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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему: "What do you eat for breakfast?"

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Kushkinbaeva Zarina

Date and time:



5 “A”


Unit 8. Step five. What do you eat for breakfast?


To use the active vocabulary of the topic and speak about breakfast.


Engaging students in communication activities


Pair work, group work, individual work

The main ideas:

Cooperative learning, ”Think-Pair-Share”

Resources :

Coloured papers, cards, stickers, smiles, interactive board




self- assessment, smiles , chat

The procedure of the lesson


Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity

I.Organization moment

a) greeting

- Good morning students! I’m glad to see you.

I’m sure everybody is all right.

b)checking up attendance

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent?

-Good morning!

-I’m on duty today.

All are present.

II.Warm up

Chain words:

1) T: What is your favourite food?

1st st-n should answer the question

2nd st-n should repeat 1st st-s answer and give own answer then 3rd st-n continue.

For example:

Akjunis: “My favorite food is banana”

Laura: “Akjunis’s favorite food is banana. My favorite food is apple ”. etc.

2) Ok pupils . Come here and choose one of the colour what would you like. Then join the colours and we will see what is your group will be. So , the first group is “Fish” , the second is “Sheep” and third is “Cow”

Should answer the question one after another.

Choose and join. Then St-s divide into 3 groups.



Phonetic drill

-Pupils, look at the blackboard. There is a poem. I’ll read, then you must repeat after me all together.

Slide 1.

Breakfast in the morning

Dinner in the day

Tea comes after dinner

Then comes time to play

Slide 2

Listen and repeat.

Breakfast- таңғы ас

Dinner –түскі ас

T: How do you think ? What are we going to speak about?

Slide 3

-You are right. So our topic is “What do you eat for breakfast?”

Read and repeat

Listen and repeat.

S1: breakfast, dinner

S2: food

IV. The main stage

V. Doing Exercises

T: Well, let’s study the new words of the topic. Look at the blackboard and listen to me and repeat after me


New words:

Pork [po:k]- шошқа еті

Mutton [mat(ә)n]- қой еті

Beef [bi:f]-сиыр еті

Veal [vil]-бұзау еті

Sausage [so:sidз]-шұжық

Fish [fis]-балық

Chichen [tsiken]-тауық еті

Weight [weit]–салмақ

Weigh [wei]-салмақты өлшеу

Pound [paund]-фунт

Equal [i:kw(ә)l ]-тең

Slide 6

1) T: We continue our lesson. Exercise 1 on p.150.

(Pair work.)

St1- What do you eat for breakfast?(dinner, supper)

St2- I eat _____ for breakfast or I have ______ for breakfast..

T: Very good, right

2)T: Pupils, you are so active today. The next task is a dialogue between Asel and Jenny. You must read and translate it. Exercise : 5 on p.151

3)T: Now I’ll give you cards, you must complete it.(Әрбір оқушы жеке орындайды). Explane the new words


Weight [weit]–салмақ

Weigh [wei]-салмақты өлшеу

Pound [paund]-фунт

Equal [i:kw(ә)l ]-тең

Slide 7,8

Aspen High School

Name : Asel Bolatkyzy

Colour of hair: black

Colour of eyes: brown

Height: 5 feet

Weight: 105 pound


4)T: Open your books at page 151, exercise 4

Slide 9

How much is it? Math Game

A kilo equals 2,2 pounds.

60 kilos 132 pounds.

10 kilos equals 22 pounds

T: One pounds equals 453 grams. A kilo equals 2,2 pounds

5) reflexation time (about 2 minutes)

6) T: ok thank you very much. I think we have a relax for a few minutes . Everybody sit down please and continue our lesson. Open your book at page 152. Exercise 7.

- How much do you weight in kilo?

- I weight 51 kilos.

-How much do you weight in pounds?

- I weight 112 in pounds

St-s look and listen

Repeat after the teacher

St-s of each group interview their friend. (Pair work.)

Read and translate

St-s should fill in the card individualy

St-s should fill in “Math Game”

St-s should dance

Talk to your classmates. St-s should write their weight in kilos and math it in pounds.



T: I’d like you to complete the chat and make up sentences .exercise 12 on p152

Example : Carol eats beef and veal, but she doesn’t eat pork and mutton.

Slide 10























St-s should interview their groupmates. They fill in the chat and make up the sentences

VI.Ending the lesson

a)homework: to revise all the materials of the topic.

b) self- assessment: put theirs smiles on the chat and teacher will announce their marks.

c) saying goodbye. T: all of you stand up

Write down on their diary.

Everyone put theirs smiles on the chat. Teacher will announce their marks.

Say goodbye.

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