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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыУрок 9 класс Transport in London

Урок 9 класс Transport in London

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Transport in London”

Сабақтың презентациясын жүктеп алу: “Transport in London” (PDF)

  1. I.                  The theme of the lesson:   “ Transport in London ”

  2. Objects:          1. Introduction of new material:

a)lexic:  revision last words

b)grammar:   revision: Gerund

2. Consolidation of new material:  work with book, active board.

1. Developing of pupils skills:           in reading,  writing,  auding,   speaking.

2.  Up- brining:           to teach pupils to respect their friends,  to love their Motherland. To be healthy and wealthy. To know other countries.

3. Practical:    to use the new words of the lesson in dialogic speech.

III. Form of the lesson:  traditional

IV. Type of the lesson:  new lesson

V.  Methods of the lesson:    demonstration, explain, conversation,  translation.

VI.  Visual aids:   pictures, new words, games, active board.

VII. Literature:  T. Ayapova  “English”     9th  form.

Plan of the lesson:

  1. Beginning of the lesson

    1. Organization moment

    2. Checking – up the home task.

  2. Basic part of the lesson

    1. Revision

    2. Work with book

    3. Work with exercises.

  3. Concluding stage

    1. Games

    2. Marking

    3. Giving the home task




  1. IV.           Organization moment.

  2. Good-morning, boys and girls!

How are you?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

  1. I` ll check – up your home task. Ex 6 p 68. Make sentences about yourself.

a)     I dislike  to eat junk food.

b)    I enjoy to read books.

c)     I  often feel like that I` m tired .

d)    I would like to give up to eat sweets.

e)     I don` t mind to sing a song.

f)      I often try to put off  money.

g)     I don` t like to risk with my life.


  1. III.           Basic part of the lesson.

  2. The theme of the lesson is “ Transport in London”. Today we` ll continue our last lesson about GB, London and transport. And I want to check – up new words. Say me please their.

    1. New words:

Double – decker bus –  двухэтажный автобус

Single – decker bus  — одноэтажный автобус

Conductor – кондуктор

Inspector – контралер

Coach –  экипаж, автобус

Queue –  очередь.

  1. Ok, what do you know about London?

1)    London is the capital of Great Britain.

2)    The Houses of parliament – it is the place where government works.

3)    Big Ben  — it is the clock.

4)    Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen.

5)    The Tower of London is the historical monument

6)    Westminster Abbey is the church.

  1. What kind of transports do you know? (a car, a plane, a taxi, a train, a bus, a bicycle, etc). Now look at the blackboard.

Ok, can we see these transports in our  village.  What kind of transports can we see in our village?  What kind of transports can we see in London?

Ok,  Let` s read the text about   “Transport in London”.  Ex 1, p 66.

 My village
  1. No underground

  2. Single-decker bus

  3. People in my village haven` t queue

  1. 300 underground stations

  2. Double- decker  bus

  3. People in Britain have queue

Ok, very good!  Let` s compare the system of public transport in London and our village (city). And draw a table of this kind in your notebook.

  1. Next, let` s call to remember about Gerund. Gerund is the verb form  with   + ing. Ok, let` s do exercise. Open your exercise-book and write down  Ex1.

Ex 1. You must use these verbs in right form.

Read,   make,    listen,   use,    forget


  1. 1.     He tried to avoid answering my question.

  2. Could you please stop making so much noise.

  3. I enjoy listening to music.

  4. Have you finished reading  the newspaper yet?

  5. My memory is getting worse. I keep forgetting things.

  6. I don` t mind your using  the phone as long as you for all your calls.

  1. IV.           Concluding stage

    1. Let` s play game. 1st game is called “Find someone who …”  .

I ` ll give you card, you must find peoples.

  1. 2.     Find someone who is wearing red today
    2. Find someone who did not eat breakfast today
    3. Find someone who has more than two brothers and sisters
    4. Find someone who can speak at least 4 languages
    5. Find someone who has traveled to a different countries
    6. Find someone who has met someone famous
    7. Find someone who has blond hair
    8. Find someone who is an only child
    9. Find someone who likes to play sports
    10. Find someone who  has never traveled outside of Kazakhstan before.

  2. 3.     2nd game. You must find word connected with Great Britain.

Answers: car, London, train, ship, airplane, bycicle, Big Ben.

  1. Manchester” and “Hairdresser” you must find as many words as you can.

  2. I` ll give you home task. Your home task is Ex 3 p 189.

  3. Today … works very well. Your mark is 5

.., and you work very well, your mark is 5 too.

. Works well, your mark is 4., etc.

Our lesson is over!  Good – bye!

Transport in London

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Атырау облысы, Қызылқоға ауданы
Қаракөл орта мектебі
Тлегенова Лаура Мақсотқызы

І санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Form: 9

Theme: Transport in London
Aim: To enrich pupils knowledge about transport in London and in Kazakhstan. 
Educational: To give main information about transport in London, his history and sights.
Development: To improve pupils’ skills in speaking, and self- working skills.
Bringing up: To teach pupils’ to love their Motherland and respect the culture and traditions of other countries.

Type of the lesson: Combined

Methods of the lesson: answer- question, group work.

Visual aids: Slide-show, video.

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  1. Greeting

  2. Report with duty

  1. Checking up the homework.

Stepped Complex Analyses Technology.

We learnt some kind of Stepped Complex Analyses and now we want to do Analyses “Gerund”


  1. Presentation of the new theme.

Ok, pupils let’s begin today’s new lesson. At first able I would like you to guess this crossword and you will know our lessons theme.

1.Who is the head of Kazakhstan?(President)

2. Knowledge is________. (Power)

3. National language of our republic (Kazakh)

4. Better late than______ (Never)

5. ____ or west home is best (East)

6. Who studies at school? (Pupils)

7. The translation of all the words you can find in this book (Dictionary)

8. Which month does Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence Day? (December)

9. What is the colour of our state flag? (Light blue)

So our new lesson’s theme is Transport in London. Today we’ll continue speaking about London, its history, transport and sights. You know this year we’ll celebrate twenty years of independence of our republic. So we’ll spoke about our country Kazakhstan too. At first let’s introduce with the new words:

double-decker bus – екі қабатты автовус

single-decker bus- бір қабатты автовус

queue — кезек coach- автобус

porter- жүк тасушы baggage- жүк

book- office- билет кассасы passenger- жолаушы

Reading the text.

If it has two floors it’s called a double-decker and you can get a good view from the top level. If it has only one floor it’s called a single-decker.

Buses have a two person crew it’s a driver who drives, of course, and the conductor (or conductress if it’s a woman) who takes your money. Keep your ticket as the inspector might want to check it. You catch a bus waiting at a bus stop.

For longer distances take a long distance bus called a coach which is slower but cheaper. A double-decker bus has an upstairs (top) and downstairs (inside).

single-decker a double-decker a coach

The use of the word “inside” for the lower deck dates from the early days when the top deck was open, so that only passengers on the lower deck were inside. People queue for buses in Britain.

But you shouldn’t jump the queue: people don’t like it.

Only a limited number is allowed to stand inside.

And no one may stand on top. Smoking in allowed on top but you cannot smoke


What is the diffrence between ….

a. conductor and conductress,

b. inspector and bus driver,

c. single-decker and double-decker,

d. bus and coach.

I will divide you into to groups: Group London and group Kazakhstan. You will complete today in showing how well you know English. Good luck to you.

The competitions of 5 tasks

  1. Brainstorming.

  2. Are you better translator?

  3. Poems about transport

  4. Seven riddles

  5. Who is faster?

London’s’ group: Speaks London’s transport

1st pupil (underground)

2nd pupil (double- Decker bus)

3rd pupil (train)

4th pupil (airport)

5th pupil (taxi)

Kazakhstan’s group: Speaks Kazakhstan’s transport

1st pupil (underground)

2nd pupil (bus)

3rd pupil (train)

4th pupil (airport)

5th pupil (taxi)

2. Are you better translator?(Lexical exercises )

For London’s group

Translate the following words into Kazakh language.

To travel by train, to book tickets, a passenger, a compartment, a book- office, a booking- clerk, porter, railway station, a flight, baggage

For Kazakhstan’s group

Translate the following words into English language.

Жолаушылар, билетке тапсырыс беру, жүк тасушы, купе, темір жол станциясы, жүк, ұшу, ұзақ сапар шегетін поезд,кассир, касса.


  1. Seven riddles

  1. Оңғада бұрылады, солғада бұрылады

Тәртіп сақтап әрқашан

Күндіз түні күрсінеді

Жүрген жері сілкінеді (пойыз- поезд — train)

  1. Ала тайым шауып жүр,

Сағатына талай жерді басып жүр. (Автобус-автобус-bus)

  1. Арқаным бар тым ұзын

Ала алмайсың бір үзім

Табыңдаршы балалар

Бұл жұмбақтың шешуін (Жол –дорога-road)

  1. Қозғалмасаң құлайды

Сүйемесең сұлайды

Құйымшақтай ері бар

Бұл не деген жануар (Шайтанарба–Велосипед-bicycle)

  1. Сымға асылып

Жүр асығып (Троллейбус-троллейбус- tram)

6. Далаға құрған өрмегін үстімен

Үстімен зулап келемін (Теміржол-железная дарога — railway)

  1. Who is faster?(Doing exercises)

Ex: 3

Put in the – ing form. Words you need: paint, stay, close, be, play, go, lie, take, laugh, smoke.

For London’s group

  1. He started________ early. His pictures are great.

  2. Do you mind_______ the windows?

  3. I hate _______ alone at home.

  4. I don’t mind _____ the monitor.

  5. Then he started_______ the piano.


For Kazakhstan’s group

  1. I dislike____ part in concerts.

  2. Do you enjoy ____ on the beach?

  3. Mum suggested_____ home early.

  4. I couldn’t help ________ looking at her.

  5. I am so happy Dad stopped_______.

To compare the system of public transport in London and Kazakhstan

Marks and home task: Thank you very much. You have worked well today.

Your homework will be: ex.12.

Conclusion: It’s a proverb: East or West, Home is best.

How do you understand the meaning of this proverb? You may give its meaning in Kazakh and Russian language you like.

That’s all for today. You were active. Thank you for your work. I hope you liked our lesson. Both teams were good. But the team ____ is winner. Let’s congratulate them good bye.


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