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Планирование по английскому языку «Grammar revision»

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The  theme  of  the  lesson: Grammar  revision.

The  Aims  of  the  lesson: 1.to  review  grammar  materials:Past  Continuous,Future  Simple,either…or…

                                            2.to develop  pupils’  habits  in  speaking and  working  in  pairs.

                                            3.to  enrich pupils’  vocabulary,to explain the  importance of studying English.

The  type  of  the  lesson: playing  lesson.

The  methods  of  the  lesson: doing  grammar  tasks,working  in  pairs.

Visual  aids:interactive  board,cards,pictures.


T: Good  morning,pupils!

P: Good  morning,teacher!

T:Sit  down,please!I’m  glad  to  see you!Be  ready  for  the  lesson!Who  is  on  duty  today?

P1:I’m  on  duty  today.

T:What  date  is  it  today?

P2:Today  is  the  13th  of  May.

T:What  day is  it  today?

P1:Today  is  Monday.

T:Who  is  absent?Is  anybody  absent?

P2:All  are  present.

T:Thank  you!Sit  down,please!

                                              2.Phonetic  drill

T:First  of  all  let’s  do  our  phonetic  exercise.Look  at  the  blackboard,there  we  have a  song.It is  called  ``Thank  you  song``Let’s  learn  it.Listen  to  it  very  attentively  and  then  you’ll  repeat  after  me.

     T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U   thank  you  (4 times)


                                             3.Revision  of  grammar  materials

            The  Past  Continuous  Tense-Созылмалы  өткен  шақ

Was/were    V+-ing

I  was  reading  a  book  at  5 o’clock  yesterday.

I  was  not  reading  a  book  at  5 o’clock  yesterday.

What  were  you  doing  at  5 o’clock  yesterday?

             The  Future  Simple  Tense-Жай  келер  шақ

Will/shall   V

I  shall  read a  book  tomorrow.

I  shall  not  read  a  book  tomorrow.

   Either … or…

I  shall  either  read a  book  or  watch  TV  after  school.

T: Dear boys  and  girls!I see  you  are  very  clever  pupils.Today  we  have  an  unusual lesson.Do  you  like  travelling?

P: Yes,we  do.

T:Then  let’s  travel.Can  you  guess where  we’ll  go?

P1:To  Astana.

P2:To  London.

P3:To  America/

T:No.you  are  wrong.We  will  travel  to  the  Space.Do  you  want?

P:Yes,we  do.

T:I  think  it’ll  be  interesting.Each  planet  has  a  task.You  must  do  them  to  go  through  one  planet  to  the  next  planet.If  you  are ready  let’s  go! Look  at  the  picture.Who  is  he?He  is  Max.He’ll  be  our  guide  on  the  space.Listen  to  him,he  introduces  himself.

-Hi!My  name  is Max.I’m  12  years  old.I  live  in  Mars.You  are  welcome  to  my  place!I  Hope  you’ll  have  a  fun  with  me!Now  I  want  to know  something  about  you.Tell  me  about  yourselves.

-My  name  is…

-I’m  …  years  old.

-I  live in..

-I’m  interested  in…

-I  can  …  very  well.

-I  want  to  be  a …

T:Well  done!You’ve  got  acquainted  with  Max  and  this  was  tne task  of  the  1st  planet.This  planet  is  called  Mars  as Max  says.

T:Now  we  are  on  the  2nd  planet.Let’s  do  it’s  task!Make  up  sentences   using  either…  or … .

1.Ted  is  either  …  or  … .

2.John  is  either  …  or … .

3John  is  either  …  or  … .

4.Jane  is  either  … or … .

T:Very very  good,my  boys  and  girls!And  now  let’s  have  a  rest  and  do  our physical  exersice.

T:You’ve  done  the  task  of  the  2nd  planet and  now  we  are  at  the  3rd  planet.Let’s  do  it’s  task!

  Working  in  pairs.Look  at  the  pictures,ask  and  answer  the  question  using  Past  Continuous.

F.e:What  were  you  doing  at  5 o’clock  yesterday?

       I  was  reading  a  book  at  5  o’ clock  yesterday.

T: The  next  task  of  this  planet  is  matching  sentences.

If  the  weather  is fine, …                       …if  you  want  to  see  the  fishing  boat.

If  you  go  to  Egypt,…                           …you’ll  see  an  interesting  film.

… we’ll  go  to  the  beach,                      if  you  go  to  the  cinema,…

…  if  you  go  to  the  airport.                  We’ll  stay  at  home …

…  you’ll  see  the  Nile.                          We’ll  go  to  the  port…

…  if  the  weather  is  bad.                      You’ll  see  lots  of  planes …

T:It  was  our  last  planet.I think  you’ve  enjoyed  our  travelling.Have  a  rest  and  listen  to  the  song!

``Moving  on``


T: P1,P2,P3 …  today  you’ve worked  very  well!Your  mark  is  excellent.

    P4,P5,P6,P7 … you  are  good  boys  and  girls!Your  mark  is  good.

    P8,P9…  you  must  work  hard.Do  your  best  and  I’ll  give you  good  marks  at  our  next  lesson.

                                               5.Giving  the  home  task

1.To  learn  the  grammar  rules.

2Make  up  5  sentences  using  verbs  in  the  Past  Continuous  Tense.


T:The  lesson  is  over.I  hope  you  have  a  fun.Good-bye,pupils!


T:See  you  soon!











       « The teacher  of  the  year-2013»

                    English  lesson

             Theme:Grammar  revision.









                                                                                                                           Teacher: Abaev  Zh 


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Краткое описание документа:

"Описание материала:

The theme of the lesson:

"Grammar revision.

The Aims of the lesson:

1.to review grammar materials:

Past Continuous,Future Simple,either…or…

2.to develop pupils’ habits in speaking and working in pairs.

3.to enrich pupils’ vocabulary,to explain the importance of studying English.

The type of the lesson: playing lesson. The methods of the lesson: doing grammar tasks,working in pairs.

Visual aids:interactive board,cards,pictures.

1.Org.moment T: Good morning,pupils! P: Good morning,teacher!

T:Sit down,please!I’m glad to see you!Be ready for the lesson!Who is on duty today? P1:I’m on duty today.

T:What date is it today?

P2:Today is the 13th of May.

T:What day is it today?

P1:Today is Monday.

T:Who is absent?Is anybody absent?

P2:All are present. T:Thank you!Sit down,please!

2.Phonetic drill T:First of all let’s do our phonetic exercise.

Look at the blackboard,there we have a song.It is called ``Thank you song``Let’s learn it.Listen to it very attentively and then you’ll repeat after me.

T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U thank you (4 times)

3.Revision of grammar materials The Past Continuous Tense-Созылмалы өткен шақ Was/were V+-ing I was reading a book at 5 o’clock yesterday.

I was not reading a book at 5 o’clock yesterday.

What were you doing at 5 o’clock yesterday?

The Future Simple Tense-Жай келер шақ Will/shall V I shall read a book tomorrow.

I shall not read a book tomorrow.

Either … or… I shall either read a book or watch TV after school. T:

Dear boys and girls!

I see you are very clever pupils.Today we have an unusual lesson.

Do you like travelling?

P: Yes,we do.

T:Then let’s travel.

Can you guess where we’ll go?

P1:To Astana. P2:To London. P3:To America/ T:No.you are wrong.

We will travel to the Space.Do you want? P:Yes,we do.

T:I think it’ll be interesting.

Each planet has a task.

You must do them to go through one planet to the next planet.

If you are ready let’s go!

Look at the picture.

Who is he?He is Max.

He’ll be our guide on the space.

Listen to him,he introduces himself.

-Hi!My name is Max.

I’m 12 years old.

I live in Mars.

You are welcome to my place!

I Hope you’ll have a fun with me!

Now I want to know something about you.

Tell me about yourselves.

-My name is…

-I’m … years old. -I live in..

-I’m interested in… -I can … very well.

-I want to be a …

T:Well done!You’ve got acquainted with Max and this was tne task of the 1st planet.

This planet is called Mars as Max says.

T:Now we are on the 2nd planet.

Let’s do it’s task!

Make up sentences using either… or … .

1.Ted is either … or … .

2.John is either … or … .

3John is either … or … .

4.Jane is either … or … .

T:Very very good,my boys and girls!And now let’s have a rest and do our physical exersice.

T:You’ve done the task of the 2nd planet and now we are at the 3rd planet.

Let’s do it’s task! Working in pairs.

Look at the pictures,ask and answer the question using Past Continuous. F.e:

What were you doing at 5 o’clock yesterday?

I was reading a book at 5 o’ clock yesterday.

T: The next task of this planet is matching sentences.

If the weather is fine, … …if you want to see the fishing boat. If you go to Egypt,… …you’ll see an interesting film. … we’ll go to the beach, if you go to the cinema,… … if you go to the airport.

We’ll stay at home … … you’ll see the Nile.

We’ll go to the port… … if the weather is bad. You’ll see lots of planes … T:

It was our last planet.I think you’ve enjoyed our travelling.

Have a rest and listen to the song! ``Moving on`` 4.Marking T: P1,P2,P3 … today you’ve worked very well!Your mark is excellent. P4,P5,P6,P7 … you are good boys and girls!Your mark is good. P8,P9… you must work hard.

Do your best and I’ll give you good marks at our next lesson.

5.Giving the home task

1.To learn the grammar rules.

2Make up 5 sentences using verbs in the Past Continuous Tense. 6.Conclusion T:

The lesson is over.I hope you have a fun.Good-bye,pupils! P:Good-bye,teacher! T:See you soon!

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