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Конспект урока на тему "My working day"

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Lesson plan

The theme of the lesson: My school day.

Grade: the 8th form.

The aims of the lesson: to enlarge pupils’ knowledge, to develop pupils’ skills in speaking, to introduce the pupils with new vocabulary.

Visual aids: cards, pictures.

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear pupils!

Pupils: Good afternoon, good afternoon

Good afternoon to you

Good afternoon, dear teacher

We are glad to see you!

Teacher: I am also glad to see you! Take your seats, please.

II. Brainstorming. Describing pictures.

Look at the pictures which are on the blackboard. What can you say? Let’s describe them speaking about school life.

E.g. This is our classroom. It is large and clean. There are ten desks and twenty chairs in the room. There many pictures on the walls. On the last desk two pupils are sitting. Looking at their books and dictionaries we can say that they are translating the unknown words.

III. Checking up the home task.

IV. Presentation of new material.

-New vocabulary: interesting, to get acquainted with..., several, to introduce, permission, to do the home work together, to play in the school yard.

V. Reading. My school day.

My school day starts at 7 o’clock when I get up, wash, have my breakfast, wear my school uniform and go out to school. The first lesson at school starts at 8 and the last lesson finishes at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. We have different subjects, such as Maths, Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Kazakh, Russian and English languages. After the third lesson, during the largest break we play in the school yard with our classmates. Sometimes we go to the library and read books or magazines.

VI. Doing exercises. Answer the following questions.

When do you get up on weekdays? What time do you go to school? How do you get to school? How many lessons a day do you have? When do you have the longest break? Do you go to the school canteen? What games do you play in the school yard? What do you usually do at Maths, Physical Training, English?

VII. Speaking. Work in pairs. Ask each other questions about your school day. Use active vocabulary.

VIII. Giving home task.

IX. Marking.

X. Conclusion.

Teacher: Has the bell gone?

Pupils: Yes, the bell has already gone.

Teacher: O’k, good. Stand up then… the lesson is over. You may be free. Good bye!

Pupils: Good bye, teacher!

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