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Тест на 5 минут

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Five-Minute Tests


Choose the correct answer.

  1. In the winter the days are_______ than in the summer.

a. longer b. larger c. shorter d. warmer

2. Bananas are_______ than apples.

a. tasty b. tastyer c. tastier d. more tastier

3. There_______ many sweets in the vase.

a. is b. be c. are d. been

4. There_______ some butter in the fridge.

a. is b. are c. be d. been

5. Nick’s car is_______ many sweets in the vase.

a. good b. goober c. better d. the best

6. This book is_______ than that book.

a. worse b. the worst c. bad d. badly

7. It often_______ in spring.

a. is raining b. rains c. rain d. raining

8. _______ you put on a new dress tomorrow?

a. Do b. Are c. Will d. Did

9. My brother and I _______ at the Zoo yesterday.

a. are b. is c. was d. were

10. Never laugh _______ old people.

a. at b. in c. on d. of

11. We don’t go to school _______ Sunday.

a. in b. at c. on d. at

12. He is never late _______ school.

a. of b. in c. for d. at

13. She can sing, _______ ?

a. doesn’t she b. can she c. can’t she d. isn’t she

14. They never laugh in class, ______ ?

a. don’t they b. do they c. are they d. aren’t they

15. What do you buy in shoe shops?

a. blouses b. trousers c. jeans d. high boots

Five-Minute Tests


Choose the correct answer.

  1. It often_______ in winter here.

a. snow b. snows c. snowed d. is snowing

2. Look! Nick’s sister _______ for a walk.

a. goes b. has gone c. is going d. went

3. He never goes to school _______ car.

a. on b. by c. to d. in

4. He is never late for classes, _______ ?

a. don’t he b. isn’t he c. is he d. aren’t he

5. They left for London 3 days ago, ______ ?

a. did they b. didn’t they c. don’t they d. doesn’t they

6. ______ Tuesday we get up rather early.

a. On b. At c. In d. To

7. Never laugh _______ old people.

a. in b. at c. of d. from

8. I usually come home _______ 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

a. in b. on c. at d. for

9. She lives in London, _______?

a. does she b. doesn’t she c. is she d. isn’t she

10. He could swim well, _______ ?

a. could he b. can he c. couldn’t he d. doesn’t he

11. She _____ her grandparents next summer.

a. was visiting b. will visit c. visit d. visits

12. I ______ my friends on my way to school yesterday.

a. meet b. met c. meets d. am meeting

13. Give me a ball, please. We _______to play football.

a. is going b. are going c. go d. went

14. The weather is hot and I _______ to swim in the river.

a. is going b. are going c. am going d. go

15. He usually _______ new words in class.

a. writes b. is writing c. wrote d. will write

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