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Урок по английскому языку (8 класс)


The theme: The best English pupil

The aim: to develop the pupils’ interests in the subject of English, to widen their scope(country knowledge); to develop communicative skills and abilities through extracurricular work; to cultivate the feelings of love and responsibility to Motherland

Visual aids: the interactive board, the slide, computers.

  1. Organization moment.

Good afternoon, teachers, pupils! Welcome to the intellectual game “The best English pupil-2015”. Today our pupils of the 8th form will show us their knowledge of English. I’ll call the participants of the game.

  • The game includes such rounds:

  1. Introducing self in short

  2. Brain ring.

  3. Magic five.

Every correct answer makes 10 points. Your totals will be counted our teachers.

  1. Let’s listen to pupils introducing themselves in short.

  2. The next task is called “Brain ring”. I’ll put 5 questions to everyone. Every answer makes 2 points.

  1. What is the capital of Great Britain?

  2. What region do you live in?

  3. How many letters are there in English alphabet?

  4. What holiday do English people celebrate on the 31st of December?

  5. What colour is the flag of Kazakhstan?

  1. The President of the USA?

  2. What river is there in London?

  3. Who is the author of the novel “Abai Zholy?”

  4. What holiday do Kazakh people celebrate on the 22nd of Nauryz?

  5. The capital of the USA?

  1. Your mother tongue

  2. What is the most popular British sport?

  3. How many regions are there in our republic?

  4. Who discovered America?

5. The name of the British Queen

1. The 1st woman Prime Minister in Britain

2. The akym of our region.

3. The National emblem of England.

4. Who played in the main part of the fim “Kiz Zhibek”

5. The capital of Kazakhstan?

1. How many floors does our school have ?

2. The name of your grandfather

3. When is our Independence day?

4. The official residence of American President.

5. The great English writer.

1. What holiday do Kazakh people celebrate on the 30th of August?

2. What is your favorite subject?

3. Are you a green person?

4. The capital of Germany?

5. What language is spoken in Canada?

- The next task is Magic five. There are tasks and scores on the table. You have to choose one of the numbers from 10 to 40. If you give the right answer you get the same scores.


10. Complete the sentences with was or were

Marilyn Monroe …..a famous film star.

20. Give the three forms of these verbs and what verbs are they?

To ask, to speak, to write, to buy, to read, to talk

30. Present Simple or Present Continuous?

It is 10 o’clock and Mike ….at the bus stop. (stand)

40. Match the formation of the English tenses and make example to it.

1. Present Simple a. to be + Ving

2. Past Simple b. V1s,es

3. Present Continuous c. was/were+Ving

4. Past Continuous d. V2ed,d


10: How many vowels and consonants are there?

20: How many dyphthongs are there? Name them.

30. Match the symbols with the words.

1. . a. Question mark

2. ‘ b. Exclamation mark

3. ? c. Comma

4. ! D. Capital letter

5 A e. full stop

6. , f. apostrophe

40. Which is the odd one out?

1. Beautiful: Attractive, Pretty, Lovely, Ugly

2. Happy:Wretched, Content, Joyful, Mirthful

3. Doctor, Engineer, Cook, Silent,Pilot


Complete the proverbs and translate it into native language.

10. Better late…..

20. Don’t cross the bridge…..

30. half a loaf is better…..

40. Action speak louder….

About famous people

10. He was born John Griffith Chaney on January 12, 1876, in San Francisco, California. His novels, including The Call of the Wild, White Fang and Martin Eden. He was also a journalist and an outspoken socialist, died in 1916.

20.His name was known all over the world. People called him “our national bard”. The last half of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th centuries are known as the gold of English Renaissance and sometimes called “The Age of him”. His native land was Stratford-on-Avon. He wrote 154 sonnets, 2 long poems, 37 plays. He was buried in a fine old church in Stratford. Who is he? (W. Shakespeare)

30. In 1860-1864 he was one of the Presidents of the USA. He was mostly self-educated. He became a country lawyer, an Illinois state legislator and one term member of the US houses of Representatives. He worked still harder for freedom for the black and white slaves. Who is he? (A. Lincoln)

40. His true name Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was American author and humorist. He grew up in Hannibal, Missouri. In 1876 he was most noted for his novels “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” and in 1885” The adventures Huckleberry Finn. (M. Twain)


10. About my school

20. About my hobby.

30. About my friend.

40. About my country.

IV. Game with Spectators.

I’ll put some questions, you must answer the questions. Listen attentively.

  1. What kind of state is the United Kingdom? (Parliamentary monarchy)

  2. What does the word “Albion”, the poetic name of GB, mean? (white)

  3. What is the nickname of the flag of the UK? (Union Jack)

  4. What is the name of the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II? (Buckingham Palace)

  5. What is the largest airport in London? (Heathrow)

  6. What is the nickname of the London Underground? (The tube)

  7. Where can you see wax figures of many famous people? (Madam Tussaud’s)

  8. What is the largest museum in London? (The British museum)

  9. What is the biggest city in Scotland? (Glasgow)

  10. What is the highest mountain in Scotland? (Ben Nevis)

  11. Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)

  12. How many stripes does the American flag have? (13)

  13. When do Americans celebrate Independence day? (the 4th of July)

  14. What is the oldest public building in Washington? (The White house)

  15. What is the nickname of the US government? (Uncle Sam)

  16. What is the biggest state of the USA? (Alaska)

  17. East or west…..

  18. Live and ……

  19. All is well …..

  20. Business……

Conclusion: Let’s count your totals. Our game winner is …..;you are “the best English pupil”. Congratulations!

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