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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Разработка урока по английскому языку по теме "At the supermarket" (2 курс колледжа 2 уровня)

Разработка урока по английскому языку по теме "At the supermarket" (2 курс колледжа 2 уровня)

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Разработка урока английского языка в колледже 2 уровня по специальности «Фермерское хозяйство» квалификации «Повар» по учебнику «Английский язык для специалистов сферы общественного питания» Н.И. Щербакова, Н.С. Звенигородская, 2015 г.

Преподаватель: Буклешова Н.В.

Курс: 2 Группа: 22

The topic of the lesson: At the supermarket.

Aim: talking about shopping at the supermarket.

Objectives (SWBAT)student’s will be able to:

1.Talk about shopping at the supermarket.

2.Learn the words connected with shopping and food.

3.Develop reading and writing skills, speaking, logical thinking and rise their level of knowledge.


1.Student will be able to know the meaning of the new vocabulary.

2.Read and understand the text and able to answer to the questions.

3.Speak about shopping and their favourite shops and supermarkets.

Assessment: взаимооценивание.

Parts of the lesson:


-Good morning (afternoon), students! How are you? Who’s on duty today in your group? What day is it today? What date is it today? Who’s absent in your group? What the weather like today?

2. Checking up the home task.

3. Warm-up

Do you like shopping? How often do you go shopping?

A poem to enjoy “At the Grocery Store” (p 25)

Excuse me, please, I’m looking for tea.

It’s on the top shelf, aisle number three!

What else do I need? Corn and beans,

Carrots, apples and tangerines;

A gallon of milk, two pounds of steak,

A loaf of bread and a chocolate cake;

Some peanut butter and cherry jam.

Ready to check out? Yes, I am!

What is the topic of our lesson? Can you guess? (Students’ answers)

Yes? We are going to travel at the supermarkets.

4. Describing (p 6- see the appendix 1)

Look at the picture and describe the supermarket.

5. The new vocabulary (p 7-9 see the appendix 2)

Students read the words connected with food and supermarkets (use transcription of the words).

6. Reading (p 5-7 see the appendix 3)

Divide into 5 groups, read and translate into Russian or Kazakh the fragment of the text.

7. The primary fixing of the new vocabulary- let’s play the game “Interpreter”.

Translate the words into English:

молочные продукты, у мясника, супермаркет, говядина, дичь, окунь, сельдь, манная крупа, маргарин, булочка, ветчина, экономить.

Translate the words into Russian or Kazakh: oatmeal, customer, rusk, gooseberry, label, noodle, candy store, bream, juicy, to earn, item, aisle.

8. Explain the meaning of the saying “ A penny saved is a penny earned”, find the Russian or Kazakh equivalent.

9. Writing (work in pairs- p 9 ex 1, p 10 ex.2- see the appendix 4)

Students find the Russian equivalents to the next expressions: shops catering for needs of the population, regular customer, to put all the products you buy, etc. and translate the sentences into English using the words and expressions from the text:1. В супермаркете продают не только продукты питания, 2. Большой современный супермаркет открыли недалеко от моего дома, etc.

10. Summary: What have we learnt today? What was interesting for you? What was difficult for you? What marks have your student earned?

11. Home task: p 10 ex 3 Answer the questions and write a short story “My shopping” (see the appendix 5)

Appendix 2



Appendix 3



Appendix 4



Appendix 5


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