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Marilyn Monroe

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Краткое описание документа:

Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean nee Mortenson.Norma Jeane Mortenson, baptism Norma Jean Baker. Norma Jeane Baker; June 1, 1926, Los Angeles - August 5, 1962, ibid) - American actress, singer and sex symbol.

Early Years

Norma Jeane Mortenson was born around 9:30 am June 1, 1926 at the city hospital in Los Angeles and was the third child kinomontazhnitsy RKO Pictures Gladys Pearl Baker (nee - Monroe May 27, 1902 - March 11, 1984). Her maternal grandmother - Della Monroe - were from Ireland, my grandfather - Otis Monroe [6] arrived from Scotland, his mother was born in Mexico. The biological father of the girl is unknown, the birth certificate indicated Martin Edward Mortenson, and the girl herself was also recorded as Norma Jeane Mortenson, but later, when the girl was six months was baptized in the Church of the Gospel in Housrone, the mother changed the name to Baker's daughter, who was the surname of her first husband (and which she still wore).

Career in Hollywood

In August 1946, she received an offer to conclude a contract for the film studio 20th Century Fox, where she took a showgirl. In the studio, she was offered the names Carol Lind, Claire Norman, Marilyn Miller, but eventually settled on the name under which it subsequently became famous - Marilyn Monroe. Last Monroe - maiden name of her mother.Soon after her marriage to her first husband, Jim Daugherty Marilyn began to think about a career actress who subsequently destroyed the marriage. The couple divorced in September 1946.In October 1948 he was released in rent the movie "Ladies of the Chorus", created at the film studio Columbia Pictures. It was the first film in which Marilyn spoke and sang. Marilyn Monroe gets a seven-year contract with the studio 20th Century Fox and the role in the film "The Asphalt Jungle".In January 1954, she was married to baseball player Joe DiMaggio. As it turned out, DiMaggio, Marilyn insanely jealous of all men in the world, and often rises to her hand. Jealousy and they divorced in October 1954. However, until the end of his life, Joe loved Marilyn, and only he was from all her lovers came to her funeral. It DiMaggio subsequent years continued to take care of Marilyn and tried to provide moral support in her career. After her marriage to DiMaggio studio 20th Century Fox invited her to star in the musical "There is no better business than show business."In March 1954, Marilyn received the "Most Popular Actress". In January 1955, Marilyn announced the creation of a private corporation "Marilyn Monroe Productions," in which she is the president and owner of a controlling stake.March 8, 1960, Marilyn Monroe was awarded a star on the Hollywood "Walk of Fame". [17]Jane Russell June 26, 1953.

January 20, 1961 Marilyn divorced Arthur Miller. According to the facts, "she left home in her darkened bedroom, existing on the pills and sleeping pills reduce weight quickly." Then in February, she was placed in a psychiatric hospital in New York City, where she went 5 March 1961.


August 4, 1962, according to the testimony of Marilyn's housekeeper - Eunice Murray, Monroe, citing fatigue, early went to the bedroom, taking the phone. Afterwards many told us that talking to Marilyn in her final hours, but these claims have not been confirmed in any way (including the famous phrase, "Say goodbye to Pat for me, with the president and with yourself, because you're a nice guy," said Peter Lawford, by He argued, barely tossed language) [23].

A few hours later, after midnight, Eunice Murray, alarmed by the fact that under the door Marilyn breaks the light coming into the garden and looked into the bedroom window, found the lifeless body of Monroe lying on the bed.

Alarmed, Eunice Murray called a psychiatrist stars Dr. Ralph Greenson, her personal physician, Dr. Hyman Engelbergu. Greenson came and found the body of Marilyn. A few minutes later Engelberg, pronounced him dead. Her reason, as shown expertise, was "acute barbiturate poisoning, oral overdose." The police report stated: "Probably suicide."

Marilyn Monroe was found dead, with the telephone receiver in hand, on the night of 4 August 5, 1962, at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, California. Near the bed was an empty package of sleeping pills pills. Fourteen other bubbles of drugs and pills were on the nightstand. Monroe did not leave any notes dying. The body was taken to the morgue for an autopsy, which was performed by a pathologist Dr. Tsunetomo Noguchi, after which it was announced that Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Immediately after the death of the actress version of overdose has been widely discussed in the American press, causing the so-called "Werther effect", resulting in hundreds of Americans have followed her example. [24]

She was buried in the wall of the crypt August 8, 1962 at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery


Marilyn Monroe dedicated the song Lady Gaga «Government Hooker» and «Dance in the Dark», Blue System «The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean)», Mark Ashley «Marilyn's Dream», Florent Mota «Marylin», Glenn Danzig «Who Killed Marylin »and Elton John« Candle in the Wind », Jane Birkin« Norma Jean Baker », Nicki Minaj« Marilyn Monroe », Lana Del Rey« Marilyn Monroe », Pharrell Williams« Marilyn Monroe ».In 2010, the screens out the movie «Coco Mademoiselle», the plot of which was based on the story of a romantic relationship Marilyn and photographer Douglas Kirkland.June 19, 2011 the famous "dress flies" Marilyn Monroe (famous frame from the film "The Seven Year Itch") sold on the auction house «Profile in History» in Los Angeles for $ 4.6 million. [25]July 15, 2011 in Chicago, is open 8-meter sculpture "Forever Marilyn" depicting Monroe when she was in a comedy film "The Seven Year Itch", created in 1955, it stood on the ventilation grid at the intersection of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue New York, and the flow of air rises up her dress. Sculptor - Seward Johnson [26].In 2011, the world rolling out the film "7 days and nights with Marilyn", a role in which she performed Monroe Michelle Williams. The film tells the story of an actress conducted time with Laurence Olivier in the work on "The Prince and the Showgirl."

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