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Тест по английскому языку 11 класс

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TESTS 11th Class

No1 Circle the correct word.

1. Mrs. Evans is very active for an........ Woman.

a) elderly b) ancient

2. Four …….. of the Millers were at the family reunion.

a) relations b) generations

3. Katie was surprised to find out that one of her …….. was a famous explorer in the 18th century.

a) ancestors b) relatives

4 She has two sons from his first........ .

a)wedding b) marriage

5 Amir lives with his uncles, aunties and other members of his …….. family .

a) extended b)immediate

6........ is important for the Chang family, who are a respected members of the community.

a) Honour b) Support

7 Jeff is high up in the management.........

a)authority b)hierarchy

8 The town has a low crime rate since most of its citizens respects and ........ the law.

a) comply b) obey

2 Fill in: foster, stroll, engaged, widow, reputation, priority, divorced, in-laws.

9. The people of the island have a …..... for being kind and polite.

10. We are going to spend summer holidays with my …….. .

11. Young Jeremy was placed in a …….. .

12. The recently …….. couple are planning a summer wedding.

13. Jim’ first …….. for job search.

14. They got …….. after only one year of marriage.

15. Mrs. Adams has been a …….. for fifteen years.

16. The whole family went for a …….. in the park.

3 Choose the correct form.

17. This jacket belongs/is belonging to Catherine.

18. I am knowing/have known Edward since he was a child.

19. Steven reads/is reading a few pages of his book before bedtime every night.

20. I’m not visiting/haven’t visited my grandparents this week, so I’ll visit them next week.

21. The basketball game starts/has started at 7:00 pm.

22. Nia cleans/is cleaning her bedroom right now.

23. I’m listening/’ve been listening to the radio all morning for the competition results.

24. Jimmy and Penny own/have owned this house for sixteen years.

25. ‘Hurricane Carla is becoming/becomes stronger, so please stay indoors and close all windows!’

26. I’m waiting/have been waiting here for two hours! Where have you been?

27. Teri is loving/loves Italian food.

28. I am needing/need to talk to Darren

4 Choose the correct item A, B, C or D.

29. I’m going on holiday to Majorca. This time next week, I ….. in the sun.
A. will be lying
B. am lying
C. will lie
D. will have been lying

30. Mind the low ceiling! You …. Your head!
A. are hitting
B. will hit 
C. are going to hit
D. will be hitting

31. I’m sure Jim …. the job.
A. is going to get
B. is getting
C. gets
D. will get

32. By autumn, I …. At university for two years.
A. will study
B. will have been studying
C. am going to study
D. will be studying

33. I ….the report until 5 o’clock.
A. am finishing
B. will be finishing
C. won’t have finished
D. will finish

34. ….. to the party tonight? If so, could you give me a lift?
A. Will you be driving
B. Have you been driving
C. Have you driven
D. Will you have been driving

5 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense.

35. Where ……….(be) you? I …..(try) to get in touch with you all day yesterday.

36. By the time Jenny ….. (get) to the theatre, the play ……(already/start).

37. Frank ………..(drive) to work when, all of a sudden, a tree branch …….(come) crashing down on the road.

38. Before his accident, Peter …….. (ski) for years.

39. Yesterday, I ……….. (walk) home from work when it ………. (start) to rain.

40. Ben …….. (win) the race, so he felt thrilled.

41. Kyle ……….(work) in that restaurant for six years before he ……….. (quit).

42. While I ………(prepare) dinner, the phone ……..(ring).

6 Choose the correct answer.

43. «Do you remember Jane?»
«Yes. She …… to go to primary school with us.»
A. is used B. used C. was used

44. «Was is difficult for you to live on your own?»
«It was at first, but I soon ….. to it.»
A. get used B. be used C. got used

45. «You look so tired today.»
«Well, I ….. to staying up late at night.»
A. am not used B. am used C. get used

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