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Практическая работа 8 класс. фразовые глаголы,лексика

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  1. Vocabulary: Verbs and Prepositions

  1. Match the prepositions with the verbs below

From In (3) To (4) For Of On (2)

a Apply ____somebody____ something

b Benefit__ _______

c Approve__ _______

d Result_____

e Believe___ ______

f Refer______ ______

g Succeed ____ _____

h Belong _______ ___

I Depend ___ _______

J Report____ __somebody_____ something

  1. Complete the sentences using the verbs and prepositions from the exercise 1.

a In the purchasing department there is a manager, and five employees _____her.

b In this company we firmly ________the value of creativity and innovations.

c The development of computer technology has __________enormous changes in the way that people work.

d Whether or not we succeed in creating and selling new products __________a number of factors.

e Most of our staff _____at least one of the company’s sports or leisure club.

f The Personnel Manager thinks that we would all ______further training in how to use the office software.

  1. Write three more your own sentences.

  1. Complete the sentences using the verbs and prepositions from the exercise 1.

A – report to; b – believe in; c – resulted in; d - depends on; e – belong to; f – benefit from;

3.Make and Do are very similar in meanings and it is not always easy to know which to use.

Which of the following words are used with Make and which are used with Do

1. ___ _______a complain

  1. __ _________nothing

  2. ___ ________an exam

  3. ___ ________a mistake

  4. ___ a suggestion

  5. ___ ________a speech

  6. ____ _______a loss

  7. ___ ________a trip

  8. ____ _______a decisions

  9. ______ _____your best

  10. _____ research

  11. ______ _____plans

  12. ______ the typing

  13. ______ _____money

  14. _____ ______a job

  1. Make up an advertisement

You may choose one of the item and make an advertisement to it:

  1. a cosmetic firm, 2 – a fast food chain, 3 – a car manufacturer, 4 – a sports footwear firm.

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