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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Открытый урок на тему "Londons Places of interest" (5класс)
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Открытый урок на тему "Londons Places of interest" (5класс)


«London.s Places of interest.Buckingham Palace»


Павлодар облысы

«Ақтоғай ауданының жалпы білім беретін

Нығманов атындағы орта мектебі» КММ – нің

ағылшын тілі мұғалімі

Алма Маженовна Куватова

Form: 5

Theme: London's Places of Interest.Buckingham Palace

Aims: - to introduce the pupils main interesting places of London-Buckingham Palace
- to develop the pupils skills in auding, in writing, in reading and to enrich the active vocabulary.
- to bring up the patriotic feelings to Motherland, to respect the traditions and sightseeings of England.
The form of the lesson: not standard lesson.
The type of the lesson: lesson by travelling.

The method of teaching: Teaching by electronic tuition.
Visual aids: The multimedia , the map of London,cards and poster, learning book,London's Places of interest,Buckingham Palace and Elizabeth II /slide-shows/.

Procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment
Good morning, pupils!
I'm glad to see your beautiful faces. Some teachers and guests have come to see your knowledge. Today
you’ve got an unusual lesson because you must do travelling in London and in this travelling will be work 2 groups: «Baiterek» and «Big Ben».

Let’s read the motto of our lesson "It’s better to see something once then to hear about it a hundred times”. Please, give a Russian or Kazakh proverb to these words. ("Лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать”).

I hope you will be active at the lesson.
I see today all pupils are present, that’s OK! Let's begin our lesson.

II.Checking of the home work

What was the home task? Using the poster you show Places of interest in Astana and London,then each group must do the presentation of your task and your group,s name.Work with poster!

Well,now you must write the simillarities and differences between Astana and London in Ven diagram./2 groups works with papers/.

The leader of each team tell us about it.

III. The main part of the lesson

1.Children, look at the blackboard. You’ll see a short video and be ready to answer my question- What is it?

Do we have such buses in our country?
What country do you remember looking at this bus? What city is it?
Such buses are only in London. And its name is double decker bus. And
it's a symbol of London.

2. «Лондон туралы» слайд корсету.

3.What places of interests in London do you know? … Такырыпка шыгу

You are right! There are a lot of sights. But among them there is one important sight. How do you think, what is it?

Look at this picture- It is Buckingham Palace

4.We’ll speak about Buckingham Palace today./Open the copybook and write down the date today-The 27th of April,then the theme of our lesson/

What would you like to know about Buckingham Palace?

Now we’ll watch a video about Buckingham Palace. I have some questions for you. You should find the answers after watching the slid-show.

5.«Buckingham Palace» слайд корсету.

It will be interesting to know: WHERE is it situated? WHO lives there? And some interesting facts.

6. You’ll work in groups. You should read sentences, discuss and put them into right order.

a/Now you open book on the Page 194,Exercise 3.

The first group read the text and the second group its translate.

b/Ex.7 on the Page 196 write and pronunciation this words.

Please, Change your colour cards and put the marks to each other.

7. Teacher:  Now, we need the rest.

Physical activities-singing song.

8.Remember me please who lives in Buckingham Palace?

Queen Elizabeth II

Do you want to know some interesting facts about her? Look at the blackboard and tell me about them, f.e. Queen likes dogs.

 «Queen Elizabeth II» слайд корсету.

You’ll work in groups.

a/Now you open book on the Page 198,Exercise 1.

The first group read the text and the second group its translate.

b/Ex.1 on the Page 198 work with the task-True or False?

Please, Change your colour cards and put the marks to each other.

9. Conclusion. Flower,s strategy with questions.
We did a lot interesting at our lesson and we have known that: where is BP situated? Who lives there? Some facts? Do you remember what does the Queen like?

Now you answer my questions:

1. What places of interest do you know?

2.Where are they?

3.Do you want to visit them?

4.Where do you want to go?

5.Where does the Queen live?

10. Giving the home task
Write down your home task:
1.Ex. 3 /Page 194/ or Ex. 1 /Page 198/ to reproduce /

2* To find information about «London Eye» or Royal Family and tell us about it /for clever pupils/. «Лондон кози» немесе Ханшайым жануя туралы акпарат табу.

11. Reflexion.Giving marks the our lesson.

We did a lot interesting at our lesson.Remember our lesson of travelling to London.Are you going to visit to London? Now you say about it.
Each pupil should give the mark to lesson and write down an argument of own mark.

So our lesson is over.
Thank you for your work. Good bye!

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