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Контроль аудирования в 9 классе

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Аудирование 9 класс

Предтекстовые задания.

  1. Let’s recollect the Past Simple Tense.

  2. Read the verbs, give their first form and translate them. Use the dictionary.

Helped, wanted ,feasted, arranged, massaged, enjoyed, landed, handed.

3.Let’s recollect the irregular verbs. Look at the blackboard and find the equivalents.









(thought, were, met, say, was, fed, gave, took, kept).

Текстовое задание.

Прослушайте текст и отметьте в бланке ответов, соответствуют ли его содержанию приведенные ниже утверждения. Отметьте свой выбор, проставив знак « +» в соответствующей графе таблицы.

Parrish Walters has helped many people make their dreams true. A San Diego businessman wanted to be a pirate. Walters flew him to Tahiti where he was met by native girls in grass skirts. He feasted on roast pig, and then for dessert, attacked villages and took prisoners! All this for only $27,000.

One can buy a cheaper dream. A moonlight cruise with champagne and violins is only $200.

One woman gave her husband an Arabian Night for his thirtieth birthday. Walters arranged for the man to kidnapped from his office. He was taken to a specially decorated tent in a restaurant where he was met by beautiful dancing girls. “Welcome home, master,” they said. All night long they massaged his neck and feet, and fed him delicious food. The man enjoyed his $3,000 birthday surprise. He kept repeating, “It’s about time. It’s about time!”

Sometimes, the dreams aren’t so successful. A young woman and her boyfriend were sailing on a lake. Parrish Walters landed in a seaplane and handed the woman a note. It said, ”He loves you. Will you marry him?” The woman thought that the idea was so crazy – that she said, “NO”!

Послетекстовые задания.

  1. What does Parish Walters help many people to do?

What dream did a San Diego businessman have?

How much does this dream coast?

How much does the cheapest dream coast?

What present did one woman give to her husband’s birthday?

Not all dreams are always successful, are they?

2. a) Think about the title to the text. (Озаглавьте текст).

b) Make up the advertisement to the firm.( Придумайте рекламу для фирмы).

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