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Тесты по английскому языку "Test course"

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1.Aproaches to promote extrinsic motivation (based on factors that are externat to the learner) are based on the principies of…proposed by B.F. Skinner

а) behaviourism

в) constructivism

с) humanism

d) rationalism

2.A teacher of English (according to Hattle) should be a/an….working with learners

а) activator

в) facillitator?

с) observer

d) partner

3.When leaners are working in their Zone of Proximal Devolopment they require support known as

а) extrinsic motivation

в) mentoring

с) scaffolding

d) situation awareness

4.As cognitive academic language profeciency (CALP)devolops the teacher will help learners to improve their

а) activity to communication concepts

в) ability to monitor their own speech

с) ability to recognize information

d) comprehension skills

5.One of the motivators for learning is

а) tast pace of lessons

в) hard learning activities at the begining

с) obscure learning tasks

d) tasks with lots of learner invorvement

6.Language form means

а) how something is said

в) what is said

с) when something is said

d) who said something

7.The document of summative assesment including information about items is

а) feedback sheet

в) reflective account

с) self assessment table

d) test specification

8.Formative assessment maintains

а) conclusion on compitance with standards

в) data for moderation organization

с) feedback between a teacher and a learner

d) information on that scores

9…..of lesson planning acording to the Programme is in

а) changing thermes

в) adjusting the curricutiom

с) devolopment of additional tasks

d) matching objectives and outcomes

10.According to Vygotsky the process of becoming an autonomous learner depends very much on

а) learners needs

в) practical training

с) social interaction

d) teachers motivation

11.The English curriculum news the devolopment of in English as a central aim given the importance of accssing processing and utilising information digitallyin today s world

а) cultural literacy

в) digital literacy

с) social literacy

d) technic literacy

12.According to the Programme…is a key tool in helping Harners to learn English in the early stages

а) parents support

в) reading books

с) teacher s talk ???

d) watching films

13.The emphasis in the early Primary English curiculom is on

а) listening and writing

в) reading and speaking

с) reading and writing

d) speaking and listening

14.A higher level skill is

а) analysing

в) applying

с) narrating

d) remembering

15.According to Vygotsky the process of becoming an autonomous learner depends very much on

а) learner s needs

в) practical training

с) social interaction

d) teacher s motivation

16.In the context of Zone of Proximal Development support should be decreased when the learner can complete tasks

а) being motivated

в) individuality

с) reasonably

d) without mistakes

17.Examples of intrinsic motivation are when learners want to participate and make progress because they

а) are afraid of low scores

в) enjoy the activity

с) find the activity necessary

d) want to get a reward

18.A typical task framework where different groups of learners are given different text inputs and through processes of discussion arrive at answers based on sharing them

с) jigsaw listening and reading

19.The question is everyone sitting with their partner?refers to…type of questions

а) display

в) probing

с) procedural

d) referential

20. A teacher carefully and consistently thinking about his/her practise toward development change and improvement

а) learners facilitator

в) learners observer

с) reflective agent

d) reflective practitioner

21.Process involing discussion about what the creteria look like in practise providing support for teachers in understanding the standards in which the criteria are referring to

а) differrentiation

в) marking

с) moderation

d) modernization

22. One of the typical Primary task frameworks in teaching and learning English is

TPR ,Craftactivities,tangential skill learning Multi-sensory writing ,song activities

23 .One of the values determined Programme

а) ability to solve problems

в) ability to work in groups

с) showing research skills

d) showing respect for other riews

24.Analysis of high-performing education system has shown that curriculum…is vital for improving educational standard across a country

а) coherence

в) differentiation

с) distribution

d) integrity

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