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"School uniform" урок-проект в 4 классе

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Уhello_html_462df055.jpgрокпроект в 4 классе по теме «Школьная форма»
Teacher: School, lessons, homework, classmates, breaks, teachers. How nice it is at school! Do you like to go to school, boys and girls? Ariana likes our school and she has learnt a poem about it.

Ariana: The school

The school has doors that open wide,

And friendly teachers wait inside.

Hurry, hurry, let’s go in,

For soon the lessons will begin.

Books and pencils I will need,

When I start to write and read.

Lots to learn and lots to do

I like to go to school and you?

T: We go to school every day and have to wear uniform, don’t we?

Thello_html_7b7bab55.jpgoday we are going to discuss it. But let's revise the words on "Clothes" to begin with.

PP: Jeans, shoes, etc......

T:  What do you usually wear? 
T: What colours do you like in clothes?

T: Do you prefer stylish clothes?

T: Sasha, come to the front. What are you wearing?

S: I am wearing a suit and shoes. T: Is it a school uniform? Do you think you school uniform is comfortable? S: No, I don't. I don't like the colour. T: Why? S; I prefer black. T: I see. Thank you, go to your place.

4hello_html_m5b77402a.jpg. You know that students in different countries also wear uniforms to school. Now I'd like to show you what the children in the world wear. I hope these students like to wear their uniform. Our pupils have another opinion.

Amir: We have asked our classmates if they like our uniform or not. Look! 55 %(percent) don't like it and only 45 % think that our school uniform is good and comfortable. This is a problem, many pupils say that our uniform is uncomfortable and they do not like wearing it to school. Demonstrate your project.

hello_html_m5910bfd5.jpgKsusha: We read books and magazines on fashion and made our project. Look a my uniform. it is a skirt, a waistcoat and a tie. I think it is comfortable for girls. …

Ghello_html_1af32153.jpgalya:We chose grey, black and white colours for our school uniform. We like these colours very much! Look! A skirt is black. The waistcoat is grey, a tie is black and blouse is white. You can put black or brown shoes with this uniform.

Insaf: I have made a suit for boys. It is black and grey. A shirt is light blue. Look! The suit has one pocket. We can use it for small things. I am sure it is practical for school.
T: Have you got any questions?

P1: Is your uniform for everyday or for special events?

p2: I want to ask a question. Is a tie necessary for girls?

Phello_html_m1e98e5b6.jpg3: Can you tell me why your skirt is black?

Ksusha: It's practical and stylish. P4: How many pupils did you ask?

T: Would you like to be a clothes dеsigner in future, Insaf?

If you like this project-show me a red flag

If you don’t like it a blue one! I see that you like our uniform. Now give your project to your classmates. I want you to discuss them with your families. It will be your homework Thank you for your project. It was interesting and great! I'll give you excellent marks.

At last I want to tell you «Whatever you look like, always be kind and people will like you». Our lesson is over. Good-bye!
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