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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Dialogues" (11 класс)

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hello_html_m573f9b89.gifThe theme: Dialogues

The aims: 1.Introduction with the new grammar material, to enrich their knowledge working on the new words and idioms to practice its pronunciation and teach them to use the idioms in their speech.

2. to develop students speaking and thinking abilities, to consolidate the material with asking and answering the guestions, to develop their memory on the learning English idioms.

3. to raise their interest to the English language, widing their scope, to bring up students striving of inquisitive on studing English language.

Eguipment: interactive board, electronic book, testcards.

The types of the lesson: combined

The method of the lesson: introduction, explaining, reading, speaking.

Procedure of the lesson.

Organization moment Speaking about date, day, weather and season.

S 1 S2 S3 S4

S1 Alisher stand up, please. What date is it today?

S2 Today is the 15th of April.

S1 Thank you, sit down please. Gulmira do you like today`s weather?

S3 Yes today is fine. I like today`s weather.

II. Phonetic drill: Look and listen. Do task 1 from electronic book.

III. Checking home task:

  1. Read the text again.

  2. Take test cards and choose the correct answers.

  3. Change answers with your partners check up and mark each other

IV. New lexical material:

  1. Wheel 7. Utilize

  2. Manual 8. Rush

  3. Maneuvering 9. Reverse direction

  4. Potholes 10. Exeption

  5. Determination 11. Verhicle

  6. Alert

V. New grammar material

Look at the board. There are idioms.

Read translate and pronounce them.

  1. Going for f. back up

  2. Put in g. look out for

  3. Behind the wheel h. road signs

  4. Gone through i. take advantage of

  5. Start up j. with flying colours

VI. Reading.

Read the dialogue paying attention to the underlined idioms

VII. Oral speech

Answer to these guestions in pairs

  1. When did you, or wiil you, go for your driver`s license?

  2. Were you, or will you, uptight about the road test

  3. Do you take your time on tests?

  4. Do you usually pass on tests?

  5. How do you do behind the wheel?

  6. What information do road signs give?

VIII. Writing

Look at the board read the definitions and write the correct idioms into each gap

  1. A signal that alerts drivers to a road or traffic situation………………………….

  2. To spend time doing something, to utilize time…………………

  3. To move slowly, to be unhurried not to rush…………………….

  4. To drive backwards to go in a reverse……………………………

  5. To use an opportunity to one`s benefit, to benefit from…………..

  6. To study, to read, to examine………………..

  7. A test to examine one`s driving ability……………………..

IX. Generalizing.

  1. Look at the board and choose from the test the word that best correspond to the idioms.

  2. Change your answer cards, check and mark your partners. The key on the board.

1-b 5-b 9-b

2-b 6-c 10-b

3-b 7-c 11-b

4a 8-c 12-c

X. Home task

XI. Marking

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