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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Технологическая карта урока 5 класс "Dress right"
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Технологическая карта урока 5 класс "Dress right"


Flow chart of English lesson

Teacher: Vaisbrot Irina Vladimirovna

Form: 5th (4th year of study). In this group there are 18 pupils. They study English three times a week and in general are well motivated to learn new words and material. This lesson is a part of the module “In all weathers” and represent the introduction of new material according to the theme “Clothes”. Besides this lesson is based on revising the tenses Present Simple and Present Continuous.

Student’s book: “Spotlight” 5th form (by Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Olga Podolyako, Julia Vaulina)

Theme: “Dress right!”

Lesson type: Introduction of new material

The main aim: creating the conditions for activation of a new and studied vocabulary through the topic “Dress according to the weather”

Tasks for the lesson:

-to set up situations for the enlargement of vocabulary on the theme “Clothes”;

-to fix grammar material (construction “I’m wearing” through the theme “Dress right”);

-to promote self-checking and self-correction skills;

-to develop speaking skills;

-to raise aesthetic fancy.

-actualization of background knowledge;

-hardship withdrawal;

-formulation of supposal

-interpret the theme of the lesson through the shown photos;

-announce associations;

-discuss supposed aim;

-plan their activity on the lesson






- pictures where landscapes of different countries are shown;

-photos of tourists;


-greets the pupils, create emotionally charged and formal attitude to work;

-brings the pupils to the formulation of the theme;

-offers contradictory information (Look at the photos of tourists in different countries. What’s the weather like there? What about the tourists’ clothes? Are the clothes suitable for such weather?);

-shows photos of different landscapes for pupils to determine the theme of the lesson (Try to guess the topic of the lesson)

5 minutes


-understanding the main content of the material;

-helping to be ready for perception of new lexical material

-answer the questions;

-fill in the blanks with the given words (weather; clothes);

-translate the proverb (There is no bad___, there are only bad ___);

-read the words;

-train pronunciation of sounds;

-correct their pronunciation according to the model






-slides with words for reading;

-board (for proverb)

-sets up situations for learning lexical units;

-helps with detailed understanding;

-controls the work

12 minutes


Detailed understanding of the material

-analyse shown material;

-find necessary words;

-guess the meanings of new words;

-discuss in groups and pick out material for answering the questions;

-check whether the tasks were done right;

-repeat new words in chorus or individually;

-listen to the dialogues, do the exercises;

-answer the questions



-in groups



-cards with new words;



-student’s book

-develops language guess and helps to master new words (presentation of new words on the cards: at first the pupils see the word, try to guess the meaning and then see the picture);

-teaches to take into account different views and strike for cooperation (Pupils divide into two groups: first group name clothes for warm weather; the second name clothes for cold weather);

-develops listening skills (The pupils hear three conversations. For each question tick the correct answer looking at the pictures on page 88 Student’s book)

9 minutes


-creating conditions for training new lexical material;

-training the construction “I’m wearing”

-read the texts;

-pick up information to fill in the table (in group) dividing the clothes according to the types of weather;

-read the names of clothes from the text;

-review tenses;

-put the verbs into necessary form



-in groups





-sheets with the table;

-broadsheet with tenses

-develops reading skills (introductory and searching a specific information) (Read the tourists’ comments about clothes and weather. Fill in the table about clothes in different weather);

-reviews formation and usage of Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses (Use the phrases “we usually wear” and “now I’m wearing”);

-teaches to take into account partners’ views working in groups

8 minutes


-each pupil’s awareness the degree of received knowledge

-work in groups;

-search for information, structure it according to the form;

- comprehend and present oral statement

-in groups



-sheets of paper;

-colour pencils;


-explains the task (one group describes the weather, the other suggests clothes to put on and draw it on the sheet of paper and explain their choice);

-helps in preparation to making a project

4 minutes


-estimation of pupils’ abilities;


-write down the home task;

-make a conclusion of their work;

-answer the questions;

-point out whether they are satisfied with their work or not;

-compare the aim and result



-produced educational and cognitive activity


-helps to formulate the strategy;

-makes an estimate (Pupils choose happy or sad face and put in on the board. They say what they know and can do now)

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