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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Презентации / Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Royal London" (6 класс)
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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Royal London" (6 класс)


Открытый урок в 6 классе на тему «Royal London» с элементами мультимедии.

УМК: “English VI” O.V. Afanasyeva; I.V. Mikheeva

Учитель: Кедрова А.С., высшая квал. категория

МБОУ СОШ №81 город Казань

Образовательные задачи:

1. Активизировать употребление лексики по теме.

2. Практиковать учащихся в диалогической и монологической речи.

3. Практиковать учащихся в употреблении восклицательных предложений.

4. Практиковать учащихся в высказывании по теме.

5. Познакомить учащихся с употреблением слов: such, so.

Воспитательная задача:

Этнокультурный компонент: Развивать познавательный интерес к культуре страны изучаемого языка.


I Starting the lesson

Teacher to class: Nice to see you! I see that all are present. Is anybody away? What’s wrong with him/her? What day and date is it today? I suppose our lesson will be both interesting and useful to you. We’re going to learn some grammar material. But most of the lesson we’ll speak about London.

II Warming

Teacher to class: What a nice season is spring! We’ve stared the last school quarter. It’s one of the shortest quarters, but it’s in one of the most beautiful seasons. We’re waiting for summer and enjoy warm spring days. Will you help me, please, to make up Exclamatory sentences about spring and spring weather? Let me start: What a nice sunny day it is! Let us do it one by one:

P 1- What exciting weather it is! How exciting the weather is!

P 2- What fresh air it is! How fresh the air is!

P 3- What green leaves are they! How green the leaves are!

P 4- What beautiful the first flowers are! How beautiful the first flowers are!

P 5- What nice birds’ sounds they are! How nice the birds’ sounds are!

P 6- What a blue sky it is! How blue the sky is!

P 7- What happy people they are in spring! How happy the people in spring!

P 8- What a peaceful earth it is! How peaceful the earth is!

P 9- What warm air it is! How warm the air is!

III Grammar practice

Teacher to class: I love your Exclamatory sentences very much. And now let’s train in making up Exclamatory sentences according to the situations given in ex. 11 p. 118 in your Students’ Books.

Teacher to class: Thank you. I like your answers. Today we’re going to use the words such and so in the right way. Will you translate these words? Can you do it?

P 1- such- такой- такие.

P 2- so- такой- такие.

Teacher to class: very good, thank you. They are both have the same translation. Let us learn how to use them in the sentences. Let’s have a look at “Grammar” in your books p. 117 “Let us read and learn”

P 1-so P 2-such и наоборот.

Teacher to class: Have you guessed how to use these words?

P 1- such is used in the middle of the sentence before adjective.

P 2- so is used at the end of the sentence before adjective after the verbs is or are

T- Cl: You are right. Now look once again at the first two sentences in your SB ex 10 p 117

T-Cl: I like your job, thank you. I suppose that our grammar material wasn’t difficult. So let us work with our vocabulary.

IV Lexical practice.

T-Cl: We’re going to devote our lesson today to the talk about Royal London. Our lexical material is rather specific but it’s interesting. Let us start with a guessing game.

T-Cl: a) All ladies usually wear long dresses at the official… (ceremonies)

b) The place where the Queen lives is her official… (residence)

c) This city is big. There are a lot of squares, roads and… (avenues)

d) Queens and kings are… (monarchs)

e) Children in Russia love cartoons very much. Is Cheburashka their famous… (character)

f) A seat where monarchs sit on the official ceremonies is call a… (throne)

g) “Romeo and Juletta” by Shakespare isn’t a comedy. It’s a… (tragedy)

T-Cl: I like your answers, thank you. Now let’s read and translate ex.12 p.118-119

in your books.

T-Cl: How would you say in English?

- владеть

- корона

- общественный

- официальная церемония

- трогать

T-Cl: very good, thank you. Now try to complete the sentences with the words from ex.12 and 13 in ex. 16 p.120 in the Students’ Books.

V Conversation practice.

T-Cl: You are excellent today! Let’s continue our work.

1. For many people for over the world it is very strange to use the words like monarch, crown, royal… But for British people it is quite an ordinary thing. Can you tell me, why?

P 1- Because the UK is parlamentary monarchy.

T-Cl: You’re right. Queen’s life has always been in the centre of people’s attention. Do you remember our dialogue about Queen’s presents? I think it will be nice to act this dialogue. (ex.17 p.121)

P 1 – 2 retell the dialogue.

T-Cl: Well done. Now please answer my question: what presents can Queen Elizabeth П get?

P 1- a large statue of a horse

P 2- a motorboat

P 3- a piece of iron

P 4- a large painting of a power station

P 5- a big box of hot dogs with mustard

P 6- a silver jug

P 7- a mink coat

T-Cl: Thank you for your excellent job. Would you like to be a Queen?

P 1- Yes, I’d like to be a queen, because you can have a lot, visit a lot and do a lot.

P 2- No, I don’t want to be a queen because it’s very hard to be in the centre of attencion.

T-Class: As for me, if I were a Queen, I would get a lot of presents every day.

P 3- T: I hope, your dream will come true!

T-P 3: Thank you, my dear!

T-Class: The history of English monarchy is rather long and interesting. Many places in London are closely connected with the crown. But we’re going to discuss the things connected with the Royal London. Let me make sure that you can use these proper names correctly. Listen and repeat ex.18 p.122

T-Cl: So what places in London are connected with the crown?

Read ex.19 p.122

P 1- читает 1 и 2 абзац

P 2- читает 3 и 4 абзац

P 3- стр. 124

P 4- о королеве Виктории

P 5- о королеве Елизавете

T-Class: Nowadays the Queen reigns but doesn’t rule. But the Royal Family plays a very important role in the country. Do you remember the name of English Kings and Queens whose names are remembered in the country?

P 6- Really Elizabeth II is very important in the country but I’d like to tell a few words about Queen Victoria.

P 7- Let me add some facts.

T- P 7: Very good, thank you. Really information about Royal London and British monarchs are very interesting but let us go on with our work. Look at the screen. Do you know the name of this woman? (Queen Elizabeth II)

P 5- Yes, this is Elizabeth II. She is the Queen of England. (Просмотр видео 1.5-2 мин: коронование Елизаветы)

T-Class: So you had the opportunity to watch the moment of Elizabeth II coming to the thrown in 1952. And today we’re going to speak about Elizabeth II and her life. The key words of ex.23 p.126 will help you to do it. I will give you 2 minutes to make up stories about Queen’s life about: I gr.- her childhood.

(Класс делится на три группы) II gr.- young lady and young queen.

III gr.- Elizabeth today.

Conversation practice:

Let’s look at Elizabeth’s family tree on p.128. Unfortunately, Diana has died. Make up ex. 24(a) on p.128 and answer my questions.

T-Cl: 1- Who is Princess’s Ann mother?

2- When was Princess Margaret born?

3- Who are Princess’s Beatrice parents?

4- Who is Prince’s William great-grandmother?

Let’s answer my question ex.20 p.125 but don’t open your books, please.

У1. Results.

T-Cl: I like your answers today. You were excellent and your marks are only ”5”. Thank you for the lesson.

УП. Homework:

1. Reader: Queen Elizabeth’s Reigh

p. 50 read and try your hand at translating and give a good Russian version of the first three paragraphs of the text.

2. SB- ex .24(b) p.128-129 make up your own dialogues (11-12 questions)

Краткое описание документа:

Презентация урока составлена по Unit 9 Grait Britain по УМК "Английский язык" авторов О.В. Афанасьевой. И.В. Михеевой, 6 класс. Учебник для общеобразовательных учреждений и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка. Рекомендовано Министерством образования и науки Российской Федерации. Москва "Просвещение"

Задачей данного урока является развитие познавательного интереса к культуре страны изучаемого языка через диалогическую и монологическую речи с повторением лексических и грамматических структур по данной теме.

В речевой зарядке в процессе диалога повторяется и закрепляется модель восклицательного предложения при говорении о погоде.

В разделе "Грамматика" повторяются структуры предложений со словами SUCH/ SO.

Уроки страноведения всегда интересны для учеников: традиции и обычаи страны туманного альбиона помогают понять учащимся красоту и культуру изучаемого языка

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