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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект открытого урока в 10 классе.Учебник: «Английский в фокусе», Москва, Express Publishing - «Просвещение», 2012 Тема: Schools around the World. Types of schools. (Module3 A)

Конспект открытого урока в 10 классе.Учебник: «Английский в фокусе», Москва, Express Publishing - «Просвещение», 2012 Тема: Schools around the World. Types of schools. (Module3 A)

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Казанцева Клавдия Александровна

учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 7 «ОЦ» с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов

« »__________________________2014г.


Класс: 10

Учебник: «Английский в фокусе», Москва, Express Publishing - «Просвещение», 2012

Тема: Schools around the World. Types of schools. (Module3 A)

Цель урока: совершенствование коммуникативно- познавательной компетенции учащихся по теме « Типы школ. Школьная жизнь».

Задачи урока:


  • совершенствовать навыки чтения с детальным пониманием,

  • расширить лексику по теме “Образование»,

  • формировать умения говорения и письма на базе прочитанного текста,

  • составить и написать рассказ о своей школе,


  • развивать навыки и умения работы с текстом на различных этапах,

  • развивать навыки аудирования и говорения на основе прочитанного текста,


  • развивать навыки сотрудничества при парной и командной работе по тематической теме в ограниченном лимите времени,

  • поддержать высокую личностную оценку и самооценку подростков, помочь в личностном самоопределении учащихся,

  • стимулировать интерес к учебе за рубежом,

  • воспитывать толерантность к другим культурам.

Тип урока: комбинированный.

Образовательные технологии: ИКТ, метод "Знаем /хотим узнать / узнали”, здоровье сберегающие, синквейн, ролевая игра «Интервью»


  • PC и мультимедийный проектор ,

  • УМК Spotlight 10 (Student Book и аудиозапись), материал из энциклопедии «Британика» презентация в Power Point;

  • дидактический раздаточный материал;


I. Организационный момент


II. Речевая зарядка. Brainstorming.

На слайде пословицы. (Слайд 1)

– перевод;
– объяснение;

Let’s read these sentences. Well, these are proverbs. Can you translate them? Will you give examples to prove them?

  • Practice makes perfect. – Повторениемать учения.( Then more we practice, then we study better)

  • Live and learn.– Век жививек учись. ( We learn something the whole our life)

  • It is never too late to learn. – Никогда не поздно учиться.( People any age can learn)

  • Men learn while they teach. – Уча других, люди учатся сами.( When we learn another people we learn ourselves)

You have sheets with a table on your desks. We will complete it during the lesson. Прил.1

We know

We want to know

Now I know how to

What do we know about this theme? What do we want to know about schools around the world? Now I know how to…..

III. Чтение. Pre- reading activity (Слайд 2-4)

1a) Matching titles. T: Read out the title, Types of schools &school life. Discuss what this means and what you will be reading about. Go through the six prompts and clarify any necessary definitions. Draw your attention to the six following descriptions. Read each one through and match with their definitions. You have 2 minutes to complete the work individually. Check Ss’ answers.

Answer Key

1 F 2 D 3 A 4 E 5 B 6 C

1b) Identifying true statements. (Слайд 5-6) T: Let’s go through each of the statements. You should explain the meaning of any new vocabulary. Please identify which of the statements are true for your own school situation and discuss which of the rules you would like to change and explain why. Look at the example. Ss own answers.

Now focus your attention on the six prompts offered as headings. Read these together and explain they will match these to the paragraphs in the article. Read the article again. Please, identify and underline key words/phrases in the text that may help you match the appropriate heading to each paragraph. You have some minutes to complete the task and check the answers together.

Answer Key

A Schools of Every Shape and Size

(The different types of schools)

B To and From School

(The distance some kids travel to school)

C Studying Hours

(Different school hours)

D School Rules

(Different school rules)

E Education or No Education

(The lack of schools in some countries)

3 a) Gap-filling

T: Go through the Study Skills box with me, I remind you there is one correct answer for each question. You can try each word if you are unsure and select the best answer. I give you time to complete the task and advise you to read the article again after you have completed the task in order to check your answers. We’re going to check for accuracy.

Answer Key

1D 3D 5A 7A

2B 4C 6B 8C

b) Eliciting meaning from text. Please, listening the recording to check your answers and follow the text in your books. Pay your attention on the words in bold throughout the text. Ss explain the meaning of each word by giving a synonym, example or explanation before checking in their dictionaries and use them accordingly in sentences. Ss own answers.

Suggested Answer Key

dread:not to look forward to sth; to fear sth

invented:created; came up with

training:the process of learning skills for a

particular job skills: knowledge and/or ability to do sth well

unusual: uncommon, strange

public transport: means of travelling available to the public, e.g. bus, train, metro,etc.

attend: be present; go regularly (school)

strict: compulsory (rules)

smart: well-dressed

old-fashioned: not modern

uniform: set of clothes worn for work or school

participate: join in, take part

IV Написание синквейна( синтез материала)( Слайд 7.)

Now we can summarize our work. Please complete second form at your sheets.(Прил.2)


 Text "Schools around the world”

State, private
Learn, participate, attend
A place where children learn / Go to be educated
The process of learning / The time during your life when you go to school

V Говорение «Ролевая игра «Интервью»

5 Acting out an interview/Questions and Responses Explain the task. Allow Ss time to prepare their interview questions. Place Ss in pairs and monitor their progress around the room. Offer assistance when necessary.

Suggested Answer Key

A: Hello, we’re making a TV programme about schools in Russia. Could you tell me about your school?

B: Yes, of course. What would you like to know?

A: When does school start?

B: School starts at 8 am.

A: And how do you get to school?

B: I go on public transport. It takes 20 minutes.

A: Do students wear a uniform?

B: No, we can wear what we like.

A: Are there rules in your school?

B: Yes, of course, but they are not that strict. etc

VI Домашнее задание. Writing the article about your school.


Suggested Answer Key

My school is a co-educational state school. We study all the usual subjects such as Maths, Science, History, Geography, Russian and English. Most of the students live nearby and come to school on public transport. The school day usually starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 2:30 pm and we eat our lunch at school. There are rules, but they aren’t that strict. Students must respect each other and school property for example, and we don’t have to wear a uniform.

Приложение 1.

We know

We want to know

Now I know how to

Приложение 2.



Two adjectives

Three actions

Your relation to the topic

The equivalent of the topic

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