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ИнфоурокДругоеДругие методич. материалыСценарий к празднованию Великой Победы

Сценарий к празднованию Великой Победы

Скачать материал целиком можно бесплатно по ссылке внизу страницы.

Сценарий мероприятия посвященного годовщине победы в Великой Отечественной войне

Do The Russians want A War?”

Сценарий разработан преподавателем Волковой Еленой Владиславовной

Пояснительная записка.

Мероприятие Do The Russians want A War?” Данное внеклассное мероприятие предусмотрено для проведения воспитательной работы со студентами. Праздник сопровождается мультимедийной презентацией, музыкальными и танцевальными номерами, литературными композициями.

Целью данного мероприятия стали:

1.Повышение интереса к изучаемому языку.

2. Знакомство с героями войны.


1. Расширить по сравнению с базовым уровнем знания студентов.

2. Активизировать учебные умения и навыки студентов.

3. Активизировать у студентов творческие способности при подготовки и проведении праздника.

4. Патриотическое воспитание студентов.

1.Ведущий: The 22nd of June 1941. The most brutal war in the history of humanity was started. Our Motherland lost tens of millions of its citizens during those 4 years of war. People of every nationality were among the soldiers who gave their lives on the battlefields. Grief entered every home, every family. The Nazis counted on rapid enslavement of our people. Their intention was to destroy our country. But their plans failed.

2.Ведущий: Dear friends! Today we gather together to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, to mark the victory of good over evil and of freedom over tyranny. You know it was a very long war, it lasted 4 years. It took lives of more then 20 million of people, young and old, famous and unknown. Our people didn’t want this war.

“Do the Russians want a war”

1. Say, do the Russians want a war?

Go ask our land, then ask once more

That silence ling’ring in the air

Above the birch and poplar fair.

Beneath those trees lie soldier labs

Whose sons will answer for their dads

To add to what you learnt before,

Say, do the Russians want,

Say, do the Russians want,

Say, do the Russians want a war?

2. Those soldiers died on every hand

Not only for their own dear land,

But so the world at night could sleep

And never have to wake and weep.

Go ask the soldiers from the ranks,

The labs you hugged on Elbe’s banks,

And who remember all they saw,

Say, do the Russians want,

Say, do the Russians want,

Say, do the Russians want a war?

3. Sure, we know how to fight a war,

But we don’t want to see once more

The soldiers falling all around

Their countryside a battle ground

Ask those to give the soldiers life,

Go ask my mother, ask my wife,

And you will have to ask no more,

Say, do the Russians want,

Say, do the Russians want,

Say, do the Russians want a war?

3 Ведущий: Each town and city was touched by the war. Our young boys and girls wanted to help their fathers and brothers. We know many heroes of this war. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was one of them. Listen to the story about her life.

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was a Moscow schoolgirl. When the enemy began to approach the city she enlisted in a partisan detachment. The crossed the front lines and joined the avengers of the people.

The detachment was very fond of Zoya. She endured bravely all the hardship and adversities of this dangerous life. She was given the pseudonym “Tanya”.

At one point a large detachment of Nazis stopped at th village of Petrishchevo. During the night Zoya made her way into the village, cut all telephone communication and set fire to the houses in which the Nazis were quartered. Two days later she return to Petrishchevo, but this time the Nazis seized the young partisan.

In the morning Zoya was led out to be executed. She was bought to the square in the centre of the village and the local people were forced to watch the spectacle.

The girl was marched up to the scaffold and stood on the box. A hangman’ loop was crossed around her neck.

For that young fellow”

I awoke before the dawn, early

Thro’ the field that stretched far, walking.

There is something in my mind stirring.

Many scenes I never saw hurt me.

On my cheeks I feel the rain falling.

Our we fid counts twenty years one year,

And I never saw that lad calling,

As he promise, “I’ll return, Mum, dear!”


On the stepped pungent herbs scent the air around.

I pay heed to the wind, young and green.

In the depth of the night we awake to a thunderous sound.

Is it a storm, or the echo of war that has been?

Now it seems to me the spring lingers

And the earth is ripe for seed – mellow.

On this land my life is worth living

For myself and for that young fellow.

I must bear a double load, always.

I’ll forever hear his voice ringing.

All my life I know he’ll be calling,

And I’ll hear the song that lad’s singing.


2 Ведущий: Our people fought everywhere. Many monuments to the heroes of the war were made in our country and abroad. Listen to a story about famous monument in Volgograd “Mamaev barrow”

In the summer of 1942 the Nazis mounted another offensive. September, 1943, Stalingrad. Seven Nazis divisions stormed the city. Thousand of guns opened fire. Five hundred Nazi tanks advanced in a wave.

The battle for Mamayev Kurgan was especially bloody. Mamayev Kurgan was the highest point in the city. From there the surrounding country – side was visible. One could see the Volga, the steppes and the left bank of the Volga.

The summit of the hill had already changed hands several times. The Nazis attacked our troops and drove them off, then we recaptured the position. Our troops held the summit for a while, only to lose it once more to the enemy.

The slopes of the hill were covered with the corpses of soldiers. It was as if the soldiers, exhausted from a march, had lain down for an hour’s rest.

3 Ведущий: The war ling. Our soldiers fought heroically and bravely. But when they had time for rest, they sang songs and listen to famous singers at the concerts. The most favourite song was “The Dug - Out”

The Dug – Out

In our dug- out the brazier’ bright glow

On each log shows an amber – like fear,

The accordion now sings soft and low

To your eyes and your sweet smile, my dear.

In the snow – drifts near Moscow I lay

And each shrub whispered gently, my dear,

This same love song I wish you could hear.

I shall come to you, darling, at last

Thro’ the snow – fields that lie on the way,

Thro’ the distance between us is vast

And my death lurks but four steps away

Sing, accordion, and outface the storm,

Guide lost happiness till she returns.

My great love makes this dug – out seem warm,

And that love in my heart always burns.

1 Ведущий: Our people, our soldiers hoped to put an end to the war, to win it. Little children wrote letters to soldiers to the front, wrote poems for them. Listen to such poems.

1. I want to live and not to die

I want to dream and not to cry

2. I want to feel the summer sun

I want to live when life is fun

3. I want to stretch out friendly hands

For all the young of other lands

4. I want to fly into the blue

I want to swim as fishes do

5. I want to live and not to mate

No atom bomb analimate my

shining world.

2 Ведущий: One of the most famous song at that time was “Katyusha”. It was heard everywhere during the war. Listen to this song.


Apple –trees and pear – trees were a – blooming,

Mists were floating on the river deep,

And Katyusha’s gone out in the gloaming,

On the river bank so high and deep.

She went out and sang so sweet and clearly,

Of the soft grey eagle of the steppes,

Of the one, the lad she loves so dearly,

Of the one whose letters strill she keeps.

Song, oh maiden song above the water,

Fly forward the sunset bright and fair,

Ti the soldier on the distant border,

Bring Katyusha’s greetings on the air.

May he think of her, so young and lovely,

May he hear her sing her song above,

May he guard and keep his native country,

As Katyusha guards and keeps her love.

Apple –trees and pear – trees were a – blooming,

Mists were floating on the river deep,

And Katyusha’s gone out in the gloaming,

On the river bank so high and deep.

3 Ведущий: You know that pupils of schools took part in the war. Listen to some facts about heroes of schools, we are happy and proud that they fought heroically at the fronts.

  • Евгения Жигуленко- the famous pilot, one of the ‘Night witches”, the horror of enemies at night, the Hero of Soviet Union

  • Захар Артёмович Сорокин- the famous pilot, the Hero of Soviet Union

  • Александр Семёнович Гуцало- the famous pilot, the Hero of Soviet Union

  • Георгий Николаевич Барковский- the famous pilot, the Hero of Soviet Union

  • Сергей Андреевич Долинский- the famous pilot, the Hero of Soviet Union

  • Геннадий Артёмович Кузенко – a captain of artillery, the Hero of Soviet Union

1 Ведущий: Our fathers and grandfathers were willing to lay down their lives for the honor and freedom of our country. They were united and they defended our Fatherland. Let’s bow low today before all veterans of the Great Patriotic War and wish them a long a happy life.

Glory to the victorious soldiers of the Great Patriotic War!

The minute of silence is announced!

Listen to the famous poem “Wait for me”

Wait for me and I’ll return

Dear one, only wait;

When the leaves of autumn burn

Round our garden gate;

Wait when winter winds blow free,

Wait through summer’s sun;

Others may forgotten be

Ere the fight is won;

But, when days that endless creep

Bring no word from me,

Still your lonely vigils keep,

Dear one, wait for me.

Wait for me and I’ll return.

Some may faithless be;

Call you fool to wait and yearn,

Say “Forget and be free”;

Through my mother weep for me

And our little son;

Through our friends in sympathy

Gather one by one;

Through they raise a glass with pride

To my memory,

Darling, put your glass aside,

Smiling, wait for me.

Safely through the fire you bring me

  • Waiting there for me.

Wait for me a ТВ I’ll return.

Love as you before;

Some will say, who cannot learn,

He was lucky in war!”

Only you and I will know;

They won’t understand:

I who daily face the foe,

Grasp your waiting hand;

He who in the battle grim,

Holds his head up high,

Knowing someone waits for him –

Dear one, cannot die.

Safely through the fire you bring me

Waiting there for me.

2 Ведущий: Our country won the victory over fascists Germany.

3 Ведущий: May 9 was and always will be a sacred day for our country, a celebration that not only inspires us but fills our hearts with the most complex mix of feelings- joy and sorrow, sympathy and nobility.

It’s a celebration that inspires us to the highest moral deeds and gives us he opportunity once again to bow down before those who gave us freedom, the freedom to live, work, feel joy, create, and understand each other.

Glory to Victory day!

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