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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Happy birthday!"

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Novyi secondary school


Happy birthday!

Орындаған: Тлешова Айгуль

Сынып: 2 б

Theme: “Happy Birthday!”

Date: 28.11.13
Grade: 2 b

Lesson: 16: 45−17: 30


  1. to talking about age and birthday;

  2. to talk about their favourite gift;

  3. to congratulate a classmate with his/he Birthday;

Language focus: How old...? I like...

Visual aids used at the lesson:

  1. party hat

  2. Flashcards: seahorse, octopus, fish, bad, good, happy

  3. Cards,we learn and we know cards

  4. Pictures

  5. Craftwork sheets: a birthday card.


  • numbers 0 – 12;

  • I like… He/she likes…

  • I don’t like

  • lexis: gift items: car, dall, flower,book, toys,

Vocabulary: birthday, seahorse, pupil, bad, good, happy, Ok, today, Good morning, Sorry,I late

I.Organization moment

Good afternoon boys and girls.

  • Good afternoon teacher

  • How are you today?

  • I’m fine, thank you

  • I’m glad to see you

  • We are glad to see you

II.Checking home task:

My room


Chair, bed, umbrella, door, book, door,phone

Do you remember?

Come in

Let’s go

Are you a teacher?

This is my house



III. Warm−up

This is my friend, this is my friend.

Hello, how are you?

This is my friend, this is my friend.

I’m fine, thank you!

Hello, hello, hello!

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!

Hello, hi…….

Bye, bye, goodbye!

IV.New theme of the lesson:

Today we are having an unusual lesson. To know the theme of our lesson, let’s look at the blackboard. What can you see? (Pictures). What pictures can you see ( a birthday cake, happy, ice cream, book, doll, car, party). What do you like? I like….

Vocabulary: Birthday, seahorse, pupil *(I’m pupil), bad*(I’m not bad),

Good *(I’m good), happy*(I’M HAPPY), Ok, today, Good morning, Sorry, I late

To achieve our aim we should follow several steps:

Our first step is revision.

First of all, let’s revise numbers. (I show cards). You know numbers very well and now we can ask about your age.

How old are you? – I’m eight.

How old is Nurim? – He is seven.

How old is Aianat?

Well, you have already known your classmates ‘age. Let’s remember to this words. Well done. It’s interesting to know if you can answer my next questions.

V.Have a rest

One, two

Sky blue

All out

But you

Now let’s read the next story

Listen and read clearly and slowly

Nora Come in! This is my school.

Nora These are my pupils. Good morning!

Fish and octopus Good morning, Miss Nora.

Nora How old are you, Octopus?

Octopus I’m eight.

Nora How old are you, Fish?

Fish I’m four

seahorse Good morning, Miss Nora. Sorry I’m late.

Nora Good morning, Seahorse.

Seahorse Miss Nora, it’s my birthday today!

All together Happy Birthday!

Nora How old are you octopus?

Seahorse I’m nine

Sing and do.

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\шы7гаратын\imgpreview (2).jpg

Gifts and party hats


New words game

Complete the words.

Birthday маған ұнайды

Today жаман

Pupil сегізаяқ

Bad бүгін

Good туған күн

I Like жақсы

Octopus оқушы

Seahorse атбалық

Complete the dialog

And come to the blackboard

Well down children. And we are ready to offer you the second task. Bingo


Well, now we have already known about our favourite food and our next step is to make a birthday card.You have this craft, write whom you congratulate (TO) and from whom is this card (FROM). And also write HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You have 5 minutes. If you are ready, go to the board and hang you card on it.

VII. Homework

As we can see you are all …

Your home task is AB p.21, holiday cards

V. Conclusion

Very well. Look how many birthday cards are there on our board. You can make your own birthday card for your friend’s birthday.

Do you like them? Do you want to get such a card on your birthday?

And now our final step. Can you guess what it is? It’s a song. Do you know this song? Stand up and come to me.

Hello, hello

Say me hello

Goodbye, goodbye

It’s time to go

Well done and now look at the aim of our lesson. Have we achieved it? Have you known how to congratulate…

I’m very satisfied and happy with our lesson but I wonder if you are happy or sad?

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\шы7гаратын\Happy+Birthday+Game.pngYour marks…sweets and gift

Краткое описание документа:

Aim of the lesson:

Educational: to explain the theme of the lesson, to introduce the meanings of the new words.

Developing: to develop the students’ habits of reading, writing and speaking; their grammar box, vocabulary, sound -ou house, count, mouse , work with partner and to make a short dialogue and monologue and be active at the lesson.

Cultural: To be courtesy, responsibility, honest and be friendly.

Expect result:

Children will be know new words, rule and use in your speech. They can read text and understand words, sentence; They can followed by a short discussion with questions.

Methods of teaching: group work, pair work, individual work, speaking, writing, reading, play a game, sing-song;

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