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Модульная контрольная работа к учебнику "Spotlight" 8 класс, 6 модуль

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8 Grade Test # 6

I. Match the words from the columns to make up word combinations on holiday activities. (18 points)

1. Meet a. the local cuisine

2. buy b. famous landmarks

3. visit c. the locals

4. lie d. nature

5. go e. time to yourself

6. see f. souvenirs

7. try g. on the beach all day

8. explore h. museums

9. have i. on guided tours

II. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech. (30 points)

1. “I like travelling by plane,” she said.

2. “We visited Russia last winter,” they said.

3. “Take photocopies of your tickets and passports,” the travel agent said to us.

4.”Do you like French food?” he asked Mary.

5.”Don’t let anyone carry your bags,” she said to me.

6.”I can speak German,” he said.

7.”Have you ever live abroad?” Judy asked Sam.

8.”I’ll be in Brighton next week,” Alice said.

9.”Where is the nearest bus stop?” he asked.

10.”I’ll call you tomorrow,” she said to me.

III. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct preposition. (20 points)

1. I think, you should set ____ some

money in case you want to buy a house.

2. What time will we have to set ______for the airport tomorrow?

3. The opening of the new sport centre has been set _____ a few weeks.

4. Summer has started to set ____ already, so we can go swimming.

IV. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. (12 points)

1. Our family spent a few days ___ the seaside.

2. There are many boats _____ hire at Yalta.

3. Hotels offer special rates if you travel ___ season.

4. You should book your tickets at least a month ___ advance.

5. For safety reasons, you should know rules for using mobile devices ____ board.

6. Please send me information _______ delay.

V. Translate into English. ( 20 points)

Страдать морской болезнью, получить солнечный удар, ночной поезд, потерять паспорт, организованный отдых, спущенная шина, в целости и сохранности, виды транспорта, реставрировать, легкая прогулка.

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