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Промежуточная аттестация для 4 класса гимназий и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка (ФГОС)

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Промежуточная аттестация в 4-х классах

2014-2015 уч.год.

Аттестация состоит из 2-х частей:

1)Чтение текста (100 слов) и ответы на 4 вопроса (2 общих, 2 специальных)

2)Монолог на одну из предложенных тем (10 предложений)

Темы Монологов:

1)My day

2)Favourite week day (Sunday)

3)Favourite animal

4)Helping Nature

5)School subjects

Тексты на технику чтения, понимание содержания.

Текст 1

On a weekday

I wake up at seven o’clock on a weekday. I get up quickly, open the window and switch on the radio. I do my morning exercises and then go to the bathroom to wash.

At half past seven I sit down to breakfast. As a rule, I have some tea and a sandwich or two.

After my breakfast I put on my coat, take my bag and hurry to school. It doesn’t take me much time to get there, as I don’t live far away.

Our lessons begin at eight. Every day we have five or six lessons in different subjects. We study Maths, Geography, History, Art and so on.


1)When do I wake up?

2)Do our lessons begin at 9 0’clock?

3)What do I eat for breakfast?

4)Do we have 5 or 6 lessons every day?

Text 2

Pets in Great Britain

Lots of families in Great Britain have got one or more pets.

Dogs are the favourite pets and there are about 6 million of them in Britain. The second favourite is a bird – parrot.

Some families don’t keep cats or dogs. They keep other animals as pets in their homes.

There are more than 12 million pets in Britain.

The English take good care of their pets. They give them nice names. When they speak of their pets, they say, “he” or “she”, not “it”.

The English give their pets nice food to eat. They buy food for their pets in pet shops. The English are pet lovers!


1)How many pets have families in Great Britain got?

2)What are favourite pets in Great Britain?

3)Do the English take good care of their pets?

4)Do the English buy food for their pets in supermarkets?

Text 3

Mother’s Birthday

Tomorrow it will be Saturday. It’ll be ma Mummy’s birthday! She’ll be thirty-one. But she looks twenty, she really does! My Dad and I will get up early in the morning, when Mum is still asleep. We’ll clean the house and go to the shop to buy presents for Mother. I don’t know what we’ll buy. But of course we’ll buy flowers. All women like flower, you know! We’ll buy tasty things, too: sweets, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, apples, oranges, bananas and what not!

When Mum gets up, we’ll give her the presents and sing the song “Happy birthday to you!”


1)Is Mum 40?

2)Will we buy flowers for Mother?

3)What tasty things will we buy?

4)When will we get up?

Text 4

The Earth

We live on the Earth. It is very, very big. There is a lot of water on the Earth. It is in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There are a lot of forests, fields, hills and mountains on it.

The Earth is full of wonders. Different animals live on the Earth. Different plants grow on it.

The Earth is beautiful.

People live in different countries. They speak different languages.

There are small countries and big countries. Our country – Russia - is the largest country in the world.

People who live in our country speak more than two hundred different languages.


1)Where do people live?

2)Is the Earth small?

3)What is the largest country in the world?

4)How many languages do people in our country speak?

Text 5

Food for life

People can’t live without food. Where does our food come from? Meat comes from animals. People eat domestic birds too. Eggs come from birds. Milk comes from cows. From milk people make butter and cheese.

From plants we get fruit and vegetables. A lot of fruit grow on trees: apples, oranges and bananas.

Different food comes from different countries. Oranges and bananas grow in Africa and America.

Some people grow their food, but usually we buy it.

Remember to buy and eat the right food! Remember the proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables! Drink milk and juice!


1)Can people live without food?

2)Does tea come from a fruit?

3)Were do oranges and bananas grow?

4)What do people make from milk?

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