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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку для 6 класса «City or country?»

Урок по английскому языку для 6 класса «City or country?»

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The plan of the lesson

Form: 6

The theme of the lesson: City or country?

The type of the lesson: New

Objectives: 1. SWAT compare the way of life in the city and in the country;

2. to develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities;

3. to bring up the patriotic sense to their country.

The method: critical thinking

Visual aids: CD, posters, markers

The procedure of the lesson

Organization moment

  • Greeting

  • Work with duty

  • Dividing into two groups

Boys and girls, before we start our lesson we need to divide you into two groups. In my magic box there are some sweets. Choose one you like more. Now pupils who have chosen red and yellow sweets you are the first group, pupils who have chosen blue and green sweet will be the second group.

In your group you should choose a leader of the group. On your tables there is a self-assessment paper. At the end of the lesson the leaders should give the marks to their group-mates. Try to be fair.


Ok, if you are ready, let’s begin our lesson.

At first I ask you to close your eyes and listen.

What kind of associations you have when you hear these sounds? (The city)

What about these sounds? (The country)

Now boys and girls the theme of our new lesson is “City or country?” Today we are going to speak about the best place for living.

Main stage

At first look at this map? What country is it? (The UK or England)

Look at this little point. It is a city Bristol. Today we will get acquainted with Steve and his friend Helen. At first look in your books. This is Steve and he lives in Bristol. Let’s listen to him and know if he wants to live in the country?

Task #1

Now work with your groups. What are three good things about living in the country? What are three bad things?

Now let’s read your answers.

  • Good things, quieter, more beautiful, cleaner

  • Bad things: more boring, more difficult to go shopping, more difficult to find friends.

Now let’s listen to Helen. She lives in Charfield, a village 20 miles from Bristol.

Task # 2

Listen again. What does Helen say? Choose the correct words.

  1. There are some good things about living in a city.

  2. Cities are exciting.

  3. Most kids haven’t got the money to go to cinemas or cafes.

  4. It’s more difficult to meet friends in a city.

  5. Friends live close from my house.

Task # 3

Creative work

You should make up your own presentation on the theme “The best place for living to me”. Use the posters and markers.

After presentation the next group may ask one question and add some information. That is why you should listen attentively


Sink wane

Find out

  • 1 noun

  • 2 adjectives

  • 3 verbs

  • 1 sentence

  • 1 synonym

Don’t forget that your noun should be connected with our theme.

Giving the home task

To prepare a project work “The place where I live”


The leaders give marks.

The end of the lesson

The lesson is over, goodbye!

Краткое описание документа:

Урок »City or country?» («Город или село?») был разработан для 6 класса по учебнику «Hot Spot» издательства Macmillian. В разработке урока были использованы элементы технологии развития критического мышления. Задачи урока:- способствовать развитию коммуникативных навыков у учащихся- научить высказывать свое мнение по теме- научить учеников работать в группеВ ходе урока ученики сравнивают проживание в городе и сельской местности и готовят презентацию о лучшем по их мнению месте проживания и составляют синквейн (пятистрочная стихотворная форма) по теме. 
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