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Творческий проект учащихся "Земля смеется цветами" в рамках темы "Охрана окружающей среды и экология планеты"

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Gymnasium №7 named after V. M. Vorontsov

December 2015



Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty and eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Henry Ford








Badirova Aisha: The academic year has started. Winter is coming. I like winter most of all among all the seasons of the year. It is magical time where you can find yourself in charming fairytale due to the snow on the trees and buildings.

Shurygina Angelina: Beautiful snowflakes fly in the air quietly laying down on the streets, people and nature. Kids have fun playing snowballs. Their cheeks are red on the frost but they cannot help running down the snowy hills and making snowmen. The joy and happiness are on their faces. Streets look like frozen picture from the Christmas postcard. Everything is white and sparkling.

Zheltikova Julia: Perhaps someone could disagree with me saying that winter brings severe frost. I think that the frost helps us to be more active as you should make some efforts in order to get warmed. Moreover winter time brings the most magical holiday for all people. It’s New Year. May be that is why winter is associated with the miracle in our minds.

Mamedova Sabina: Every year I’m looking forward to winter coming as I like skiing and skating. A lot of my friends are keen of snowboard and they wait for this season to compete among themselves and master their skills in this kind of sports. Nothing can make me stop loving winter - neither cold weather nor a lot of clothes to put on. I adore this dream of nature.

Uryvsky Angelina: But some people enjoy summer holidays very much. It is a great pleasure to have a rest after a whole year of hard work or study. People like to travel during their summer holidays. Some people go abroad to see new countries, some people prefer to go to the country-side to enjoy country-life far from noise and fuss of big cities.

Some people like to spend their holidays in cities, visiting theatres, museums and going sightseeing. But a great number of people go to the seaside in summer.

Shkurin Dmitry: I like to have rest at the seaside best of all. I do not like crowds when I am on holiday. My family and I always have our holiday on the coast. Sea and sunshine that is what we look forward to every summer. Hotels at the large seaside towns are rather expensive, so we usually go to a holiday camp.

Uryvsky Angelina: Last year we spent our holidays in such a camp. Each day was full of small joys. We swam in the sea, lay in the sun, played different games and had a wonderful time. We lived there for about a month and did not even notice when the time came for us to return home. The time flew very quickly. It was a wonderful rest.

Zheltikova Julia: Summer, winter! Many people have many opinions. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The weather outside is frightful, but we are delighted to welcome you to our December issue! That is why we decided to devote this issue to flowers, gardens, and plants – to the beautiful “trifles” that surround us, yet often remain unnoticed in the rush of our working lives.


Earth laughs in flowers. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The more often we see the things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds – even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. (Joseph B. Wirthlin)

Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Flowers did not always exist; they first appeared 140 million years ago. Before that, ferns and cone bearing trees dominated the earth.

Several centuries ago in Holland, tulips were more valuable than gold.

The largest individual flower on Earth is from a plant called Rafflesia arnoldii. Its flowers reach up to 1 meter (3 feet) in diameter and weigh around 10 kg.

A water lily has been Egypt's national flower for about 4000 years.

Broccoli is actually a flower as well as a vegetable.

The Rose is the most popular flower in the world followed by flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Lilies, Poinsettias and Narcissus.

Flora was the Roman Goddess of flowers and her name continues to be used as a collective

term for plant life and flowers.

Some orchids can grow over 65 feet in length.

Titan arums are the world's largest flowers at almost 10 feet in height.

  • FLOWER QUIZ. Test your knowledge on flowers:

1. What colour of rose means, “please believe me”?

a) Yellow

b) Pink

c) Red

2. Why did flower symbolism become so popular during the Victorian era?

a) Gardening was a popular activity.

b) Queen Victoria loved flowers.

c) Expressing emotions was frowned upon during this time.

3. Who was known as “England’s Rose”?

a) Queen Victoria

b) Queen Elizabeth I

c) Princess Diana

4. Which flower is symbolic of the first emotions of love?

a) Purple lilac

b) Orange lily

c) Yellow jasmine

5. Where did the hyacinth get its name?

a) Someone’s grandma

b) A Greek myth

c) The Dutch word for star

6. Which flower has varieties that include triumph, fringed and parrot?

a) Tulip

b) Rose

c) lily

7. Which flowering plant was once used to make life jackets?

a) Roses

b) Sunflowers

c) Zinnias

8. Why do gardenias inspire romance?

a) They smell good

b) They stand for secret love

c) They are aphrodisiacs when eaten

9. Which flowers are the most popular spring flowers of all time?

a) Roses

b) Tulips

c) Lilies

10. In the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, what flower is worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in war?

a) Iris

b) Lily

c) Red poppy


1. b) Red roses stand for love and desire, yellow roses symbolise infidelity and jealousy, and pink roses mean, “please believe me.”

2. c) During the Victorian age, it was not appropriate to openly express emotions such as love and grief. Instead, the Victorians gave their flowers emotional symbolism, so you could say what you meant with flowers. For example, instead of sending an e-mail, your boss would send a nutmeg geranium which clearly says “I expect a meeting.”

3. c) Princess Diana was also called “England’s Rose.” When Elton John performed at her funeral service, he changed the lyrics of “Candle in the Wind” to use this nickname.

4. a) In Victorian times, culture was focused on symbolism and flowers played a large part. Though there are several colours of lilac, the purple variety symbolises the first emotions of love. So be sure to include that in a corsage for your prom date. Skip the orange lily, which symbolizes hatred and dislike.

5. b) Hyacinths get their name from a character in Greek mythology, Hyakinthos. He was a favourite of the sun god Apollo, and when Hyakinthus was fatally wounded by a flying discus, a beautiful flower sprang up from the ground where his blood had fallen. Apollo named the plant Hyacinth after his deceased friend.

6. a) Tulips include these variations as well as many others. They often have varied bloom times and heights, so it is nice to plant a range of varieties together for an interesting garden display.

7. b) Though rose-smelling life jackets might make your hours afloat more pleasant, sunflowers offer the most benefit. Before modern flotation materials were created, they used dried sunflower stalks to fill lifejackets and keep them buoyant.

8. b) Gardenias mean “I love you in secret,” and it is very good luck to give them to a man. Unless he is already attached. Is there a plant to calm angry girlfriends and wives?

9. b) Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers of all time, and the third most popular flowers worldwide next only to roses and chrysanthemums. Tulips come in an incredible variety of colours, heights, and flower shapes. There are around 100 species of tulips.

10. c) In the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, red poppies are worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in times of war. Irises and lilies are used in burials as a symbol of resurrection.




From England

Jonathan Swift, the famous English writer was once travelling with his servant. The weather was rainy and the roads were muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn. Before going to bed, Swift took off his dirty boots and instructed his servant to clean them. But the servant was very lazy and decided not to do what his master had asked him to do.

The next morning, Swift got up early and, seeing his boots were still dirty, demanded to know why the servant had not cleaned them. The lazy man answered, “The roads are all muddy. So what is the use of cleaning your boots now? They will only become dirty again.” Swift wasn’t happy but he said nothing and put on his dirty boots. Then he told the servant to get ready because they would start on their way at once.

The lazy man was surprised and rather displeased with this news. He asked Swift, “Why are we starting now, before we have any breakfast to eat? “

We will go without breakfast,” Swift announced to him“. After all, what is the use of eating now? You will just get hungry again in a few hours time”.


Number the sentences in the correct order.

__a. Swift got up in the morning and asked the servant why he hadn’t cleaned the boots.

__b. The servant decided not to clean the boots as he was asked.

__c. The servant asked why they were leaving without eating first.

1 d. Swift and his servant travelled on muddy roads to an inn.

__e. The servant said that the boots would only get dirty again.

__f. Swift said they didn’t need to eat because they’d only be hungry again.

__g. Swift took off his dirty boots and told the servant to clean them.

__h. Swift put on his dirty boots.


A knot garden is a garden of very formal

design in a square frame, consisting of a variety

of aromatic plants and culinary herbs including

germander, marjoram, thyme, southernwood,

lemon balm, hyssop, costmary, acanthus, mallow, chamomile, rosemary, calendulas, violas and santolina. Most knot gardens now have edges made from box (Buxus sempervirens), whose leaves have a sweet smell when bruised. The paths in between are usually laid with fine gravel. However, the original designs of knot gardens did not have the low box hedges, and knot gardens with such hedges might more accurately be called


Most Renaissance knot gardens were composed

of square compartments. A small garden might consist of one compartment, while large gardens might contain six or eight compartments.









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