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Разработка урока на тему " Национальная еда"

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Дата 07.10 Сынып/ Класс. 6

Пән/ Предмет. Англ.яз

Тақырыбы/ Тема. “National Food ”

Типі/ Тип. комбинированный

Мақсаты/ Цель: обучающие:

повторение и закрепление нового лексического и грамматического материала по теме “Food Fair”;

приобретение практических навыков при работе с диалогами и монологами;

приобретение практических навыков поведения в конкретных речевых ситуациях.


ü развитие навыков диалогической речи с употреблением лексики по теме “Food Fair”;

ü развитие интереса у учащихся к общению на английском языке;

ü развитие творческих способностей и фантазии у учащихся;


v воспитание культуры общения на английском языке;

v воспитание чувства коллективизма;

Көрнекілігі/ Оборудование: учебник, индивидуальные карточки и раздаточный материал, наглядные пособия, представленные с помощью современных информационных технологий – компьютера.

Сабақтың барысы/ Ход урока:

І. Оргмомент Good morning boys and girls! Good morning our dear guests! I am glad to see you. Today we are the 1-st of December. It is Thursday today. How are you? How are you doing? I’m fine, thank you.

Today we will speak about Russian and American food. Let’s prepare to the visit of an American cafe, to speak about Russian and American cuisine.

ІІ. Речевая зарядка First of all let’s train our tongues. Here you can see a good English proverb.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Repeat after me this proverb all together.

Thank you. Ok, now read it, please. Thank you very much. Good job.

Do you like this proverb?

What other proverbs do you know about health?

Appetite comes with eating

Hunger is the best sauce

Live not to eat, but eat to live.

Do you like doctors?

Do you like apples?

What are your favorite fruits?

Wonderful. Let’s start

ІІІ. Аудирование (Слайд№3)

Oh, you know, today I have got a letter from the USA. Let’s listen to it.

(первое прослушивание текста письма)

Did you understand Jesse’s letter? Was it clear for you?

Please, be ready to answer the questions about his house. Well. Now we will listen to it again. Pay attention, please what he says.

Hi! My name is Jesse. I live in a suburb of New York in a town called Greenwood. I’d like to tell you about our annual food fair. Usually it takes place in the last Sunday in August. It is a special holiday when all the cafes and restaurants present their samples of food. Along the Jefferson street there are a lot of food booths where everybody can taste the meals they have. It is very nice because you can taste different kinds of food for free. You can see there typical American food and other popular dishes. They are barbecue, grilled chicken, chips, hamburgers, pop corn, and many types of bagels, jelly sandwiches, iced tea and coca cola. If you have a chance to visit the USA in this time don’t forget to go to the Food Fair. You’ll see it is worth visiting Good bye. Your friend Jesse.

IV. Контроль понимания речи на слух


1. What is the writer’s name?

2. Where does he live?

3. Does he live in a city or in a town?

4. How is his town called?

5. What is he speaking about?

6. Where does the food fair take place?

7. What can you taste there?

8. What are typical American dishes?

9. Would you like to visit the Food Fair?

V. Работа с устной речью учащихся (Слайд№5) So, we know about Food Fair and let us speak about Russian and Mordovian cuisine. Listen to me and answer my questions.

1. What are national Russian dishes?2. What are national Mordovian dishes?3. Who usually cooks in your family?4. What are the popular dishes in your family?5. What is your favorite food?6. Do you like cooking?7. How often do you cook?8. What can you cook?

Thank you very much. Great. Now it is your turn to ask me questions about my favorite food. I see you are able to ask questions.

Thank you very much. Another task is for you. You should ask each other about your favorite food.

(учащиеся задают вопросы друг другу)

VI. Проектная работа

Well done. Thank you very much for your work. Now it is time to check our project work. You have prepared some recipes of your favorite food. It was done with presentation. Come here and tell us about your works.

My favorite food is cabbage soup with a chicken. I like cook it because it is simple. For cooking I need

VII. Работа с лексикой Слайд№13

Thank you very much. Well done. Now let us speak about healthy and unhealthy food. What food is good for you and what is not.

What is a healthy food? We can eat healthy food every day and it is good for us

What is unhealthy food? We shouldn’t eat this food every day because it is not good for us

Milk products are very healthy food. They give us a lot of proteins and vitamins.

Eating chocolate, candy and sugar is not healthy. They harm our teeth.

Fruits and vegetables give us a lot of vitamins. We need eat them every day.

Drinking coffee in the morning makes us full of energy.

Eating fish is good for our brain because of protein.

Nuts is a very healthy food. We need it.

VIII. Подготовка к диалогам

Wonderful. So it is time to perform your dialogues. Your homework was to prepare dialogues “At an American café”. You should speak about typical American food. I’ll give you two minutes to be ready. Sit together ad repeat.

(звучит музыка)

IX. Представление диалогов

Your time is over. Come here and act.

You are in a café.


Kate: - Jane! Let’s go to a café!

Jane: - A good idea. I have never been to an American café.

Kate: - I’d like you to try typical American food.

Jane: - And what is popular American food?

Kate: - They are ribs, chips, bagels, hamburgers, and coca cola. Let’s go.

- Hello! Can I help you?

Kate: - Yes, I’d like roasted chicken and tomato salad.

Jane: - And I want ribs and fried potato.

- Anything else?

Jane: - Yes, I’d like medium pizza and hamburger.

Kate: - I’ll take cheeseburger

- Well. What would you like to drink?

Jane: - I’d like orange juice, please.

- What size would you like?

Jane: - Medium, please. Do you have strawberry ice cream?

- Yes, we do.

Kate: - I’ll have iced tea and jelly sandwiches.

- Ok. It’ll be ready in 5 minutes.

Kate: - Thanks a lot.

X. Контроль грамматического материала.

Translate from English into Russian

He likes to play the piano.

The film “Titanic” is worth seeing.

It had stopped raining when we left the house.

The man reading a newspaper is my father.

Having sent the telegram, he went home.

Compose sentences.

Him, she, to arrive, expected, tomorrow.

to come, you, want, I, with me.

They, us, would like, them, to visit

Finish the sentences.

His hobby is __________________ .She enjoys____________________. We dislike ___________________

I expect you to ________________ .They want us to _______________

XI. Подведение итогов. So, today we have talked about Russian and American food. Tell me, please: Would you like to visit an American cafe? Did you like to make projects? Did you like this lesson?

XII. HOMEWORK. Open your diaries and write down the homework. You should prepare a recipe of your favorite Mordovian food. Make picture and describe it.

XIII. Выставление оценок и их комментарий.

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