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Контрольная работа для 6 класса (времена)

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

1. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the right words

When we have 1) …time, we usually need something that can interest us.

Some people use radio or television to entertain 2)…. They switch on the radio set or TV set and 3)… the programme they like best. Some people like music. They 4)… to various concerts of modern and old music, new and old songs, and see dances. Those who are 5)…of sports listen to or watch football and hockey matches. These are 6)… most 7)… kinds of sports. If we want to go out, there are 8) … cinemas, theatres, museums, clubs in our country or we can 9)… our free time on a picnic. People like to sit in the 10)… and enjoy 11)….

1.  a) free 

2.  a) yourselves

3.  a) take   

4.  a) listen   

5.  a) like      

6.  a) a           

7.  a) fantastic 

8.  a) much   

9.  a) spend     

10.a) outdoors 

11.a) air

b) no        

b) yourself

b) see 

b) hear     

b) fond     

b) the       

b) polite   

b) very    

b) find    

b) open air

b) nature

c) good

c) themselves

c) choose

c) watch

c) interested

c) –

c) popular

c) a lot of

c) arrange

c) picnic

c) fun

2. Choose the correct variant

1. When I was a child I … to be a doctor.

a) wanted            b) want        c) has wanted

2. She…. just …. to her teacher.

a) is speaking      b) have spoken    c) has spoken  

3. Margaret … to school yesterday.

a) doesn’t go       b) didn’t go     c) won’t go

4. My bother can't talk to you at the moment. He …...

a) works              b) worked        c) is working        

5. When ... you …. to London?

a) did  go             b) have gone    c) has gone

6. How often ... they …. TV?

a) do watch          b) has watched   c) does watch

7. I can't open the door. I …. a key.

a) lost                 b) have lost       c) loses

8. Phone me tomorrow. I ….. at home.

a) am                   b) was         c) will be

3. Put in the prepositions if necessary

1). Ben is fond … collecting models of cars.

2). Is he going to get rid … these clothes?

3). We will go to the country … car.

4). Charlie Chaplin is famous … his films.

5). Miranda was tired … his boring story.

6). Can you take the rubbish … please?

7). He wanted to join … this club.

4. Ask 4 types of questions about the sentence:

My niece has arranged a wonderful picnic.


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