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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыThanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

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Общеобразовательная средняя школа-гимназия №2


Thanksgiving Day

Grade: 5th B

Done by: Ossitashvili N.Y.



Date: 28.11.2013

Aims: to present pupils new information about American holidays; to increase pupils’ interest in studying English; to widen pupils’ scopes.

Theme of the lesson:Thanksgiving Day. The Past and the Present”

The lesson procedure

1. Org. moment. Greeting.

T  Class: Good morning, girls and boys! Glad to see you. Sit down, please.

2. Warming Up

: Do you like holidays? There are a lot of holidays in our world. Let’s remind some holidays and their symbols.

1) Look at the screen. You can see the symbols of the holiday. What holiday is it?

P: I think it is Christmas. ( etc.) ( слайд № 1-5)

^ 2) Match American holidays and their symbols. ( слайд №6)


Today we’ll speak about one of the famous American holidays. Guess the name of this holiday:

1) It has a very interesting history. Its origin can be traced back to the 16th century.

2) The first feast continued for three days.

3) President Lincoln proclaimed last Thursday in November of this holiday in 1863.

4) It is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November.

T: Right you are. It is Thanksgiving Day.
( слайд № 7)


3. Сообщение темы урока и плана работы.

T: Today we’ll do a lot of activities: work in groups, make up stories , read the texts and do the test. During the lesson you‘ll work with the worksheets, you should work well to get the points and you’ll put these points in your records’ cards. During the lesson you will work with the records’ cards. В течение урока вы будете работать с картами достижений. ( слайд № 20) Each column corresponds to the stage of the lesson. You will praise yourself. At the end of the lesson your points will be your marks.

II Основной этап

1 Актуализация изученного материала

T: The theme of the lesson is Thanksgiving Day. The Past and the Present” The first stage of our lesson is from the history of the Thanksgiving Day.
( слайд №8) 1 When do people celebrate T.D? 2 When did they do it for the first time? 3. Who were the Pilgrim Fathers? 4. Why did they go to America? 5. What was the name of their ship? 6. What did the Indians teach the Pilgrims to do? 7. How did the Pilgrims and the Indians celebrate the first T.D?

T: You’ve remembered the past of T.D. well.

2 . Развитие навыков монологической речи. ( С использованием опорного конспекта)

T: Some Americans say:” Thanksgiving is the religious and also social festival that converts every family into a Family Meeting House” What does it mean? In my opinion, it means that people celebrate T.D. with their relatives. Do you agree? ( слайд № 9)

Let’s discuss this problem and make up a story. Read and agree or disagree with the statements. Correct the statements on the screen.
( слайд № 10-11) Correct the statements in your worksheets.


Gather together for the breakfast have traditional Spanish food.

Decorate their houses with fruits and flowers go to the church


Watch a hockey game go to May Day Parades.
^ T: Who would like to make up a story, using these phrases. ( слайд № 12)


Gather together for the dinner have traditional American food.
^ People

Decorate their houses with fruits and flowers go to the church


Watch a football game go to Thanksgiving Day Parades.
2. Some words are disappeared. Complete the sentences.
( слайд № 13)


……………. for the dinner have traditional ……………….

decorate ………….. with fruits and …………. go to the …………..
………………a football game go to ……………………………..


gather ………………….. have …………………………..

decorate ……………………………. go to …………………………..
watch ……………………………... go to …………………………..

T: Thank you for your stories. Now praise yourself. Put points from 0-5 for your work. Let’s see if your points are the same with mine.

3. Практика в чтении. Thanksgiving Day Tradition. ( слайд № 14) ( учащиеся читают тексты про себя на фоне музыки)

T: We’re going to read texts about
Thanksgiving Day Tradition. Read the texts and match the titles with the texts. If you do it right you’ll know one of the Thanksgiving’s symbols.

^ B Family Reunion and Feasting

N Giving Thanks

E. Tradition of Turkey
A. Parades
S .Football Games
1. Family feast is an important tradition during Thanksgiving. The family sits at the table during dinner. It is also a time for relatives living in different places to come together and celebrate.

2. The traditional turkey is on every dinner table during the feast. The Thanksgiving celebration will be incomplete without turkey. Pumpkin pie, Cranberry sauce, Corns are some of the dishes cooked everywhere during the day.

3. The traditional Thanksgiving parade started with President Lincoln proclaiming it an official day. The parade is a way to display the country's military strength and discipline. In the present day, parades are usually with musical shows and dances.

4 Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the people and blessings of the past year. From pre-meal prayers to providing holiday meals to the homeless, the holiday is a celebration of praise and thanksgiving.
5 Watching NFL football during Thanksgiving is a popular tradition. The traditional game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers continues. One of the most memorable games are played on this day.
^ Ответы: 1-(B) 2-(E) 3-(A) 4- (N) 5- (S)

T: Now let’s write the first letters on the screen. What symbol is it?


T: Well done.
( слайд № 15) It is a special symbol of Thanksgiving. Native Americans are believed to have taught the Pilgrims to grow it next to cornstalks. It is famously known as one of the 'Three sisters', they are a part of Thanksgiving feast.

^ T: Praise your work. Put points from 0-2 for your work in your records’ cards. What are your points?
4 Групповая работа учащихся. ( слайд № 16)

T: I suggest you to do the tasks concerning Thanksgiving Day. The purpose of this activity is to discover how much you have learnt about the Thanksgiving Day. Work in groups. Do your tasks for 3 minutes.

^ Thanksgiving Day.

Класс делится на три группы по методике Open Space. Созывающие собирают группы.

P1: I’d like to do the tasks on the topic the history of the holiday. Who will join me?

Каждой группе выдаётся лист бумаги (формат А4) с заданиями

Учащимся необходимо вспомнить и записать совместными усилиями известную им на данный момент информацию по определенной теме
. Работа проводится довольно быстро, за определённое время – 3 минуты (пока звучит музыка). После завершения работы учащиеся демонстрируют выполненные работы на интерактивной доске.

^ 1 группа – The history of the holiday ( слайд № 17)

T: I’d like you to complete the text using the new information and information you’ve already known. Read and fill in gaps.

The story of Thanksgiving day started in

The Pilgrim fathers wanted to have no problems with the

They also wanted a new and a better

They left
Plymouth on the south coast of England.

Their ship was called
the Mayflower.

When they arrived, they thanked God for the good

That was almost
four hundred years ago.

And every year in
November Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day.


^ 2 группа - ( слайд № 18)

T: I’d like you to put the sentences in the right order

T: Imagine you are having a Thanksgiving feast. Read the sentence by sentence what we would do .

E 1. Set ( накрывать) the table.

F 2. Take the roast turkey out of the oven( печка). Carve( разделать) the turkey.

S 3. Put all the food on the table.

T 4. Call your family to the table: “It’s time to eat!”

I 5. Sit down. Say prayers( молитвы).

A 6. Enjoy.

V 7. Serve(обслужи) each person.

L 8. Say: “I’m full.”

KEY: Festival
3 группа - The Symbols of the holiday( слайд № 19)
- Here is Interactive word Scramble. Unscramble these words.

-A large bird that people have as Christmas food and you can also find it on the table on Thanksgiving Day------ kutyre Turkey

-The sauce made from it is a permanent companion of turkey during thanksgiving feast. nacerybrr

– It was eaten by the Indian people thousands of years ago. However, Pilgrim women were the first mothers to serve it for breakfast with sugar and cream. Pilgrims learnt lots of ways of using it from the native Indians. -- Nppoocr POPCORN

– It was used by the North American Indians centuries before Columbus reached the West Indies. It was boiled, baked in ashes, used in bread, and dried. Today the pie made of it is a part of most traditional Thanksgiving dinners. ------- Uppnkim PUMPKIN

- It is a special symbol of thanksgiving. Native Americans are believed to have taught the pilgrims to grow it next to cornstalks. It is famously known as one of the 'Three sisters', they are a part of thanksgiving feast. ---eabns Beans
(подпишите рисунки на вашем рабочем листе )
^ http://txtshr.com/pars_docs/refs/38/37200/37200_html_63ebbd29.gifhttp://txtshr.com/pars_docs/refs/38/37200/37200_html_5e460660.gifhttp://txtshr.com/pars_docs/refs/38/37200/37200_html_m5127ad4f.gif

Созывающие озвучивают ответы.( выполняя задания на интерактивной доске)

T: Your time is finished; let’s check up your notes. What do you know about the history of the holiday? About the symbols and how do Americans celebrate T. D nowadays.

Read, please. (P1 P2 P3) All of you have worked well. Thank you. These word and words combination will help us to speak about the T.D. Now praise yourself, tell me your points. And our captains, do you agree with your partners’ points?


Put your points in your records’ cards.

5. Обобщение изученного материала. ( проведение итогового тестирования на компьютерах, основанного на материале урока)

T: Put your points in your records’cards

^ III Заключительный этап

1.Подведение итогов. Рефлексия. ( слайд № 20-22)

T: Now it’s time to count your points. Look at the screen. Now you know your marks for the lesson.

Устная речь

Чтение текстов

Работа в группах

Итоговое тестирование






Your points

Praise your work during the lesson: http://txtshr.com/pars_docs/refs/38/37200/37200_html_25470750.png

I have done everything well

I have done everything, but not very well

I need some more information.

2. Домашнее задание. С помощью информации на рабочем листе рассказать о празднике.

Краткое описание документа:
Урок предназначен для учащихся 5-ых классов, .Тип урока: обобщение и систематизация знаний, форма урока –внеклассное мероприятие в честь Дня благодарения на основе изучения традиций и обычаев Великобритании. Целью было продолжение знакомства с обычаями и традициями англоязычных стран, воспитание творческого потенциала личности учащегося, культуры общения во время работы в микро группах, самостоятельности. Учебная цель: развитие речевых умений на основе творческого применения усвоенного ранее лексико-грамматического материала в новых ситуациях общения; сопутствующая задача - скрытый контроль уровня сформированности речевых умений. Сопутствующая задача - скрытый контроль уровня сформированности речевых умений.
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