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Упражнения на отработку глагола. Английский язык


Глагол to be в Present Simple.

Am / is /are exercises. Упражнение 1. Fill in the gaps as in the example. Long Form Short Form Negative Form Negative Short Form

1. We are students. 2. He is from Spain.  3. You are a singer.  4. It is a picture. 5. They are actors.

A We’re students. A ______________ A ______________ A ______________ A

B We are not students. B ______________ B ______________ B ______________ B

C We aren’t students. C ______________ C ______________ C ______________ C

Упражнение 2. Complete what Brenda says about herself on the picture. Use is or are.

My name (1) ______ Brenda Foster. I (2)  ______ on the left in the picture. I (3) ______  ten years old and I (4) ______ in the fifth form. My birthday (5)  _____ on the first of January. I (6) ______  from Santa Monica, California, USA. I (7) ______ American. My phone number (8) ______ 235-456-789. I live at 16 Park Street. My post code (9) ______ LA 30 SM. I’ve got a sister and a brother. Their names (10) ______ Gina and Paul. Gina (11) ______ 16 years old and Paul (12) ______  only three. I’ve also got a dog. His name (13) ______ Spot. He (14) ______  on the right in the picture. My Mum (15) ______ a doctor. She works at a hospital. My Dad (16) ______ a driver. He works in Los Angeles. We (17)  ______ all   friendly in our family. 

Упражнение 3. The verb to be. Insert appropriate present forms.

A: Hi, Alex. How (1)  _________ you? B: Hello David. I (2) _________  fine and how (3) _________  you doing? A: I (4)  _________doing fine. B: How (5)  _________ your sister? Where (6) _________she now? A: She (7)  _________ in London. She (8) _________learning English there. B: Really? That (9) _________wonderful! How about your parents? A; They (10) _________ fine too. They (11) _________ in Cyprus now. B: (12) _________ you busy tonight? A: Not really, why? B: We (13) _________ having a party. Would you like to come? A: I’d love to. B: Then come to our place at 7:00 p.m.  

Упражнение 4. Write in is / isn’t, are / aren’t, am / ’m not.

I __________ lazy. My friend ___________ naughty. My granny___________ kind. My granddad ___________clever. My teachers___________ funny. I___________ a bad pupil.  

Упражнение 5. Fill in is, are, He’s, She’s, l’m, They’re.

How _____ your mum? — _______ fine, thanks. How _____ your parents? — _____ OK. How _____ you? — _____ very well, thank you. How _____ your uncle? — _____ fine, thanks. How _____ your children? — _____ OK. How _____ Liz? — _____ fine, thanks. How _____ your cousin? — _____ very well, thank you  

Упражнение 6. Write in am /’m not, is / isn’t or are / aren’t.

I _____ a businessman. I _____ a pupil. My friends_____ teachers. My uncle_____ a driver. My parents _____ doctors. My cousins _____ vets. My mum _____ a shop-assistant.  

Упражнение 7. Write in is /are

1.  How much ________ the trousers? 2.  How much ________ these shorts? 3. How much ________ a pair of socks? 4.  How much ________ this scarf? 5.  How much ________ this dress? 6.  How much ________ the jeans?   Упражнение 8. Write in is / are These trousers _______ £30. This hat  _______  £5. The socks  _______£3. How much  _______ the shoes? How much _______  the jacket?  Глагол to be в Past Simple. Was / were exercises.

Упражнение 9. Write in was / were

_________ Jenny at the party? _________ Lumpy quiet yesterday? _________ you in Kongo? _________ your parents in the local gym yesterday? _________ your friend at school yesterday? _________ you happy yesterday?  

Упражнение 10. Write in was / were

_______ your mum tired yesterday? _______ you hungry yesterday evening? _______ it cold yesterday? _______ your teacher sad yesterday? _______ your pet hungry yesterday?  

Упражнение 11. Write in was / were

The third day _______ Wednesday. The boys _______ in the swimming-pool. Steve _______ the fastest swimmer! On Thursday we _______ at the circus! The bears _______  funny! The fifth day _______  Friday. In the morning we _______  in the zoo.   Комплексные упражнения на отработку to be.  

Упражнение 12. Вставьте глагол to be в нужном времени. (Present Simple / Past simple / Present Perfect / Future Simple)

Present Simple Fred _____ thirteen now. «____ you English? «No, l _________. Her name _____ Ann. «______ David a good friend?» «Yes, he _______». __________ these men doctors? «You_______ from Belarus, _________ you?» «Yes, that______right». There__________ a nice lake in the forest. Let’s go! There ________no more questions, _________there? Past Simple «When you ________ a small child, _________ you happy?» «Yes, I ________. I ________ very happy.» They (not) ________ ready for the  lesson last Tuesday. The days_________ cold and wet last September. There ________20 pupils in our class last year. Present Perfect 13. I ________ill for the last few weeks. 14. Where _______ John _________ all day? 15. They (not) ________ to this part of the country. 16. «________ she________ to America? » «No, she ________.» Future Simple 17. He ________ 13 years old tomorrow. 18. I ________ back home at 6 o’clock. 19. We __________ at the library at that time. 20. They __________ here at 3 o’clock. 21. They ________ happy to see us.  

Упражнение 13. Вставьте глагол to be в нужном времени. (Present Simple / Past simple / Present Perfect / Future Simple)

 A Hello! Му name ________  Alan. I________  thirteen. My friend’s name ________  David. He ________   thirteen, too. We  ________   from Belarus. Last summer we ________   at the seaside. The weather ________  sunny. There________  many people on the beach. We had a good time. I hope next summer it ________  sunny and warm, too. There________   a lot of nice days. I ______ never ________  to other countries. Some day in future I ________   lucky to visit London and my holidays ________   great.  B 1. The animals ________   in danger. 2. There ________   only a few mountain gorillas in the world now. 3. It  ________  the thirty-first today. 4. The wind ________  strong yesterday. 5. We________   at the end of Cliff Road when Alan fell down. 6. What ________   the weather like yesterday? 7. I hope your leg________  better soon. 8. ________  you________   at home tomorrow? 9. _______  you ever________   to London? 10. I ________    ill for a week.

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