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Контрольное тестирование 7 класс

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Preliminary test

Form 7

Variant I

1. We… tennis for two hours.

a) play b) have played c) have been playing d) played e) has been playing

2. Your friend is learning French. You ask: How long … French

a) do learn b) have you learn c) have you been learning d) has you been learning e) you learn

3. He …Central Park this week.

a) have visited b) has visited c) have been visited d) has been visited e) visited

4. He has been reading this book …

a) at 2 o’clock b) 2 o’clock c) by 2 o’clock d)since 2 o’clock e) in 2 o’clock

5. A friend is someone who …

a) dislikes you b) can swim c) love you d) like you e) understands you

6. Do you plant flowers?

a) I plant flowers b) I don’t plant flowers c) I didn’t plant flowers d) Yes, I do. e) I do

7. My mother has many …

a) childs b) childrens c) child d) childes e) children

8. There are a lot of … in the farm.

a) goose b) goos c) gooses d) geese e) gees

9. There are … potatoes in the box.

a) much b) many c) any d) not e)muches

10. There is not … milk in the bottle.

a) much b) many c) some d) no e) muches

11. Olga and Alia … grapes.

a) like b) likes c) doesn’t like d) does like e) liks

12. British food has a … reputation in Europe.

a) good b) well c) bad d)worse e) better

13. I ate an apple and a banana. The apple I had was bad, but … banana was good.

a) a b) an c) the d) - e) and

14. The flowers … tomorrow.

a) are watered b) is watered c) will be watered d) shall be water e)watered

15. The poems … by Pushkin many years ago.

a) was written b) were write c) were written d) is written e) written

16. I clean my room …

a) myselv b) yourself c) ourselves d) myself e) yourselv

17. They will decorate their house…

a) yourselves b) themself c) themselves d) yourselv e) ourselves

18. There isn’t … milk in the fridge.

a) some b) any c) a d) no e) many

19. My hair is dirty. I … wash it.

a) should b) shouldn’t c) must d) have to e) could

20. The city vuseum is very interesting. You … visit it.

a) could b) have to c) couldn’t d) mustn’t e) must

21. It is a secret. You … tell it to anyone.

a) need b) needn’t c) should d) shouldn’t e) can

22. Never had a better holiday! It was …!

a) terrible b) terrific c) boring d) dangerous e) good

23. I our school we can do a lot of …. .

a) games b) plays c) running d) team e) sports

24. When they … their work, they went home.

a) finish b) finished c) had finished d) have finished e) had finish

25. When we got to the cinema, all the seats ….

a) had taken b) taken c) had been taken d) were taken e) been taken

Preliminary test

Formv 8

Variant II

1. He… in Kazakhstan since his childhood.

a) live b) lives c) has been living d) have living e) has living

2. How long …Olga and Polina … on the phone?

a) have…been talking b) has…phoned c) have...phone d) have…phoned c) phoned

3. She …an interesting film today.

a) watched b) have watched c) watches b) has watched e) is watching

4. The children have been waiting for their mother …

a) at 3 o’clock b) by 3 o’clock c) in 3 o’clock d) 3 o’clock e) for 3 hours

5. A friend is someone …

a) you dislike b) who is older than you c) you trust and rely on d) you hate c) -

6. Do you read at home?

a) I doesn’t read b) read at home c) Yes, I don’t d) Yes, I do. I read at home. c) Yes, I does

7. I have two …

a) foot b) feet c) feets d) foots e) footes

8. These three …. are very beautiful.

a) woman b) womans c) women d) womens e) womanses

9. There are … pictures on the wall.

a) many b) much c) any d) no e) muches

10. There is … snow on the ground.

a) many b) muches c) no d) much e) any

11. Dmitry … a bike every summer.

a) ride b) riding c) rides d) don’t ride e)rided

12. The most popular drink with meals is... in Great Britain.

a) tea b) juice c) coffee d)milk e) water

13. I read a book yesterday. …book was about a brave man.

a) a b) an c) the d)It e) -

14. The shop … in 1998.

a) was opened b) were open c) are opened d) was open e) is open

15. The house … next year.

a) shall be built b) shall built c) will be built d) builds e)will built

16. She will buy a new dress …

a) myself b) herselves c) herself d) themselves e) themself

17. We draw pictures…

a) yourselves b) yourself c) ourself d) ourselves e) myself

18. There isn’t … water in the glass.

a) some b) no c ) a d) the e) any

19. I eat too much chocolate. I … stop.

a) must b) mustn’t c) should d) shouldn’t e) have to

20. He doesn’t look well. I think he … go to the doctor.

a) has to b) have to c) must d) should e) shouldn’t

21. The 14th of February is the day when people send each other Valentine ….

a) letters b) notes c) cards d) papers e) newspapers

22. He … the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

a) had b) won c) took d) caught e) got

23. James had supper, then he … to sit in his living room.

a) went b) goes c) had gone d) was going e) go

24. I didn’t go to bed until I … my homework.

a) did b) had done c) have done d) does e) done

25. In our school we can do a lot of …

a) games b) plays c) sports d) running e)fun

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