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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

London is the capital of GB



Grade: 7b

The theme: London is the capital of GB
The Aim:

1. To enrich pupils knowledge about royal family, to develop pupils abilities in
speaking; to enrich their vocabulary.
2. To develop their reading, writing, listening skills and grammar, lexical habits.
3. To bring up pupils to be attentive, to write neat and correct.
The type of the lesson: mixed lesson
Teaching methods: speaking, reading, writing, completing, comparing.
Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures

  1. Organization moment

Good afternoon, children! Who is on duty today? What is your name? How old are you? Who is absent today? What date is it today? Is it winter today? Is it cold today?

  1. Phonetic drill

London bridge is falling down,

Falling down, falling down,

London bridge is falling down,

My fair lady…

What will we speak about? What places of interest do you know in London? Pronounce the names of places correctly:

Trafalgar Square, The Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Bloody Tower, The White House, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace .

  1. Checking up homework

Answer the following questions:

  1. What can Englishmen hear every hour?

  2. What Tower has a history of blood?

  3. Who is the head of Great Britain?

  4. What is the name of the Queen of Great Britain?

  5. In what Palace does the Queen stay in London?

  1. New lesson

There are many towns and cities in our in our world. London is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities of the world. London is the city of contrasts. When you are in London you see the past in the present and the present in the past.

Listening. Tb. P. 69 ex. 26. Listen to the recording. You will listen to some facts about London. Complete the following sentences:

1. It is d ___________ from other European c________.

2. There are many p ______________ to visit: m________ ,art g ________, theatres….

3. Oh, yesterday I saw the Houses of Parliament, heard the v___________ of Big Ben, visited the famous T__________.

4. The c ______ of all British Kings and Queens t___ p ____ there.

Check yourself:

  1. different, capitals

  2. places, museums, galleries

  3. voice, Tower

  4. coronation, take, place

6. Reading. Read the information about London. Did you know it before?

Cars drive on the left in London. Some underground trains go without a train driver (with an electronic system) If you want to drive to the centre of the city, you have to pay. Therefore there aren`t traffic jams. All common buses are double – decker buses. There is London not only in Great Britain, but also there are 8 towns in the USA, 1 in Canada and 1 in the state Kiribati called this name.

  1. Read the text “Places of interest” and make thin and thick questions. Fill the table

Thin questions

Thick questions

What clock does stand near the Houses of Parliament?

What legend do we know about the Westminster Abbey?

Where does the funeral service for Diana take place?

Why are the men and women of the Houses of Parliament the voice of the British people?

Read and say what tense is used here:

London bridge is falling down,

Falling down, falling down,

London bridge is falling down,

My fair lady….

Remember the usage, formation of the Present Simple and the Present Continuous

8. Grammar material

1. Tourists __________the Tower of London at the moment (visit)

2.You ______ Big Ben every hour (hear)

3. He ______a car in the centre of London now (drive)

4. The King and the Queen of Britain _________in the Tower of London (not, live)

5.The Queen _______in Buckingham Palace (stay)

6. Hello, Jack! It is very noisy. I ___________ by underground train at the moment. I`ll phone you later (go)

Check yourself:

1. are visiting
2. hear
3. is driving
4. don`t live
5. stays
6. am going

Ex.1 1) mixture 2) capital 3) building 4) city 5) guide 6) tourist 7)gallery

Ex.3 1) information 2)museum 3)building 4) weekend 5) famous 6)favourite

9. Consolidation.

What do we know about London? Finish the sentences in English. “I know about London that ….”

10. Homework: Wb. P. 28 ex.2, pronounce the names of places of interest correctly

P. 28 ex.2: [ei] – information, stadium, [ju:] – museum, stadium, new, future, [æ] – information, stadium, gallery, travel, capital, typical

The lesson is over. Thank you for your work and attention! Good luck!

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