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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" 5 класс
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  • Иностранные языки

Триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" 5 класс


Test III


A Choose the correct item.

1 The TV show was so ........ that I almost fell asleep.

A depressing B boring C scary D interesting

2 I like to do my shopping at the big ........ on Park Street.

A department store B hospital C block of flats D hotel

3 The Incas ........ crops, like corn and cocoa.

A grew B hunted C fished D built

4 The ancient city of Babylon had thick walls to ........ it from attack.

A watch B protect C bury D free

5 Rock and roll bands like The Beatles had a lot of ........ in the 1960s.

A hits B fads C fashions D crazes

6 Tom ate too much at dinnertime and now he has a ........ .

A stomach ache B fever C headache D toothache

7 In the UK, people normally ........ hands when they first meet.

A shake B point C give D take

8 I love to ........ online with my friends.

A listen B chat C text D surf

9 Which ........ engine do you use to look up information on the Internet?

A share B social C search D instant

10 Mobile phones allow us to ........ very easily.

A transmit B communicate C share D join

B Choose the correct word.

1 The city of Pompeii was famous for its narrow /thick streets.

2 Jason wants to see a performance at the opera house / block.

3 The Navajo were a native / public tribe of North America.

4 Avatar was a great film and the plot / star was interesting.

5 The ancient Egyptians transported / travelled goods by boat.

6 Did you know that Mark writes a cooking site/blog?

7 In Europe, shaking/nodding your head means no.

8 Amy seemed lost/puzzled in thought when I saw her.

9 In some countries, it is rude to blow/purse your nose in public.

10 It is easy to cut/twist your ankle when skiing.


C Choose the correct item.

1 I’ve never ........ a quad bike.

A ridden B rode C ride

2 Have you ........ flown in a helicopter?

A never B yet C ever

3 Maria ........ a new smartphone yesterday.

A has given B was given C is given

4 ........ they visited the pyramids yet?

A Did B Has C Have

5 Laura isn’t home. She’s ........ to work.

A gone B go C went

6 Films ........ in Hollywood.

A made B are made C make

7 Bill ........ travel to Paris in 2001.

A didn’t B hasn’t C haven’t

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.

1 We ........................................ (visit) an ancient temple last weekend.

2 What ............................................... (Tom/see) at the cinema on Friday?

3 They ............................................... (watch) TV when the phone rang.

4 The Vikings ................... (carry) goods by boat.

5 When I saw her, she .........................................(talk) to Jeff.

6 Where ............................................ (they/live)when they were young?

Fill in the gaps with had, could, was or were.

1 The people of Pompeii ................ public baths and running water.

2 The stone buildings of Machu Picchu ................very strong.

3 I watched Indiana Jones on Saturday. It .............a very exciting film.

4 The Spanish ................ colonies all over SouthAmerica.

5 In ancient times, only the Phoenicians ...............make purple-coloured dye.


D Read the information about a cruise. Match the headings (A-I) with their correct paragraphs (1-8). There is one extra heading.










A cruise to remember…

Have you ever wanted to explore Egypt, the land of endless sun and ancient history? Why not do so on a cruise? Consider the Egyptian Magic cruise …

1 …The Egyptian Magic cruise ship has a fantastic variety of facilities available. For example, there is not one, but five restaurants. Have lunch in our top-quality restaurant or enjoy a snack at one of our cafés. The choice is yours!

2…There’s always something to do on the ship. A whole floor of basketball and tennis courts keeps exercise lovers happy. There’s a modern gym and two large

swimming pools too.

3…For those who want a more relaxing holiday, there’s a beauty salon and spa on the 4th deck. Lie down, relax, and enjoy a back or foot massage from our top beauty professionals.

4…In the evening, the fun continues late into the night! The ship has got a cinema, a small theatre, and a disco with live music. Watch the latest films, a play, or dance the night away!

5…Our first stop is Port Said. From here we travel to Cairo, to visit Egypt’s most famous monuments – the pyramids. The pyramids are over 4500 years old. Seeing them is an incredible experience.

6..The next stop is Safaga. Here it’s time for a desert adventure. Spend a day riding a quad bike across the golden sands of the Egyptian desert. Stop for tea with a Bedouin tribe before you speed back across the dunes!

7…Before we leave Safaga, there is time to visit a busy local market. Egypt has always been famous for gold, and here is a great place to buy some beautiful gold

jewellery. You can also buy lovely silver dishes. They make great souvenirs!

8…Our last stop is the seaside city of Sharm El Sheikh. With it’s warm blue sea and bright coral reefs, this is a great place for scuba diving. Dive down into a sea

world more exotic and colourful than you could possibly imagine!

Everyday English

E Choose the correct response.

1 A: Can you tell me what your opening times are?

B: a 10 to 7 Mondays to Saturdays.

b I hope you enjoy your visit.

2 A: I’d like some information, please.

B: a Thanks.

b Certainly.

3 A: I have a cough and I can’t stop sneezing.

B: a My advice is to drink lots of fluids.

b OK. Thank you.

4 A: Have you ever sailed on a yacht?

B: a Yes, I have. b No, they haven’t.

5 A: What are the symptoms?

B: a I have a fever. b I cut my finger.

6 A: I have a sore throat.

B: a Why don’t you take some medicine?

b What seems to be the problem


F You will hear two people talking about films. Listen and mark the sentences

T (true) or F (false).

1 Mark and Emmy want to go to the cinema at the weekend.

2 Mark doesn’t want to see Twilight because it’s a fantasy film.

3 Emmy has already seen the new Harry Potter film.

4 Mark thinks Fantastic Four films are thrilling.

5 Emmy and Mark decide to watch a comedy film.


G Read the rubric and answer the questions.

This is part of an email you received from your English pen friend, Nathan.

Did you enjoy your holiday? Where did you go?

What did you do? Was everything OK?

Write your email answering your pen friend’s

questions. (50-80 words)

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Краткое описание документа:

В данной работе представлены триместровые контрольные работы к учебнику "Звездный английский" авторы: В. Эванс, Д.Дули, К. Баранова, В. Копылова, В. Мильруд для 5 класса. Каждая работа охватывает 2 модуля. Тест включает в себя проверку всех видов речевой деятельности и составлен с использованием материалов, представленных на сайте издательства "Просвещение"

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