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Текст к презентации "Bus tour to Manchester"

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Good afternoon, dear tourists!

Welcome to this fantastic bus sightseeing tour of Manchester. (слайд 1)

My name is Valeriya and I’m your guide for today. The weather is fine and I hope you will enjoy your trip.

As you can see, we’ll travel by a famous British double-decker. So you can watch and take pictures of all sights from your seats.

Manchester was founded in 1301 in the North-West of England.

We start our tour near one of the oldest buildings in our city – The City Hall – built in Neo-Gothic style. Inside you can see a portrait of the first man in space – Yuri Gagarin – placed there since 1961 (слайд 2)

At the moment we are passing by the University of Manchester, the third popular British university after Oxford and Cambridge. (слайд 2)

Now we are in Quay Street. Here you can see one of the largest Manchester's theatres - the  Opera House. It’s worth visiting! Every evening you can attend amazing performances here! (слайд 3).

Not far from it the Whitworth Art Gallery. It displays about 55,000 art works by Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, William Blake and other great artists. (тоже слайд 3)

Right now in front of us you can see the futuristic Trinity footbridge over the river Irwell that was built in 1955. (слайд 4)

Have a look! On the left you can see the Manchester Museum. If you enjoy nature and history you must visit it. (слайд 4) In fact Manchester is rich in museums!

There is the Transport Museum,

the Tram Museum,

the Science Museum

the Police Museum, the Football Museum and others. (все на слайде 5 – сменяются по очереди)

As you know, Manchester is famous for its football club – “Manchester United”. If you are in Manchester, you should visit one of the largest stadiums in the United Kingdom – the Old Trafford. (слайд 6)

Our trip is over. I believe, you’ve had a good time today! Tomorrow we are going to visit the world famous oceanarium SeaLife and the outstanding LegoLand in Trafford Center (слайд 7)… See you next morning!

Слайд 1



The University of Manchester (слайд 2)


The City Hall built in Gothic style

(слайд 2)


The Trinity Bridge


the Old Trafford

thello_html_a1197e9.jpghe Manchester museum

Thello_html_m911a65.jpghe Transport museum

the Police museum



the Tram museum


The Science museum




LegoLand in Trafford center

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