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Тест по английскому языку (4 четверть, 10 класс), УМК "Английский в фокусе"

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Test 10th form/ 10 класс


Match texts 1- 7 with headings A – H. Use the headings only once. There is one you do not need to use.

A. Cooking class ___ B. Walking holiday ___

C. Let chance decide ___ D. Dangerous meeting ___

E. Home comforts on wheels ___ F. Find your inner self ___

G. Working holiday opportunity ___ H. Untouched natural beauty___

1. A combination of accommodation and transport, a camper van is a great way to get around. You can spend your holiday at your own pace and enjoy some quality time with your family. As you are in charge of the driving, you can choose your own routes. But perhaps the best thing of all is having your own conveniences on board to make trip easier.

2. If you fancy the idea of getting away from the congestion in the city and would like to experience what life used to be like in the past, then come and join us at “River Farm”. We are an organic farm that does more than just grow vegetables! We also educate the population about the environment. We seek gardeners who are available this summer. Benefits include a weekly salary, private housing and a beautiful, relaxing environment.

3. You will be met at Beijing International Airport by one of our representatives and taken to your accommodation. The following morning we will commence our journey to Simatai by luxury coach, where your adventure will begin. Please, make sure you have comfortable shoes as the Great dragon, winds up and down!

4. It was an unbelievable experience – the scenery so white and yet there were varieties of white I had never seen before. The giant icebergs we sailed past were almost close enough to touch; the penguins and seals ignored our presence and continued their usual business. And in the far distance I caught sight of a whale. Amazing!

5. Inside the diving cage my knees began to shake. Then, as if out of nowhere, the great white shark appeared. Brought by the smell of the sardines, it circled near me, its razor-sharp teeth just centimeters away. Its powerful body shook the boat before it descended back into the depths of the ocean.

6. Can you imagine going on a journey and not knowing where you are going to go? Perhaps you would like to take a risk or leave the decision to someone/something else? Then all you need is dice. Throw it and decide where to turn – odd numbers mean turn left, even turn right. You never know what surprises lie ahead!

7. Yoga is a journey of discovery where we learn to value ourselves and understand who we are. The practice of yoga is said to improve a person’s health and well-being. Its aim is to bring together our material, physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels so that we feel at peace with ourselves.


Fill in: in, out of, for, with, on, to.

  1. Extreme sports are becoming popular ___ teenagers.

  2. Many people are allergic ___ the pollen in the air in springtime.

  3. Millions of competitors took part ___ the race.

  4. Jenny’s very fit. She can run miles and she’s never ___ breath.

  5. Tennis matches can last ___ hours.

  6. Everyone was commenting ___how badly Bill Bently played.

Choose the correct answer A, B, or C.

  1. If I had known you were coming, I ___ something for dinner.

  1. would have cooked B. would cook C. had cooked

  1. The law clearly states that all car drivers and passengers ___ wear a seat belt.

  1. may B. can C. must

  1. It’s no use crying over spilt ___; there’s nothing we can do now.

  1. water B. tea C. milk

  1. ___ Alex will like his present?

  1. Do you think B. Are you thinking C. Can you think

  1. Do you get ___ well with your new neighbors?

  1. by B. on C. in

  1. Can you please go to my room and ____ my glasses? I need to read something.

  1. carry B. fetch C. take

  1. This time next week, we ___ on a tropical beach.

  1. are lying B. will be lying C. will lie

  1. John’s booked front ___ seats for the opera.

  1. row B. aisle C. balcony

  1. Sophie and Ron enjoy ___ long walks in the afternoon.

  1. taking B. they take C. to take

  1. Do you know who ___ the MP3 player?

  1. discovered B. invented C. revealed

  1. Frank goes to the gym three times ___ week.

  1. the B. - C. a

  1. It goes without ___ that you’ll pay for the damage you caused to my car.

  1. saying B. telling C. speaking


READING: 1- E; 2- G; 3 – B; 4 – H; 5 – D; 6 – C; 7 – F.


1 - with; 2 – to; 3 – in; 4 – out of; 5 – for; 6 – on.

1 – A; 2- C; 3 – C; 4 – A; 5 – B; 6 – B; 7 – B; 8 – A; 9 – A; 10 – B; 11 – C; 12 – A.

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