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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыОткрытый урок на тему " Travel Essentials"

Открытый урок на тему " Travel Essentials"

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Outline of the Lesson

Subject: Practical Course of English

Group: 25 «ә»

Date: 23.11.2015 year

Teacher: Shuakbayeva Zh.R.

The theme of the lesson: Travel essentials

The type of the lesson: New Presentation lesson

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: To speak on the theme Travelling, give the new words on the theme and

use them in speech, listen to the dialogue and read it with correct

intonation. Learn the words, word combinations, proverbs, sayings in three


Up- Bringing: To bring up students to be active during the lesson, help to each other,

respect other students and teacher, do the tasks with responsibility,

use the time correctly.

Developing : To develop attention, mental activity, memory, pronunciation and speech

habits by listening, reading and speaking. To increase students

vocabulary and knowledge about other countries.

Inter-subject connection : Grammar, Practical Phonetic, Kazakh, Russian,


The equipment of the lesson: presentation, pictures, audio-video materials.

Literature: “Sraightforward” Lindsay Clandfield, “English” Meiramova,

Tell me more”

The plan of the lesson

1. Organization moment

2. Saying on the theme

3. Presentation of the New Words in three Languages

4. Let’s Pack the Travel bag

5. Listen to the Dialogue

6. Do the task on the Dialogue

7. Reading the Dialogue

8. Video material, task

9. Consolidating. Give equivalents in three languages.

10. Evaluation

The procedure of the lesson

I. Introduction

a) Greeting

Good afternoon, students! How are you?

Who is absent today?

II.Presentation of the New material

Now students, Let’s begin our lesson. The theme of our today’s lesson is “ Travel essentials.” Today we’ll speak about Travelling.

  1. At fist look at the blackboard there is a proverb . Read and say what does it mean?

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

( Путешествие в тысячу миль начинается с одного шага)

  1. So, now we’ll get the active words of the lesson. Listen to me carefully and repeat after me.

Dictionary- Сөздік- Словарь

Digital camera- Сандық камера- Цифровая камера

Plane tickets- Ұшақ билеттері- Билеты на самолет

Mobile phone Ұялы телефон- Мобильный телефон

Money- Ақша- Деньги

Sunglasses- Күнге киетін көзілдірік- Солнечные очки

Passport- Төлқұжат- Паспорт

Debit card- Төлем картасы- Платежная карта

Alarm clock- Қоңырау сағат- Будильник

Guidebook- Жол нұсқау кітапшасы- Путеводитель

Torch- Қолшам- Фонарь

Travel bag- Жол сөмкесі – Дорожная сумка

  1. Game: “Let’s pack our Travel bag” . Now I’ll give you pictures, you should make up sentences using them and pack the travel bag.

(Teacher give the students the pictures of the travel essentials, they make the sentences and put the pictures on the picture of the bag, which is on the board)

  1. Now, open your books at page 56, look at the Ex 1. At Fist listen to the dialogue carefully 2 times. By listening take sheet of paper and write what things they have in the car.

Exchange the papers and check each other. I put on the blackboard the write answer.

Words: computer, digital camera, guidebook, iPod, mobile phone, book, torch, plane tickets.

  1. Read the dialogue in pairs.

Walter: Come on!

Thelma: I’m here. I’m here.

Walter: Did you turn off the lights?

Thelma: Yes, I did. I turned off the lights and your computer.

Walter: Good. Did you pack my digital camera?

Thelma: Yes, I did. It’s in the black bag with your mobile phone and book.

Walter: Which book?

Thelma: The book that was on the table next to your bed.

Walter: Oh. I didn’t want a book. I wanted the iPod.

Thelma: Well, I didn’t know!

Walter: We don’t have the iPod then.

Thelma: No. we don't.

Walter: Do you have the guidebook?

Thelma: Just a minute.

Walter: Oh no, you didn't remember the guidebook.

Thelma: Yes, I did. Here it is!

Walter: Plane tickets?

Thelma: I remembered. They’re here.

Walter: Good. Good. Well, darling, we’re on holiday.

Thelma: We can finally relax.

  1. So, we have packed our travel bag, learned the words about travelling. Let’s travel then. Look at the board and watch the video.

  2. We’ve watched the video. Now, let’s check our knowledge . Go to the blackboard and find the correct answer one by one.

  1. Consolidating

  1. So, We know that every educated person in our country must speak in three

languages. As our president N. Nazarbayev said: Kazakhstan should be famous as

cultural country which uses three languages: Kazakh- official language, Russian –

language of interethnic communication, English- language of global economics.

Choose one of these boxes read the proverb, riddle or word combination Look at the

blackboard and give equivalents in three languages.


  • East or west, home is best.

В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

Өз үйің өлең төсегің.

  • Every country has it’s customs.

У каждой страны свои обычай.

Әр елдің салты басқа.

  • A picture paints a thousand words

Лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать.

Мың рет естігенше, бір рет көрген артық.

  1. Riddles

  • Riddle

  • Without fingers,
    I point without arms,
    I strike, without feet,
    I run, what am I ?
    ( Clock)

  • What has ring but no finger ? (Phone)

  • What sees, but never is in sight, closes but is never shut ? (Camera)

  1. Word combinations

  • To book tickets in advance

Заказать билеты заранее

Билетке ерте тапсырыс беру

  • To have travelling by see

Отпуск на море

Теңіздегі демалыс

  • All over the world

Во всем мире

Бүкіл әлемде

  1. Now, let’s consolidate our lesson. I give you smiles (Happy and Sad smiles) you put them on the blackboard and say did you like the lesson or not? Why?

  2. Evaluation.

  3. Giving the Home Task your home task is Ex 1-4 Page 26 from the work book.

So the lesson is over!

Good- bye!

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