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Сценарий урока- проекта по английскому языку " The World of Teenagers" (8 класс)

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Сценарий урока-проекта «The World of Teenagers»


I. The theme of our unit this term is Mass media. We have learnt a lot about mass media in Great Britain, the USA, Russia, books of English speaking authors. Today we are going to present you a project, which is a co-production of all the students of this class. The aim of our project is to learn more about favourite English speaking writers and we decided to learn not only biographies of the writers, but also to act the scenes from popular books. We think that acting the main characters of these books can help us to feel the atmosphere of life, problems and interests of famous characters and of course to master our English. We present you a TV Show “The World of Teenagers”. I think all the students are ready and we start.


II. Dear friends! Welcome to the Show “The world of teenagers”! Today we meet here to show other teenagers ( our audience) what we’ve learnt about famous English and American writers and their books. Maybe other students will come to our studio and tell us about their favourite writers and characters. We’ll be glad to receive your phone calls, letters expressing your opinions on this show. Let's start!

III. One of the most popular writers among teenagers nowadays is D. Y. Rolling. Her books about Harry Potter are read by a lot of children all over the world. The films are shot. On the 31st of July the new book about Harry Potters will be sold, first in Great Britain, then in the other countries.

Презентация : D. Rolling

Сценка: Pr. Lupin, Harry Potter, Dementor.


Oh, Thank you Pr. Lupin- , Harry Potter- , Dementor –
представляет актеров.

IV. And now L. Carroll and his “Alice in Wonderland”. This is an amazing fairy-tale about a little girl called Alice and her adventures in a magic underground world.

Презентация: L. Carroll

Сценка: The Adventures of Alice in Wonder land.


V. Thank you (представляет участников). And at the end – the famous American writer M. Twain. His book “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” is one of the best books for children. Many years have passed but the charm of this boy attracts teenagers nowadays. We like him for his humour, wit.

Презентация: M. Twain

2-сценки: Tom & Becky, Tom & the teacher.


VI. Thank you. Our show is coming to its end. Dear friends! We are thankful to you for being with us on this show. Hope to see you on our show next time!

Teacher :

I am going to thank all the students for taking part in this project. I think that all of you tried to do your best. We study English and we should get acquainted with the culture of nation, which language we are learning. Reading books is one of the main ways to do this. I am sure that those students who haven’t read these books will try to read them may be at first in Russian. And now I would like to ask you some questions:

What books do you like to read?

What are your favourite writers and books?

Who are your favourite characters?

What books would you advise to read teenagers in other countries?

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