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Проверочная работа по английскому языку

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Проверочная работа по английскому языку

1. Choose the correct form.

1. How many exercises __you ___since you started your homework?

a) have done b) are doing c) have been doing

2. Mrs Izard ___ this book since her husband died.

a) has written b) wrote c) has been writing

3. ______ this man?

a) do you know b) are you known c) you know

4. We ___ about it last week.

a) talk b) talked c) were talking

5. They ___for two hours and____ yet.

a) talk/doesn’t finish b) have been talking/ haven’t finished c) talked/ didn’t finish

6. Mr Dix__ busy. How long ___ busy?

a) are/ he is b) is/ was he c) is/ has he been

7. Caroline ___ about Mark since he left.

a) thinks b) has been thinking c) thought

8. His parents didn’t let ___ to the disco.

a) he to go b) him go c) him to go

9. She said that the dinner ____ twenty minutes before.

a) was made b) has been made c) had been made

10. Nick ___ a letter by a strange woman yesterday.

a) gave b) was given c) had been given

2. Read the text and choose the right answer.

Catherine Destivelle is a rock star. She loves rock, but she can't sing or play the guitar! She is a rock climber and a big star in France and Italy. She is probably the most famous woman climber in the world because she often climbs without ropes. She climbs in many countries but most often in the French Alps near Chamonix, where she lives.

She started climbing near her home in Paris when she was five. Then, at fourteen, she joined the French Alpine Club to learn more, but immediately she climbed better and more quickly than the older members of the club. She won her first competition in Italy in 1985.

Three years ago she found a new route up the Dru Mountain near Chamonix. The climb took eleven days and for four days the snow was so heavy that she could not move. She slept and ate in a bivouac on the side of the mountain. Last year other climbers tried to follow the new Destivelle Route, but they failed. They are going to try again this year.

People always ask her this question. She says, "I climb because I'm in love with mountains. I like touching the rock and reading the face of the rock. I like it a lot. I feel comfortable and at home on the side of a mountain. I prepare well before I go, so I'm never worried."

Catherine chooses new mountains from books - like buying from a shopping catalogue! "I see a nice mountain and I go to climb it!'" Her next mountain is in Pakistan. She is going there next month. "If much bigger than the Dru, so it's going to take longer to climb An American climber, Jeff Lowe, is coming with me to help."

1. Catherine Destivelle is good at

  1. singing. B) climbing mountains. C) playing the guitar.

2. She is famous because she

  1. often climbs without ropes. B) climbs in France and Italy. C) climbs in the French Alps.

3. She didn't climb until she

  1. moved to Chamonix. B) got interested in travelling. C) was five.

4. She likes reading

  1. books about mountains. B) stories about climbing. C) the face of the rock.

5. She is going to

  1. climb a mountain in Pakistan. B) climb the Dru Mountain. C) the French Alps.


1. Choose the correct form.











2. Read the text and choose the right answer.






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