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Методическая разработка "моя малая родина"


There is an earth corner in the life of each person where he was born, grew, where are always glad to him, where surely someone waits for him. And this corner is the same that heart slice: it is impossible to pull out it and forget. And to speak about love to the native land is equivalent to what to speak about love to mother. As mother is the dearest person in our life, and that place where you were born and grew is the closest to our hearts

My native land has a beautiful sonorous "name" Belgorod region. How many woods, rivers, boundless fields are here! You can not count all these places. Our region is famous for natural riches. But people of course make the contribution to prosperity of our small homeland. Belgorod region is the most well-planned, the purest, the most hospitable among all nearby areas. Look around! Schools are built, libraries are opened, roads are cleared, monuments are erected... This spiritual prosperity of the native land especially heats human souls. If you have a look at the Belgorod region from height of bird's flight, it can seem the magic country called «The Holy Land». There are beautiful churches and chapels everywhere you look, even in the most remote corners of our region.

Undoubtedly, people care about the earth. Every day our area become more and more prosperous and beautiful. It is joyful to look at the city meeting you by clean streets, blossoming flowerbeds, well-groomed parks.

hello_html_2dee60f3.pngBlossoming flowerbeds in Belgorod

But the simple rural beauty is closer to my heart.

Village! This word means something personal for each of us. For one is a fresh clean air, for another is his own household, for the third, perhaps, the village associates with dirt on roads. And personally I put in this word the other sense. For me the village means a tiny slice of a huge planet which belongs only to me because I was born here, grew, because the most pleasant moments of my life are connected with it. In the whole world there is no cozier, more desirable corner, than my native Livenka for me.

hello_html_m720c974e.jpgLivenka hello_html_59bec48e.jpg

Imagine a surprising picture: there is a big village surrounded by the woods from all directions , boundless fields, the small river with an unruffled surface, the stately temple in the center of the beautiful park...

hello_html_280c12fd.jpgUspenskaya church

The imagination draws simply heavenly spot. Our village is unique. The nature presented it with rare sights. It was founded in1681 by the Cossack ataman V. Livenets . Every year it became more beautiful and beautiful. Livenka have grown and got stronger for 331 years of the existence . Now this is one of the biggest villages of the area. About 4 thousand people live here . They work at many enterprises of the village: these are a machine building plant, a winery, an agricultural enterprise, a formula-feed plant, the railway. There are two secondary schools and a music school, a kindergarten, a hospital, three recreation centers, a lot of shops and parks. Many tourists and guests visit a historical place «A Cossack outpost».

It was reconstructed by participation of our pupils.

hello_html_36e65ec.jpgV.Livenets monument hello_html_3e8caacd.pngSchool №2

The graduates of our school have a tradition to meet a dawn at the entry into the village, observing, as the first beams of a rising sun are sliding on a water smooth surface as the crystal dewdrops are scattered on the grass.

hello_html_m19339100.jpgA beautiful landscape of Livenka

And certainly, the people living here are the real pride of our village. These are not only the toilers of the present, but also the pensioners and the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Every year our inhabitants revere memory of victims and congratulate war heroes on the Victory Day.

hello_html_m2b6ffade.pngThe Victory Day

I can write about my native Livenka indefinitely. This heavenly spot will remain in my heart, in my memory forever. I 'm sure that my village will continue to live contrary to all hardships. My village will prosper day by day and every year our stately temple will welcome the guests. And we have to care of our Livenka, treat it how we treat a native home . Our village will live while the love to the native earth glimmers in our hearts.

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