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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Контрольная работа по теме: «Much, many, little, few»
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Контрольная работа по теме: «Much, many, little, few»


Контрольная работа по теме:

«Much, many, little, few»

Много тетрадей, много молока, много воды, много дней, много газет, много мела, много снега, много лет, много картин, много музыки, много мальчиков, много девочек, много чая, немного денег, мало денег, несколько стульев, мало воды, мало домов, мало чая, мало чашек, мало яблок, мало окон, мало бумаги.

2. Вставьте much или many.

1. I don’t eat ... mangoes. 2. Не does not eat ... fish. 3. She ate so ... dessert that she is in bed today with a stomachache. 4. That man drank so ... wine, and he smoked so ... cigarettes that he has a terrible headache today. 5. Маrу must not eat too ... food because she has a weight problem. 6. My mot he says I eat too ... French fries and drink too ... beer She wants me to be healthy. 7. There is not too .. space in my flat. 8. There are not ... pictures in this room. 9. There are so ... teachers at our school, but not... of them are men. 10. Not... of these books are new.

3. Вставьте little или few.

1. He has got ... friends. 2. I drink ... coffee. I don’t like it. 3. We must hurry. We’ve got very ... time. 4. This university offers very ... scholar ­ships. 5. The Smiths have ... money. They aren’t rich. 6. The theatre was almost empty. There were very ... people there. 7. There was ... lemo­nade in the bottle. There were ... peaches in the basket. 8. I have ... time, so I can’t go with you.

4. Вставьте much, many, little или few.

1. Robert wrote so ... letters that he’s never go­ing to write a letter again. 2. She ate so ... ice cream that she’s going to have a sore throat. 3. His father didn’t earn ... money, but he enjoyed his job. He loved teaching English very ... . 4. There are ... cookies in the box. I should have bought them last Monday. 5. Does your sister read ... ? — Yes, she does. And your brother? — Oh, he doesn’t. He has so ... books, but he reads very ... . 6. Do you have ... work to d today? — No, not very ... . 7. Walk quicker, please We have very ... time.

Вариант 2.

1. Переведите на английский язык следующие пары слов.

Много ли­монов, много мяса, много комнат, много учителей, много работы, много птиц, много машин, мало столов, несколько минут, несколько кошек, мало травы, немного удачи, несколько ложек, мало све­та, мало окон, несколько машин, немного сахару, мало яиц, мало сыра, мало травы, мало детей.

2.Вставьте much или many.

1. Thanks awfully for the books you sent m yesterday. — Don’t mention it, it wasn’t ... bother. 2. ... of her advice was not useful at all. 3. He ha got so ...pairs of socks. 4. Please don’t put ... pep per on the meat. 5. There were too ... plates on the table. 6.1 never eat... bread with soup. 7. Why did you eat so ... ice cream? 8. She wrote us not very ... letters from the country. 9. ... of these student don’t like to look up words in the dictionary. 10. E you drink ... coffee? — Yes, a lot. Do you watch TV ...? — No, not... .

3.Вставьте little или few.

1. There are ... bears in the zoo. 2. Tom Canty was the son of poor parents and had very ... clothes. 3. There is too ... soup in my soup plate. Give me some more, please. 4.The children returned from the wood very sad because they had found very ... mushrooms. 5. There was too ... light in the room, and I could not read. 6. There are very ... people who don’t know that the Earth is round. 7.1 made very ... progress on this assignment. 8. There is very ... hope of getting financial support for the research project.

4.Вставьте much, many, little или few.

1. I am sorry to say, I have read very ... books by Walter Scott. 2. My brother is a young teacher. Everyday he spends too ... time preparing for his lessons. 3. I know very ... about this writer. I is the first book I am reading. 4. The pupils of our class ask so ... questions at the lesson. They want t know everything. 5. You do not make ... mistakes ' your spelling. Do you work hard on it? — Oh, yes, I do I work very ... . 6. He is lazy. He’s done very ... today. 7. Very ... people can afford to own a plane.

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