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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тесты к УМК Афанасьева Михеева 9 класс с углубленным изучением иностранного языка

Тесты к УМК Афанасьева Михеева 9 класс с углубленным изучением иностранного языка

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9 class.

Open the brackets to complete the text.


The sun (1.shine) brightly on the morning of the big day, but the ground (2. Be) still white with snow. Outside the gates of Wonka`s factory, enormous crowds of people (3.gather) (4.watch) the 5 lucky ticket holders (5.go)in. The excitement was tremendous. It was just before ten o`clock.The crowds (6.push) and (7.shout) and policemen (8.try) to hold them back from the gates.

Right beside the gates, in a small group that carefully (9.shield) from the crowds by the police, (10.stand) the five famous children, together with the grown-ups who (11.come) with them. The tall bony old figure of Grandpa Joe could (12.see) (13.stand) quietly among them, and beside him, (14.hold) tightly onto his hand, was little Charlie Bucket himself. Behind him, Charlie Bucket could hear the shouts of the people in the crowd as they (15.push) and (16.fight) to get a glimpse of the famous children. “There is Violet Beauregarde!” he (17.hear) someone(18. Shout) . “And you know what? She still (19.chew) that dreadful old piece of gum she (20.have) for three months! You look at her jaws! They still (21.work) on it! “Which is Charlie Bucket?”.”Charlie Bucket? He must (22.be) that skinny little shrimp (23.stand) beside the old fellow who (24.look) like a skeleton. Very close to us.Just there! See him?”. “Why he (25.not,have) got a coat on in this cold weather?”. “(26.Not,ask) me. Maybe he can`t afford (27.buy) one.”. “Goodness me! I think he (28.freeze)!” Charlie (29.give) Grandpa Joe`s hand a squeeze, and the old man (30.look) down at Charlie and (31.smile). Somewhere in the distance, a church clock (32.strike) ten. Very slowly, with a loud creaking of rusty hinges, the great iron gates of the factory (33.swing) open.

Use the articles where necessary to complete the text.

The great glass lift was now hovering over the town. Inside 1._ lift stood Mr Wonka, Grandpa Joe, and little Charlie.” How I love my chocolate factory,” said Mr Wonka, gazing down. Then he turned around and looked at Charlie with 2._ serious expression on his face. “ Do you love it too, Charlie?” he asked. “Oh, yes,” cried Charlie, “I think it`s 3._ most wonderful in 4._world!”. “ I`m very pleased to hear you to say that. You see, my dear boy, I have decided to make you 5._ present of 6._ whole place. As soon as you are old enough to run it, 7._ factory will become yours.” “Giving 8._ factory to him?” gasped Grandpa Joe. You must be joking.” “Listen,” Mr Wonka said,”I`m 9._old man. I`m much older than you think. I can`t go on for ever. I`ve got no children of my own. So who is going to run 10._ factory when I get too old to do it myself? Mind you, there are thousands of clever men who would give anything for 11._ chance to take over from me, but I don`t want that sort of person. I don`t want 12._ grown-up person at all. 13._grown-up won`t listen to me; he won`t learn. So I have to have 14._ child. I want 15._ good sensible loving child, one to whom I can tell 16._ most precious sweet-making secrets-while I am still alive.” “So that is why you sent out 17._ GOLDEN TICKETS!” cried Charlie. “Exactly!” said Mr Wonka. “I decided to invite 18._five children to 19._ factory and 20._ one I liked best at 21._end of 22._ day would be 23._winner!”

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