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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Школьный тур Всероссийской олимпиады школьников. Задания для 7-8 классов

Школьный тур Всероссийской олимпиады школьников. Задания для 7-8 классов

Международный конкурс по математике «Поверь в себя»

для учеников 1-11 классов и дошкольников с ЛЮБЫМ уровнем знаний

Задания конкурса по математике «Поверь в себя» разработаны таким образом, чтобы каждый ученик вне зависимости от уровня подготовки смог проявить себя.


Конкурс проходит полностью дистанционно. Это значит, что ребенок сам решает задания, сидя за своим домашним компьютером (по желанию учителя дети могут решать задания и организованно в компьютерном классе).

Подробнее о конкурсе - https://urokimatematiki.ru/

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1. Бесплатные наградные документы с указанием данных образовательной Лицензии и Свидeтельства СМИ;
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3. До 100 рублей за одного ученика остаётся у учителя (при орг.взносе 150 рублей);
4. Бесплатные путёвки в Турцию (на двоих, всё включено) - розыгрыш среди активных учителей;
5. Бесплатная подписка на месяц на видеоуроки от "Инфоурок" - активным учителям;
6. Благодарность учителю будет выслана на адрес руководителя школы.

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Time: 10 minutes

Task 1

You will hear a story about a festival. For each question (1-5) choose the correct answer A, B, C or D. You will hear the text twice.


Task 2

You will hear a conversation between a boy, Oliver, and a girl, Hannah, about a party. For each items (6-10) decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it’s correct, write T (True). If it’s not correct, write F (False). You will hear the text twice.



Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 20 minutes

Task 1

Read the text and the questions below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D. Circle the correct answer on your answer sheet.


To all staff

The hospital is always trying to cut its carbon footprint, and to do this, we want to encourage staff, visitors and patients to use environmentally-friendly forms of transport to and from the hospital. Therefore, we are making the following changes, which will come into effect from 1st April:

Car Park A will stay as a staff car park, but, to encourage car sharing, it will only be available to cars containing 3 passengers or more.  This rule will be in place between 7am and 6pm.  A car park attendant will monitor users. Note that cars do not have to leave the car park with three passengers.   The parking fee will remain at the current price of £1 an hour up to a maximum of £5 per day.  If you are interested in car sharing and wish to find members of staff who live in your area or along your route, please click on the link on the human resources page of the hospital website.  Car Park C, previously a staff-only car-park, will now be open to visitors at the increased cost of £2/hour up to 5 hours, and £1 an hour after that. These new rates will also apply to staff/visitor Car Park E. Car Park B will only be open to blue card holders.  Only senior and emergency staff are eligible for this card.

Car park D will no longer be in use, as it will make way for an improved bus park. The current bus service (Service 56D) from the city centre will be replaced by two services. The service will be available to staff, patients and visitors alike.

Service 57A will run from: Hebdon Town centre, Hebden Station, Critchley Park and Ride, Grafton Street Train Station, Portchester  City Centre (Bus Stop D on Mill Yard) to the hospital. The service will run 24 hours a day every 20 minutes between 7am and 7pm and once an hour during the night.

Service 62A will run from Oldgrave Town Centre, Kings Wood Park and Ride and Polegate Park and Ride to the hospital every 15 minutes between 7.30 am and 7.00 pm and once every 30 minutes thereafter.

The buses will have a flat rate of £1 per journey. Staff will be able to buy a bus pass valid for 20 trips for just £15. These can be purchased on the bus. 

Staff can also purchase a Go! pass from the human resources website. The Go! pass costs £45 and entitles users to park at any of the city’s park and ride services for just £2 a day. It is valid for one year. 

There will also be an improved lock-up shed for bicycles and motorcycles in the former car park D. Hospital staff may wish to take advantage of the voucher giving 50% off all cycles and cycle accessories bought from Perkin’s Wheels, which is downloadable from the Human Resources website. Note that you will have to show your staff ID card at the store when making purchases. There will be a fix-it session once a fortnight in car park D on Fridays at 2pm- 5pm. At this time, bicycle mechanics from Perkins Wheels will give advice on bicycle upkeep and make minor bicycle repairs free of charge. 
We hope you will take advantages of these schemes.

Начало формы

1  Under the rules, staff can only park in car park A at noon if...

a) they hold a blue card.  http://www.examenglish.com/images/blank.gif
 b) there are three people in the car.  
 c) they stay for a maximum of 5hours.  

2  Staff should _____ to find people to share a car with them.

 a. go online  http://www.examenglish.com/images/blank.gif
 b. visit the human resources department  
 c. speak to their departmental manager  

3  The cost to park in Car Park C for 8 hours will be...

 a. £8  http://www.examenglish.com/images/blank.gif
 b. £13  
 c. £18  

4  The cost to park in Cark Park E for 4 hours will be...

 a. £4  http://www.examenglish.com/images/blank.gif
 b. £7  
 c. £8  

5.   Joe sometimes works the night shift. What is the maximum time he may have to wait for a bus from the hospital to the station?

 a. 59 minutes  http://www.examenglish.com/images/blank.gif
 b. 14 minutes  
 c. 29 minutes  

Конец формы

Task 2

Read the holiday brochure and decide if each statement (6-10) is True (A) or False (B).

Read the text and say if the sentences are True, False or Not Stated.


My name’s Jon and this happened to me when I was on holiday in Seville, in the south of Spain.


I was having a coffee in a bar when a man came up to me. He was quite smartly dressed, and he looked very respectable. “Do you speak English?” he asked. He definitely wasn’t Spanish, but I’m not sure where he was from. “I’m very sorry to bother* you, but I have a serious problem”, he continued. “I’m here on a business trip, and I’ve lost my briefcase* – it had my passport, my wallet*, my money, my credit cards, me mobile, my address book, everything. Could you help me? I need to borrow 60 euros to get the train to Madrid – my company has an office there. I’ll pay you back, of course. When I get home, I’ll send you the money. You can give me your address in England”. I wasn’t sure, but he didn’t seem suspicious*, so I agreed. I wrote down my home address on a business card he had, and I gave him 60 euros. I even bought him a coffee.


We chatted for a few minutes, and then he looked at his watch and said, “Well, I should get to the station. Thank you very much for your help. You’ll have your money back in a couple of weeks, I promise.” And he walked out of the bar.


So… do you think he paid me back? No, you’re right, he didn’t… and I won’t lend money to strangers again!



1.The foreigner explained his problem.

2.He was from Madrid.

3.He was on holiday in Seville, in the south of Spain.

4.Jon received his 60 euros in a couple of weeks.

5.Jon won’t lend money to strangers again because he was fooled on his holiday.


Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 10 minutes

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the correct letter – A, B, C or D. Number (0) has been done for you as an example.

  • 1) When you are feeling exhausted you should:


  • 2) When something tastes disgusting it is:


  • 3) When a train is packed it is:

expensive to ride.
full of people.
a short trip.

  • 4) When someone looks guilty they've probably:

found something funny.
found something confusing.
done something wrong.

  • 5) When you are walking aimlessly you:

going down a hill. 
are almost running.
have no purpose.

  • 6) When a room is tiny it is.


  • 7) If your friend always thinks the best will happen she's:


  • 8) When it's icy outside you should:

take a towel.
wear a t-shirt.
drive carefully.

  • 9) When an exam is tough it is:


  • 10) People who don't like boys with long hair or girls with tattoos are probably:


Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 20 minutes

Imagine that you want to invite your friend to your Halloween party. Write him/her a letter of invitation.

Do not forget to:

- send your wishes;

- give the reasons why you want him to come.

You should write about 90 -100 words.

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