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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Health problem" (7 класс)


Form: 7 B

Date: 27.01.2016

The theme of the lesson: " Health problem"

The objectives of the lesson:

1)Educational: to enrich pupil’s knowledge about Health problem; to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and give them more information.
2)Developing: to develop pupils` abilities in speaking, writing, reading, listening skills in expressing their own opinions.

3)Up-bringing: to motivate the students` interest in learning English, to create an English-speaking atmosphere and work in groups; to respect their native and foreign languages, to teach them to respect each other and to explain them to be a honesty

Method of the lesson: speaking, completing

Type of the lesson: Combined lesson

Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures, poster, cards

Connection of the lesson:Kazakh


I.Organization moment


-Good afternoon, girls and boys!

-How are you today?

B)Checking up the attendance:

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

III.Checking the home task

Ex.1, page 103 to learn the new words

Go to the dentist-тіс дәрігеріне бару

Drink warm mik with honey –бал қослған жылы сүт ішу

Call a doctor-дарігерге қоңырау шалу

Go to bed early and rest- ұйқыға ерте жату және демалу

Take some aspirin- аспирин қабылдау

Don`t drink coffee or tea-кофе немесе шай ишпеу

IV.Warm up. Tongue twister

The first wealth is health

Health is the best wealth

V. Explanation of the aim

- Today we are going to speak about health, health problems and how to keep fit. We are to revise the vocabulary, listen to the text, work with proverbs, read the texts .

IV.P1 Explaining new material.


Headache -бас ауруы

Backache - арқа ауруы

Sore throat -тамақ ауруы

Insomnia -ұйқысыздық

Stomachache -асқазан ауруы


Cold-суык тию



Write advice for these problems

a cold a headache insomnia toothache


Group A

What foods are good for you?

Group B

What foods are bad for you?

V. Consolidation of the new lesson

Ex.6.page 108 Read the text and transate

Health Farm

«Thousands of teenagers are overweight», says Health Farm manager Mr. White, «many teenagers often do not know how to eat well and stay healthy, like Karen».

Karen was 13 years old. She weighed 110 kilos and was 1.55 m tall. Karen usually had a large bowl of cereal with a few spoons of sugar for breakfast. At school she always bought chocolate at break time and every lunch time she had fried chickens and chips. In the evening Karen usually had more fried food after she often ate a packet of biscuits or a box of chocolates in front of the television. She sometimes went out for a take-away Chinese meal or pizza before going to bed. Karen never ate any fruit and she rarely had fresh vegetables. Her main exercise was changing the TV channel or opening the fridge door…

Ex.7 Which paragraphs are about

1.Karen`s new habits.3

2.General teenage health problems.1

3.The health farm`s results.4

4.Karen`s old habits.2

VI. Conclusion.

To make up a dialogue about health problem

-Hello.Can I help you?

-Yes please.I`ve got terrible stomachache

-How long have you been like this?

-For a week

-You will take this tablets and stay in bed


Now I`ll put you your marks

VIII.Home work: To make up a dialogue between a doctor and a patient

T: Stand up,children

     It’s time to say “good- bye”.

    Our English lesson is over.

    Thank you for your work, children!


Ch: GOOD-BYE, teacher!!!  

Secondary school named after Al-Farabi

The theme of the lesson:

Health problem

Grade: 7 “B”

Teacher: Prekeyeva A.G.

Village of Baiterek

2015-2016 school year

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