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Разработка по английскому языку на тему "I can fly!"

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Teacher: Arai Kenzhebayeva Subject: English

Grade: 3A Room No. 215 Time: 45 min

Topic: I can fly


  1. talk about ability, asking “Can you...?” questions and answering with

I can” . Students will gain greater understanding of “can” having to do with opportunity, capability.

  1. demonstrate appreciation and understanding of modal verb can through a song and games;

  2. students develop their language skills through different communicative activities. Students will be able to generate their own sentences (at least two) using can.

  3. students identify action verbs and helping verb expanding their vocabulary using. They use knowledge of language when writing, speaking, listening and reading.

Type of the lesson: integrative

Teaching methods: verbal, audio-visual, illustrative, playing.

Routine: individual work, work in pairs and mini-groups.

Materials: Power Point presentations, active board, CD with a song “I can fly!”, pictures, paper, flashcards.

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Warming up - 1 min

  • Good afternoon my dear friends! How are you today? (Pupils’ answers)

  • Now please, stand face to face, shake your hands, and say “Good afternoon! How do you do?” and smile.

  • Thank you, sit down, please.

  • Who is on duty today? Are all present?

  • What date is it today? /The 27th of February/ Write down today’s date into your notebook.

  1. Checking up – 3 min

- Well, guys, let’s check your hometask. What was your homework?

  • Nice, to make a crossword with new words on the last theme “Family” and learning a new vocabulary.

IV. The previous materialshello_html_me7c7639.gif revision - 5 min

(a character comes)

Brill: Hello, I’m Brill. How are you?

- Look at the board and review the words from the last topic about family members and prepositions of place.

1. Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother and sister.(making a crossword)

2. Next to, under, behind, on, in frond of… (completing the sentences with necessary prepositions)


  1. Previewing - 2min

- Well, children, today we are going to speak about the modal verb ‘can’. We’re learning how to use “can” in speech.

V . Grammar presentation: The Modal Verb “Can” - 10 min

  • Now, children today we shall have a new material. Firstly, open your copybook and write down, please, today’s topic title.

  • We use the modal verb “can” to express ability, possibility and permission. We also use can to show polite request. They can be positive, negative and interrogative:

+ I can run. - I can not (can’t) run. ? Can I run? Yes, I can. /No, I can't)

Positive ( + )




She can read




Negative (-)




She cannot (can't) read




Interrogative (?)




Can he read?




VI. Vocabulary presentation - 6 min

  • Let’s learn action verbs. Look at these flashcards with these verbs and listen to me carefully.

  • Now, and read these verbs by yourself.

Run, dance, fly, swim, jump, play basketball (volleyball, tennis, football, cricket) speak English (Kazakh, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French), ride a bike

VII. We can sing - 5 min

Brill and Alice: Children, listen to the song and spell the new words all together!

I can fly! I can fly!
I can fly very high!
In the sky

can fly very high
I can in the sky

I can fly
I can fly
I can fly . I can fly !!

VIII. Reading and speaking - 4 min

  • Well, guys, let’s start reading information about Madi.

My name is Madi. I am twelve. I'm a pupil of Grade 3. I'm from Kazakhstan. I live in Yessil town. I can read, write. I can speak English, but I can't swim. My school is big and good. My school is in Esil. I love my family and my school.

- Listen to me carefully, then read the text one by one.

hello_html_149e57f1.gif- Choose a card with a question and answer it using information from the text.

-Can he swim?

-Can speak English?

-Can he write?

-Can he read?

VIII. Listening. Work in pairs - 3 min

CD - track № 17

Brill: Well done, children! Take your pens. 1. You can see pictures and using them fill in the gaps. The slides will help you.

I can hop. I can’t jump. I can paint. I can’t swim.

IX. Activity for writing - 4 min

- Using information from the chart about Tom and Mary, make up the sentences. Write what Tom and Mary can do or cannot do.

1hello_html_m5b32e7e6.gif. Tom can’t swim.

2. Mary can swim.

3. Tom can speak English.

4. Mary can ………..

5. …………………………………….

IX. Wraping-up - 1 min

- Now, children, write down your homework for the next class.

1. review using modal verb can: positive, negative and interrogative forms

. learn all new action verbs for spelling test;

3. do ex.5 at page 51 in Pupil’s Book.

X. Reflecion -1 min

- Do you like today’s lesson? If it’s ‘Yes’ – clap three times, if ‘No’ – step three times.

XI. Evaluation

- The Lesson is over. See you soon!

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