

34 – b

35 – a

36 – d

37 – b

38 – d

39 – b

40 – b

41 – c

42 – b

43 – d

44 – b

45 – b

46 – b

47 – b

48 – b

49 – b

50 – a

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