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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Describing quantity" (3 класс)

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3A form

The theme: Describing Quantity

The aims: a) To develop the reading, speaking skills of the children;

b) To enrich the vocabulary;

c) To learn the use of “some”, “any”.

The type: Consolidating lesson

The methods: Reading, quiz, dialogue.

The materials: pupil’s book, interactive board.

The course of the lesson:

  1. The organizing moment: a) greeting; b) to check the presence of all pupils.

  2. To check the home task: I’ll check the Activity books of the children. They will have written the exercises 1, 2, 3; page 21-22.

  3. The main part:


  1. Саналмайтын заттар- There is some _______ / There isn’t any_____

Саналатын заттар - There are some _______ / There aren’t any_____

Look at the board and answer: What is on the board? (the pictures of bananas, bread, carrots, cheese, chicken, chips, chocolate, milk, orange juice, peas, rice, salad, sardines, spaghetti, tomatoes, water)

  1. Close your eyes and say what item is missing or have been added.

  2. Pair works. Exercise 4, on page 29.

Look at the picture. Can you count the food? Ask and answer:

-….. there any tomatoes? (Crisps, apples, bananas)

-Yes, there … / No, there ….

- ….. there any chocolate? (Ice-cream, bread, orange juice)

-Yes, there ….. / No, there …..

4) Exercise 5. Play the game. One of you will be a shopkeeper of vegetables, and the other one will be a customer.

- Have you got any crisps?

- Yes, I have / No, I haven’t.

5) Exercise 6. Circle and write about your picture. What have you got from the shops?

Shop A Shop B

- I have got some …… - I haven’t got any …..

- I haven’t got any ….. - I have got some ……

6) Home task Exercise 5,6 from Activity book on ;line-height: 100%"> 7) To evaluate the children

Шағын орталығы мен гимназия сыныптары бар жалпы білім

беретін №22 орта мектеп

Ашық сабақ

Тақырыбы: “Describing quantity”

Пәні: Ағылшын тілі

Сынып:3 «а»

Мұғалім: Юсупова Нурдана



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