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Конспект открытого урока в 11классе по теме « Развитие навыков чтения и говорения по теме « Права и обязанности» УМК Spotlight 11

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Судворг Г. Е.,

учитель английского языка

ГБОУ СОШ № 306

с углубленным изучением английского языка

г. Санкт-Петербург

Конспект открытого урока

в 11классе

по теме « Развитие навыков чтения и говорения по теме « Права и обязанности»

УМК Spotlight 11


2014 г.

Цели урока:


Развитие устной речи учащихся,

Знакомство с Декларацией принципов толерантности

Развитие навыков чтения с поиском информации и с полным пониманием прочитанного,

Развитие навыка работы с монословарем


Развитие творчества, фантазии, воображения


Развивать стремление быть терпимым в обществе людей,

Воспитывать интернационализм, умение работать в команде,

Помогать друг другу.

Good morning. Today we are having our special lesson and we’ll discuss some

important points of our life : our rights and responsibilities and especially

tolerance. It is the main item nowadays because we live in the multinational

city and we must be tolerant to each other.

So, let’s begin.

1.Will you, please, open your books at page 48 read ,please , our rights

a) to be educated ( not to bully)-we have the right to learn at school,

universities and so on…

b) to be safe (to obey the law) to be protected from danger and harm

c) to live and work in a clean , unpolluted environment ( to look after

environment )

d )to be treated with respect (to respect others )-to behave in a

particular way towards sb /sth

(responsibility-duty to deal with or take care of sb /sth )

2. (ex.4)-Our next exercise is about the rights and responsibilities

1. stand up for your rights

2.have no right

3. have the responsibility to

4. have the right to

5.take responsibility for

6.do their bit

3. OK ! The next exercise can give us more practice in vocabulary .Let’s read it.

Ex.5. 1.violate 4.accepts

2.given 5.treats

3.denied 6. defend


We’ll try to speak about tolerance .

4.What is tolerance? What is tolerance in our life? Then we’ll read the

Declaration of Principles on Tolerance . I can explain that tolerance

is an aspiration (strong desire) and ability to an establishment and

maintain friendly with the people. The definition of a word “tolerance”

in different languages of the globe sounds differently.

5.So will you ,please, take the first piece of paper on your desks and

let’s read the definitions of tolerance in different languages :

1. in English

2. in Russian

3. in French

4. in Chinese

5. in Spanish

6. in Arabian

6.Tell me ,please, how can we understand “tolerance”?

Tolerance means willingness to accept or allow behavior,

beliefs and customs which one does not like or agree with,

without opposition.

7.Your ideas , please. (text2,3)

8.What are the main ideas of your answers? Will you, please,

write them down at the blackboard to know how to be

the tolerant person.

9.Thank you, you are quit right. Tolerance is one of the main

bricks in the building called Personality. But as the person

has got negative and positive treats of character, so

there are different words connected with the meaning of


Look, please, at the list and find out the definitions of them

in the monodictionary. Read the definitions and write down

the words on the blackboard. Some of them have the

negative and some of them have positive meaning.

10.Well done! You know that the Member States of

UNESCO proclaimed 16 November the annual

International Day for Tolerance. On that day in

1995 “The Declaration of Principles on Tolerance”

was signed.

Let’s read “Article 1-Meaning of Tolerance”.

Your task is to read and to tell us if this statement

Is true or false. You have 5 minutes to do the task.

Are you ready? Read, please. OK.

11.Now all of you let’s play a game “Are you tolerant ?’’.

Choose your answers and count only the circles.

You have 8 circles : Well done! You are very tolerant!

You have a character, you are a good sport and you

can keep yourself and others from being aggressive.

Between 7 and 3 circles :You aren’t very tolerant! You

can be touchy-(обидчивый ) but you are brave and

you can improve.

2 circles or less : Oh, dear! You aren’t tolerant! If

you respected yourself and others a bit more ,

you’d be much happier.

12.Our last task is to do word-puzzle. You have a list

of words with translation and definitions and a

crossword. Your task is to find out all the words in bold.

It’s great!

Dear students, I’d like to thank you for your work. I hope

you’ve learned much.

In addition, I’d like you to know that we should find a

place in our heart for tolerance. Tolerance is readiness to

allow others to believe or act as they judge best.

Your marks are……

Your hometask is : wb . p.21 №1,2,3.

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