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What is this? Demonstrative pronouns

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hello_html_6bff2491.gifhello_html_m3b4d86ff.gifhello_html_2f444c81.gifhello_html_m230816d3.gifTheme: What is this? Demonstrative pronouns

Date: 04.12.2015

The aim of the lesson:

Educational: to teach pupils to ask about objects,to identify objects, to point objects and things using demonstrative pronouns;

Developing: to develop pupils reading, writing, thinking and speaking skills, to enrich students’ vocabulary, to develop pupils’ creation;

Bringing – up: to create interest in studying English.

The type of the lesson: Mixed lesson.

The kind of the lesson: Demonstrative

Connections with other subjects: Kazakh, Art,

The methods: group work, question - answer, dialogue,listening,role-play,test work

The visual aids: an interactive board, textbooks, pictures, slides, posters,toys,visual aids,videos

Procedure of the Lesson

I . Organization moment. Greeting, talk with the duty. Asking the date, day, weather, checking absentees.

II. Dividing into groups. Pens and pencils. Students choose rolling paper where have written the words “pen” and “ pencils”.

III. Phonetic drill. Task “Write”. Students fill sentences with “in” and “on”.

A clock in a sock

A ball on a wall

A cat in a hat

A hen on a pen

IV. Checking up hometask. Picture dictation.

Teacher dictates some sentences using some words from previous lesson and pupils must draw what they understand and what can imagine.

V. Warm-up. Let’s dance and dance.

Physical minute for relax. Pupils repeat actions which they see and dance.

VI. New vocabulary.

Ruler [ru:lǝ] сызғыш

Rubber [rΛbǝ] Өшіргіш

Question [kwestʃǝn] сұрақ

Flower [flauǝ] гүл

VII. New theme. Explanation. Grammar. “What is this?”


That-анау жекеше singular is

These –мынылар

Those –аналар көпше plural are

Examples: This is a book. That is a book.

These are books. Those are books.

What is this? What is that? What are these? What are those?

VIII. Watching video. Easy dialogue. Role-play.

IX. Fill in the blanks with “this,these,that,those”

Both groups have to fill sentences with the right answer.

X. Doing exercises. Ex. 7 p. 96 Complete the sentences.

a) Complete the sentences with this or these

1. _______questions are difficult.

2. Do you like ____bag?

3. Look at _______picture.

4. ______houses are new.

B) Complete the sentences with that or those

1. I want to buy ______round mirror

2._____dogs are my friend’s

3. _____is my notebook.

4. I like ______white cats.

XI. Look,that is a rainbow. Introduction of colors.

First of all teacher shows some toys saying and showing their colors,after that pupils watch the video.

XII. Conclusion of the lesson. Test yourself.

1. _____cat is nice.

A) these B) that C) those

2. _____flowers are beautiful.

A) that B) these C) this

3. “өшіргіш” сөзінің аудармасы

A) ruler B) rubber C) rainbow

4. _____books are new.

A) this B) those C) that

5. I like ____computer

A) those B) this C) these

6. What is English for “ашық қызыл”?

A) red B) pink C) yellow

XIII. Reflexion. Christmas tree.

Students write or draw their emotions on a sticker and stick them on a Christmas tree.

XIV. Marking.

Home task. Ex 14 p 98

Beineu Lyceum

Open lesson plan

Theme : “What is this?”

The teacher of English: Aldabergenova A.U

2015-2016 academic year

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