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План урока на тему Classroom routines (1 класс) часть первая

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1 Form Lesson 11 Date:


The aim:




Org. moment:

The main part:




Classroom routines

  • 1.R1 Recognize initial letters in names and places

  • 1.L1 Recognise short instructions for basic classroom routines spoken slowly and distinctly

To Recognise short instructions for basic classroom routines

listen, read, write, sing, say and look.

T calls s to gather in circle with pens/pencils/cards, reviews/revises as follows: UP/DOWN: sing Grand Old Duke of York

SHOW ME: colours, numbers, some objects

LETTERS L, R, S, T, F, with bodies (letters we will focus on this week)

The procedure of the lesson:

1.T introduces new words using PPT: listen, read, write, sing, say and look.When each word is introduced in the PPT; the Ss will repeat the word after the teacher. Teach Ss an action to accompany each word, such as putting hand to ear for listen, opening a “book” with hands and moving head back and forth for read, etc. Review each initial sound of these words (r for write is okay for right now)

2. Activity Break: Movement song :We’re Following the Leader


https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=1L8SqPm0o3s

3. Assess learning with rest of PPT. (Rehearse beforehand) Have students hold up 1, 2, 3, 4 fingers to select correct answer (note children who get more than 2 answers wrong, adjust followup lesson accordingly), then name or describe final objects.

Give children a blank piece of paper, tell them to draw a picture that they can describe in our next class, using some of the words we have learned.

The lesson is over! Good-bye

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