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Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса "My flat"

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Theme:My flat.

Form: 5 «А».

Aim: Speak about children’s flats and houses. Revise the grammar material: There is\There are.


1) learn speaking ,correct the pronunciation, teach students to talk about flats and defend student’s projects.

2) develop the skills of reading, speaking and writing.

3) develop the striving for knowledge , love for native home.

Plan of the lesson.

1. Organization moment.

2. Warm-up. Phonetic drill.

3.Checking up home task..

4. Text.

5. Grammar-Listening the CD.

6.Fill the word.Revision:some,any,a …of,an/a.

7. Revision.Devide fruits and vegetables into two groups

Countable and uncountable nouns.

8.Make up a dialogue. A situation: 1) Journalist asks some questions about eating in Kazakhstan.

2)A family has a meal at the table mornings.

9. Giving the marks.

10. Home task.


  1. Good afternoon, children. I’m glad to see you.How are you? Sit down,please.Let’s begin our lesson. The theme of our lesson is :

« My flat». The aim of our lesson is to speak about your flats and houses and revise the grammar material: There is/There are.

Children, today we answer the questions, retell some topics, read the sounds, put the words into correct order,etc.We have much work today. Now children let’s start our lesson with the phonetic drill (song of seasons).Listen to me.Now listen and repeat.

Spring is green,

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow,

Winter is white.

  1. What season is it now? Today the second day of spring. Do you like spring? Describe the weather today. Open your copy books and write down the date today. What was your homework? Today we shall speak about different kinds of houses. But at first,remember the proverb about the house.(East or West –home is best.)

Now name the words with the following sounds.

t- TV set,stereo,table,flat,

d- desk,bed,modern,

w- wall,wall-unit,fliwer,wash.

k- carpet,cupboard,kithen.

  1. Checking home task(exercises)

4.Listening the text.

Children, be attentive. I read the text.(cards) listen. I’ll give you some cards, then you read the text, translate it and answer the questions.

Omars’s flat.

I have a friend. His name is Omar. Omar’s flat isn’t very large. He has a father, a mother and a sister. His sister’s name is Asel. She is five. They have a flat in a new house in Sadovaya Street. His flat is number 10. Their flat has four rooms and a kitchen. Two of the rooms are large. Omar and his little sister have separate rooms. Omar’s room is small, it has one window. There is a bed and a sofa in his room. There a computer in his room too. There is a desk on the right. It’s Omar’s desk. There are three chairs in the room. Asel’s room is small too. There is a bed and a table in her room. There are two chairs in the room. There are a picture ,pencils and papers on the table.

5. Grammar.

The next part of our lesson is listen the CD and look at the active board.

(дети слушают диск и и смотрят на интерактивную доску и затем выполняют упражнения пользуясь специальной ручкой).

6.Do the exercises for the revision. Fill some ,any,a.,a…of into the graps.

  1. There is sugar in my coffee.

  2. He put some sugar in my tea.

  3. There isn’t any water on my foot.

  4. He ate a banana.

  5. She didn’t eat any lemons.

  6. She had a bowl of rice.

  7. There wasn’t a drop of water.

  8. Would you like a piece of cake?

  9. She had a packet of biscuits.

10.There some apples on the tree.

11.There is some oil in the bottle.

7.Divide fruits and vegetables into two groups: countable and uncountable nouns. Look at the picture tell me

Is an apple Countable or Uncountable noun?

Is mushroom Countable or Uncountable noun?

Is water Countable or Uncountable noun?

Is biscuit Countable or Uncountable noun?

Is orange Countable or Uncountable noun?

Is sugar Countable or Uncountable noun?

Is milk countable or Uncountable noun?

8.Make up the dialogue.

The last part of the lesson is to make up the dialogue. A situation.

  1. You are the journalist. Ask some questions about food and drinks in Kazakhstan and other children answer to them.

  2. You are an English family. You have a breakfast in the morning. You can use the phrases –

I’d like…., Would you like…? Can I have….?,Oh. It’s a delicious. It’s great. It’s very tasty. I think …. I like… I don’t like….

9 The end of the lesson.

What did we talk about?

Do you like our lesson?

Show «smiles»to me .

You are active today. Thank you for your work. I’ll give you excellent and good marks.

10.Home task. Prepare for the test. The lesson is over, good bye.

Краткое описание документа:

Урок на тему" моя квартира". Урок- обобщения. Повторение конструкций There is/There are.Повторение исчисляемых и неисчисляемых существительных. Беседа о различных домах и квартирах. На организационном моменте сообщение темы , целей и задач урока . Краткая беседа о погоде. Фонетическая зарядка. Песенка. Работа со звуками. Проверка домашних упражнений. Работа с текстом .Чтение, перевод и ответы на вопросы. Прослушивание диска. Выполнение упражнений на интерактивной доске со специальной ручкой. Далее упражнения на повторения( вставить some,any.., исчисляемые и неисчисляемые существительные).Заключительный этап урока составление диалога и разыгрывание сценки. На уроке в конце и в начале использовались смайлики чтобы показать настроение детей в начале и в конце урока.
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