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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему:" Our college"
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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему:" Our college"


Номинация « Учебное занятие» (Иностранный язык)

Колесникова Елена Николаевна

Преподаватель английского языка

ГБОУ СПО Брянский строительный колледж им. проф. Н.Е.Жуковского

План – конспект урока на тему:

«Our College»

Цель урока: формирование коммуникативной компетенции по теме «Наш колледж», формирование речевых навыков и закрепление языкового материала, развитие умений межличностной коммуникации.

Автор: Колесникова Е.Н.

Ход урока:

Task 1.

Put the questions to the following sentences.

1) I passed my exams well. (Who? How? ) 2) I go to my college on foot. (Who? How? Where?) 3) We have six hours a day. (How many?) 4) Our classes begin at 9 a.m. (When?) 5) I work hard. (Who? How? ) 6) He does well at the college. (How?)

Task 2.

Object to your interlocutor.

Model: He can read English. – You are wrong. He can’t read English.

1) He must go to the cinema. 2) She can skate. 3) There are some new books on the table. 4) Our hostel occupies some buildings. 5) He may come in.

Task 3.

Fill in the blanks with the prepositions where it is necessary.

1) I go… home… foot. 2) … home I have my dinner. 3) He comes home… bus. 4) I work hard… term-time. 5) I work hard… my English. 6)… our lunch break we go… the canteen.

Task 4.

Copy out, read, translate the following words and word-combinations.

To leave school, to pass exams, to occupy, to run, to attend classes (lectures), to do well, on foot, level pass, healthy, hour, period, break, canteen, gym, fiction, term, equipment, workshop, academic session, hostel.



My name is Peter Ivanov. In June I left (finished) school and in August I passed my entrance exams to the college. Level pass to our college was 7. I got 4 in Russian and 5 in mathematics. So my level pass was 9, now I am a full-time first-year student.

Our college is not far from our block of flats and I can easily get there by bus. It takes me 25 minutes to get to the college. Sometimes I go there on foot. And though it takes me an hour, it is healthy.

Our college occupies two buildings. It runs full-time and part-time (or evening) departments. There are several departments at our college. Our studies begin at 9 o’clock, usually we have 6 hours (periods) a day. We have a lunch break at 12

o’clock. We have a good canteen and during our lunch period we take our meals there. There is a gym (gym hall) on the ground floor. Our library is on the second floor. It contains a lot of textbooks and fiction. It is open from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. in term-time. There is a large reading-hall and we often do our homework there. Our classrooms and laboratories are large and light. Our labs have modern equipment. The workshops where we have practical training are on the ground floor.

The academic session began of the first of September and will end in June. Every day we attend classes and have practice.

I do well because I want to become a good specialist. At the end of the term we’ll take exams and I’ll try to pass them successfully.

Some of our students live in the hostel. It is not far from our college. It takes them ten minutes to get to the college.

Task 5.

Find the answers to the following questions in the text.

1) When did Peter finish school? 2) What was the level pass to the college? 3) Is Peter a full-time student? 4) How can Peter get to the college? 5) How much does it take Peter to get to the college?

Task 6.

Respond to the following statements, using the phrases

You are right / you are wrong.

Model: I am a part-time student. – No, you are wrong. You are a full-time student.

1) I am a full-time student. 2) Our college is not far from our block of flats. 3) I can get there by tram. 4) It takes me 10 minutes to get there. 5) Our college occupies two buildings.

Task 7.

Give the short affirmative answer (+).

1) Does our college run full-time and part-time departments? 2) Do our studies begin at 9 o’clock? 3) Do we usually have 6 hours a day?

Task 8.

Give the short negative answer(-).

1) Is there a small reading-hall in our college? 2) Have our labs old equipment? 3) Will the academic session end in May?

Task 9.

Make up sentences, using the words from the columns.

In June





On the ground floor

Last year



Have lunch


On the top floor

At home

The students


A building

From 9 a.m.


In the morning

Academic session


A lot of books

Till 8 p.m.

To the canteen

During the break

The library


Ten months


In term-time

The reading –hall







To be

Task 10.

Translate from Russian into English.

В прошлом году я окончил школу. Я сдал экзамены в колледж. Теперь я учусь в колледже. Я студент дневного отделения. Наш колледж занимает большое и светлое здание. Занятия начинаются в 9 часов утра. Обычно у нас 3 пары в день. В 12 часов у нас большая перемена.

Task I.

Translate the following word-combinations.

To be a headgirl, academic activities, non-academic activities, social activities, to be in a hurry, to discuss academic activities (performance).

Task II.

Fill in the blanks with the prepositions where it is necessary.

1) I go… a medical college. 2) I do… the polytechnical college. 3) She is… the top of our group. 4) She is the headgirl… our group. 4) We take an active part… social life.

Task III.

Translate into English:

Я учусь в колледже. Я студент дневного отделения. Меня зовут… Я староста нашей группы. Я учу английский. Я много читаю. Я занимаюсь в литературном кружке. У нас будет литературный вечер. В конце семестра у нас экзамены.

Task IV.

Translate the following word-combinations into Russian:

To do at, to take further education, to rest, the rest, to be in the… year, to be in… faculty (department), school-leaver, top, headgirl(boy), grants, society, a social, term, activity, performance.



Sergei: Hello Peter! How are you?

Peter: Just fine, thank you. I haven’t seen you for ages. How are things with you? What school do you go to?

S: I do at the college. I am a full-time student.

P: And where do our school-leavers go?

S: Some of them take further education and the rest work.

P: And where is Lena Petrova? She was at the top of our class at school.

S: Now she is in the first year our college, but she works at the plant and studies in the evening. She is a part-time student. She is a headgirl. At the college she does well too.

P: What faculty are you in?

S: I am in a technological faculty.

P: What year are you in?

S: I am a second-year student, I do well and get grants.

P: What language do you study at the college?

S: I continue to study English. Our teacher of English gives us interesting stories for home reading. There are many different clubs and societies at our college. Many of our group attend a foreign language or sport clubs and a literary society. At the end of the academic session we always have a social in the foreign language. All of us take part in non-academic activities and social activities. Our group holds a meeting towards the end of the term. We discuss our academic activities and especially poor academic activities of some students. And where do you study now?

P: I work at a shop and go to the evening polytechnical school. I am a part-time student. Excuse me, but I am in a hurry. I must be off. My best regards to Lena. See you soon. So long.

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